They are all wearing half masks, covering only the upper half of their faces, the light is dark here, as long as you pay attention, it is difficult for others to notice their unusual teeth.

In front of the crowd, they showed off their flowery tunes for five minutes, and then pushed the extremely social bartender to Shen Shanwu, and by the way, he whispered, "I'll get off work at ten o'clock."

Shen Shanwu has lived in seclusion for many years, and has not been approached for a long time. After he reacted, he shook his head slightly at the bartender, and the other party had to leave with regret.

"Why did he tell us the off-duty time?" The junior high school student was very puzzled, "Seeing that we have been sitting for too long, let us leave early?"

The old driver milk tea immediately said with loving eyes: "Silly boy, this is called chatting up, the man is suggesting that the top student is waiting for him to get off work."

"And then?"

"Then go to love."

"..." The junior high school student was puzzled for a few seconds, and suddenly said in shock: "Yes, but aren't they two men?"

Love and cancer, this is called homosexuality, one man and one woman are heterosexual, in addition to this, there is bisexuality, which likes both men and women.”

"A man with many women is a stallion, a man with many men is always under attack, a woman with many men is Mary Sue, and a woman with many women... Uh, beyond the scope of knowledge, I will make up for it when I go back. ." Milk tea made a supplement that was not necessary at all.

Junior high school students were stunned when they heard it, and their three views were completely destroyed.

"I heard that they all have the same kind of sensory radar between gays, that person must have smelled the smell of the bend on the top of the top student, and you, tsk, are so arrogant, even if a man comes Ask you, are you willing to go?"

Shen Shanwu took off his mask and smiled and took a sip of wine, his well-shaped lips were moistened by the wine and re-covered by the bright feather mask, "Don't you all spend a few prostitutes here? God, why are you still so hungry?"


"That's gone." The president said: "Let's spend a lifetime with your right and left hand."

The manager was also angry: "Wait a minute, I don't like anything, what kind of image do you think I am?"

"The dividing line between man and beast."

"..." The manager rolled up his sleeves and went up, "Don't stop me, I'm going to beat a woman today!"

The junior high school student pondered for a while, and after thinking about it, he said in surprise: "Brother senior, do you like men?"

Shen Shanwu glanced at him and nodded, the junior high school student was even more surprised, opened his mouth and asked, "Then you—"

"Like a man doesn't mean you like a man, I don't like you, I don't like wolf dogs, bank managers, presidents, executioners, Hugo, Tibetans, prophets." Shen Shanwu said in one breath After hearing the names of all the mutants, the junior high school student was stunned, and silently retracted to his original position like a quail, indicating that he understood.

The wolf dog next to him immediately applauded and praised Shen Shanwu's fluent speech, "It's awesome, by the way, how do you know what junior high school students are going to ask?"

"When Jiang Huan was the same age as him, when he first learned about my sexuality, he asked the exact same question. Even more exaggerated, he directly asked me if I liked him." Shen Shanwu sighed After taking a sip of wine, the wolfdog asked curiously, "How did you answer it? Also answered like this: liking a man doesn't mean liking a man just because he is a man?"


Junior high school students drank lemonade from clean cups and asked, "Who is Jiang Huan?"

"Your high-brother object." The wolf dog pointed to Shen Shanwu, and after receiving an impatient tut from Shen Shanwu, he immediately changed his tune: "Precisely, the object is okay, dead arrogant. ."

The junior high school student suddenly said: "So, there was a boy the same age as me who asked the same question as me. At that time, Brother Gao, you answered that you didn't like him... Then he is your partner now?"

"Hey—junior high school students, your problem-solving angle is a bit tricky..." The wolf dog pretended to be contemplative, "It's not right, you're very wrong when you think about top students like this, junior high school students run away!"

Shen Shanwu beat him with a smile, while playing, a waiter in a suit suddenly approached everyone, the wolf dog immediately pursed his lips and looked at him seriously.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen." The waiter said respectfully and politely, "The three ladies sitting over there would like to ask, would you like to sit over there?"

