Heart of the Empire is finally over.

In fact, the beginning of the book depends on an impulse.

Me, of course not a newcomer. One old street, I started writing books early in school.

The student days were purely playing tickets. Neither the "Drow Scimitar" nor "The Glory Scepter" were too long. The former was 300,000 eunuchs, and the latter was 700,000 words. But I felt that it was the happiest time to write a book. I wanted to do whatever I wanted, what to write and what to write. Although I didn't finish writing it completely, it was a bit regrettable, but many ideas and many passions were put into it.

Then, he wrote a book called "The Hegemon of Rebirth". This book has some twists and turns, and almost finished in twenty thousand words. But later, it was always formal. At that time, it was serialized on the Chinese website of Creation World, with a total of 2.7 million characters, and the grades were average.

Everyone says that there will be pain and pain, and there will be gains. Then I think I may belong to the more stupid kind.

These three books are not popular books. Drow machete knows what is written by looking at the name. The Scepter of Glory is also a text for hegemony. No one can read it. The rebirth of the plane overlord, the title is a bit ridiculous, but in fact it is a completely original plane of infinite flow, but it is different from the infinite stream often seen now. The story and all the characters are my original creations.

There are few original books that don't make a splash.

So I plan to write a 'popular book', a fantasy category.

It turns out that I'm not the one, and there is no doubt about it.

Then, I went from one extreme to the other.

That fantasy book, I have to admit that I wrote it to cater to the market, but I did n’t have that ability, and jumped into a big pit that couldn't climb out.

In pain, I indulged. Red-eyed, unbelief chose one of the subjects that he wanted to write the most, "Heart of the Empire".

At the beginning and the middle of the book, it was all too hilarious.

Think about how a barbaric protagonist, a hybrid born of **** by a half-orc, is so heterogeneous in the current web?

In the beginning, the traversal was directly swallowed up by the aboriginal democratic horns, and the golden fingers were snatched by the aboriginal people. After getting the system, I did n’t go to farm. I wrote several chapters on the mercenary's rights struggle first.

In the middle, fighting is not bad. Political struggle, commercial power struggle ... These non-mainstream contents are written one after another.

I wonder if the element of 'farming' is more popular now? Upgrading, pretending, and refreshing are these things readers are most willing to see?

But I just do n’t believe in evil. I can write as I want. This book, I didn't really listen to anyone's opinions from the beginning to the end, I wrote it all by myself.

The results are not bad.

In fact, old readers can see that this book's performance is certainly not good, in fact, it can be said that it is desperate. However, it is actually much better than I expected. I originally thought that there was no one willing to see ...

That's why it's not bad.

Anyway, I like to write books. I have been in this business for many years and have no intention of letting go.

The next book will of course write ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ It should be a future subject. Since the beginning of the year, the ideas of the new book have been constantly colliding in my mind. A whole draft has been filled with ideas, inspiration and story elements, and I have already written the beginning. I feel very satisfied. If it were not for the preparation of a new book, my last week's update would not be so weak.

However, these are all worthwhile. Personally, I think the new book will look better than Heart of Empire. That's enough, after all, when I write a book, the first reader is myself first.

I also hope that after reading "Empire", I feel that I can still write a book and I will continue to support it!

Thank you!


Oh yes, the new book hasn't been published yet, after all, this empire has been written for almost a year, and I plan to take a few days off first. It is estimated that the new book will be uploaded in early June, and relevant information will be updated in this book at that time, so stay tuned.


Let's talk again, and we will write a postscript about the story after the establishment of the Third Caesar Empire. However, after the postscript is estimated that the new book is published, I will take a moment to write it later, hehe.

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