"I don't know, what is meant by Her Majesty's sufficient price?"

Her Majesty's voice came through the communication spell, and it appeared slightly distorted. * WwW.suimeng.lā However, the warmth that makes people feel warm can still be easily felt.

Dane would not eat this set.

Since His Majesty opened his mouth and asked Dane to raise his terms first, he would not be polite: "First of all, all the murderers involved in this operation must be handed over, and we will use our law to try.

Dion first proposed the first.

After such a long time, he probably figured out who had previously attacked the military camp of the undead under Dyne.

It was a young knight called Rick, a division chief of the Knights Templar, and had sixteen levels of strength.

His identity is not low, but this is not the key. The main thing is that he is the head of the Knights Templar, the grandson of Richard the Paladin, known as the super genius of the Holy Empire, the pillar of the future Knights. This was the most important piece of information available to the Blackhand Academy, and it was a good weight for Dane's attitude to test the Holy Empire.

Not many people participated in the attack, only about three hundred people.

But they are all members of the Knights Templar, and only an elite team like the Knights Templar can quickly and within a short time with only half of the undead camp. Complete annihilation missions.

The Templars are known as the first knights on the mainland. The total number of members is 3-4, and they are quite powerful. According to the evaluation, these Templar knights must not beat Dane ’s champion knights in the same number, but Dane ’s Templar knights can still win steadily.

Thus, Rick, who is not low in status and special, plus a group of three hundred or so Templars, has become a good weight for Dane to test the attitude of the Holy Empire.

Is n’t your holy empire trying to relax? Give up all these people and see if you dare.

The Holy Empire dares.

"I can promise you this request."

This was slightly beyond Dane's expectations.

His mind was alive. Since even these people can sacrifice, it seems that the bottom line of the Holy Empire is very low.

"I want Changlu County, Apkat, and Merincha." Dion said directly.

Not to mention the Changlu County, the Apkat and Merincha areas were the territory of the second Caesar Empire. Two or three hundred years ago, when the Second Caesar Empire collapsed, the Holy Empire took the opportunity to swallow these two areas.

These are two quite large places, which together add up to almost the size of the Kingdom of Pudri.

If the Holy Empire surrendered these two areas, it would almost mean that they surrendered a quarter of the existing land for no reason.

"No way."

This must be unacceptable to the Holy Empire, and even if they did engage in a full-scale war with Schindler, they would never accept the condition of ceding a quarter of the land.

Dion said, "You say impossible? Then what if I say I must? Her Majesty, can you stop my army?"

The Pope was silent for a while and said, "Whether it can be blocked or not, if Her Majesty Dyne, if you never regress on this request, then the Holy Empire will only fight against it."

His voice was quiet, he was telling a fact.

Dane said: "There is no talk in Changlu County, I must, the entire territory of Puddle must be under my control."

"it is good."

"I want it in the Apkat area too. I can give up in Merincha."

"No, at best I can only give you the whole of Pudri. The Holy Empire cannot split its land and give it to other countries. This is also our bottom line."

Dion shook his head and said, "Don't forget, Apkat and Melincha are not the land inherent in your Holy Empire. It is the inherent territory of the Caesar Empire. It was occupied by you 270 years ago. Land! And I am working on restoring the glory of the Caesar Empire, and if it is possible to regain the Apkat area in a non-war way, I can accept it. But if your Holy Empire cannot agree with this, then Only soldiers met. "

"Her Majesty Dyne, don't go too far! We just signed the contract a month and a half ago! At the beginning, we said that the border with Changlu County would be inviolable after the cursed church was eliminated!

Now, His Majesty the Pope can no longer maintain his calmness and calmness, and his tone has become slightly anxious.

Dion sneered.

Earlier, the agreement he signed was actually nothing at all.

At that time, Dane wanted to solve the cursed church first, and then restore the stability in Pudri as soon as possible. Then, when the opportunity comes, he will definitely continue to work against the Holy Empire.

With huge military power, Dane still has the ambition to crown the emperor, and of course he cannot calm down.

But no one expected that this opportunity would come so soon. I really want to thank Rick and the gimmicks he brought with him.

In fact, Dane wouldn't be concerned about the loss of more than 600 undead. Taking advantage of the opportunity to press on the Holy Empire is Dane's goal.

However, these words cannot of course be spoken on the table.

"It was the first to break the covenant, but you. The bones of my six hundred subordinates are still not buried in the camp."

"That's just some filthy undead creature!"

"I respect you, Her Majesty the Pope, but please pay attention to your words ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ That is my fighter and my subjects. If you use words like 'dirty' to describe them, we will No need for negotiation. "

There are few people who dare to speak to the Holy Pope throughout the continent. In recent decades, it is estimated that the Holy Pope has never seen it before, and some people dare to face themselves with such an attitude.

He was in a bad mood, but he still had to bear with Dane.

He said: "We are not discussing this issue. The Kapuos area can never be completely handed over to you, and the forest lake can at best be given to you."

Linshui Lake is a piece of land belonging to the Kapnos region. It is not small in area, and the land is fertile. It is an excellent production area.

Ken's surrender to Linshui Lake has actually proved the sincerity of the Holy Empire in this matter.

But how insatiable Dane is? He won't be reconciled without getting the entire Capnos!

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