The negotiations were at an impasse. ◢Щщш.suimeng.lā

Opening his mouth to Melincha and Kapnos, it was indeed Dane who opened his mouth wide. However, if there is only one Kapnos, it is the minimum that Dane can accept.

After all, it is really imperative to sacred the empire and start a full-scale war. The great empire with tens of millions of people has no potential to predict the war potential. Even if Daen's army is dispatched, all the millions of undead in the dark jungle will be pulled out, and it will cost a lot to win.

So, relatively speaking, if you move your mouth, you can win a whole area. Why not?

Moreover, who said that after the agreement was re-signed, it could no longer be torn up?

Even Her Majesty the Pope knows this. He was willing to pay the price to end the war with the Hindlers, the hope was to devote all his energy to the fight against the Everts. He would not be naive to think that everything will be fine with the signing of the peace agreement.

If the holy empire's war with Evert is not eye-catching enough, it defeats the opponent at a great cost, or even fails directly, then Dane will never hesitate to pledge the covenant, and will definitely stab behind , Divide the Holy Empire with the Everts.

Of course, if the Holy Empire retaliates the magic army of Evert after the mobilization of the war, then Dane will not mess around. Isn't it beautiful to have a Capnos region?

In the future, if Dyne wants to get more things, it depends on whether there will be any opportunities in the future.

However, all in all, the 100-footed worm died but was not stiff. The Holy Empire has such a large plate and wants to swallow it in one breath. No force in this world has that kind of ability. In the future, even if you want to really get the Holy Empire, you still need a certain opportunity.

For example, wait for the civil strife that brings the Holy Empire itself.

This time, Dane buried a mine for them. After the Holy Empire handed Templar knights who had attacked his undead camp into Dion's hands, it was impossible for Dion to keep them alive. Public trials and public executions are definitely necessary. Especially the head of the Templar branch, the young man named Rick, must be dead and undoubtedly dead.

This is what Dane had already thought about. Rick died tragically in Dane's hands. Guess what kind of mood Richard Richard had about his grandfather and the head of the Templars who always regarded him as his successor?

He must hate Dane very much and hate the Kingdom of Hindler, that's right. But without the Pope who was able to shelter his own people and hand over his grandson directly to death, would Richard hate it?

This is what God knows.


At the end of the negotiations, with Dane's tough insistence, the Pope had to make concessions again and again, and finally promised to hand over the entire territory of Kapnos to Sindler and promised to Dain declared emperor and gave written support when he announced the establishment of a new empire.

Similarly, Dane made some concessions.

For example, the exemption from the previous agreement on war compensation, such as the Kapnos region, was not ceded by the Holy Empire, but a transaction between the two countries. Schindler paid a sum of money to buy the land back from the Holy Empire.

The amount of money is not small, a million gold coins is quite huge. But compared to a whole area of ​​Capnos, this money is almost a dime. One million gold coins, even on the shore of Linshui Lake, have also killed a lot and bought five or six estates, which is already a big deal.

After the transaction was initially concluded, Dane stopped marching.

Then, within three days, all the forces of the Holy Empire withdrew from Changlu County and were completely taken over by Dion.

At the same time, in order not to stimulate the Holy Empire further, Dane also made his due attitude. The undead army withdrew completely, sitting in the town of Changlu County, all of them were humans and elves.

Then, within a week, the official forces of the Holy Empire had begun to gradually withdraw from Kapnos. At the same time, Prime Minister Verina led a group of executives who were urgently screened from Hindler and Florence, stationed in the Kapnos area, and set about establishing the rule of the Kingdom of Hindler.

This will be a long process.

The area of ​​Kapnos has been under the rule of the Holy Empire for more than two hundred years. Even if Verina is sitting in her own town, it takes some time, let alone complete control, to establish the kingdom's rule.

But this is at least a good start.

Subsequently, Dion's army stayed in Pudri for a long time.

On the one hand, his army needs to undertake some cleanup work on the undead who are scattered in the country, and on the other hand, it also provides military guarantees for the reconstruction of the Kingdom of Putri.

Of course, these tasks are not practical for Dane to stay in Pudri with an army of 80,000 people. The main reason why he had to do so was that the frontier war in the Holy Empire had been resolved.

The situation in the war has not evolved as Dion had expected.

This transaction between Dion and the Holy Empire is so dynamic that it cannot be concealed. In fact, not long after the deal was finalized, the Everts should have noticed a change in circumstances.

Apparently, Evert and the Holy Promi Empire,, are both very knowledgeable.

Her Majesty knew that in the face of the full invasion of the Everts, he had to use all his strength to be able to resist, so he could not bear to cut Dane.

When the Holy Empire regained its strength, mobilized war in the country, and intended to fight desperately with the invaded Everts, Evert's magic army first slowed the offensive.

The two sides have fought several times, and the Everts found that they could no longer continue to take advantage. They also honestly chose to give up and withdraw the holy empire of national anxiety. It was naturally impossible to pursue. This war between the Confederacy and the Holy See has a slight meaning.

In the holy empire and the Everts tossing for more than a month, Dane made a lot of money and had basically completed the basic rule of the newly acquired region in the West.

Dane took the town personally, and Prime Minister Verina directed the work. The Kapnos region obtained from the Holy Empire had established a government belonging to Schindler. The government representing the Hindrell regime has very weak control in Kapnos, but under the pressure of the army, the increase in control will soon increase in the future.