Everyone followed his gesture and saw three beautiful and luxurious women sitting at a small round table not far away. One of them saw that they noticed their side and was enthusiastic Hooked his fingers.

"The opportunity is here." The manager covered his mouth and arched the fire, "Go on, wolfdog."

"Fuck." The wolf dog waved his hand, "It's not as good as milk tea."

Milk tea also followed suit: "Big brother, I was a model back then.

"Better lack than excess."

"You are so annoying."

The president held the wine glass to his lips and gave the waiter a tip, "Please tell the three ladies that it is not convenient for our friends to get together today, but there is a fate next time."

I thought that after refusing like this, the three women would be as comfortable as the previous bartender, but to everyone's surprise, within three minutes, the woman in the middle was walking on high heels Walked up to them.

The woman looked around and stood in front of Shen Shanwu, who was most in line with her, "This gentleman, don't you know me? My surname is Wei... Dare to ask the gentleman's name?"

The wolf dog grabbed the arm of the junior high school student angrily, and was very dissatisfied that he was compared with Shen Shanwu among women. The junior high school student quickly comforted him with his mouth: radishes and vegetables have their own Love, brother dog, you are the most beautiful in my heart, every time you bark your teeth, it makes me haggard.

Wolfdog: "…"

Shen Shanwu raised his head slightly and looked at the woman's face, which was covered by the half mask. The city owner of Wuyou City is surnamed Wei, he has a younger sister, and the woman in front of him has been rejected, but he can come forward so confidently and throw out a surname in a tone that seems sure he will not be rejected. Connect the two.

This can almost be called... the eldest princess of Sanssouci.

The president naturally also thought of this aspect. He clenched the wine glass a little tricky, thinking about whether he should sacrifice his color for the top students, but it is also a problem whether others can see him.

"My surname is Gao." Shen Shanwu smiled slightly, and quickly thought of an excuse to leave quickly.

"Hello Mr. Gao, look at Yansheng, you are not a native of Worry-Free City." Miss Wei listened to the man's magnetic voice and became more satisfied. It happened to be a song in the center of the dance hall. She raised her hand with carefully manicured nails and wearing a ring, and placed it in front of Shen Shanwu, "Mr. Gao, won't you invite me to a dance?"

Faced with the woman's enthusiastic and active invitation, the mutant was very embarrassed for a while, the milk tea couldn't help curling her toes, and pulled out a mausoleum of Qin Shihuang, the manager also covered his cheeks and his teeth hurt .

Shen Shanwu sighed silently in his heart, "No..."

"Miss Wei."

Suddenly, a low male voice appeared behind the woman, Miss Wei turned her head and shouted in surprise, "Isn't this, Captain Jiang of the coastal base?"

Jiang Huan wore a black cloak and held a new metal mask with one hand, his eyes moved from Miss Wei's face to Shen Shanwu, and then slowly back, "It's a coincidence, your turn."

"Yes." Miss Wei nodded, Jiang Huan looked at the hand she had not yet had time to put down, and asked, "This is...?"

Miss Wei curled her lips into a smile and said generously: "I want to invite this Mr. Gao to dance a dance, and I am asking for his opinion."

"Oh?" Jiang Huan raised his eyes, his slender eyelashes also lifted, and his dark pupils looked straight at the so-called 'Mr. Gao'.

Shen Shanwu's heart trembled at his hook-like sultry eyes, and he coughed softly: "I'm sorry, Miss Wei, I'm afraid I will disappoint you."

Ms. Wei rarely gets rejected after reporting her surname, but then she noticed that the direction this person was facing was not her side, but her own side. Turning her head to look at Captain Jiang's gaze, she didn't understand anything.

She's got a hold of her.

"...Okay." Miss Wei had to take it as soon as she saw it, "I wish you a good time."

After Miss Wei left, the rest of the mutants immediately turned their backs to Jiang Huan, raised wine glasses to each other and respected each other, leaving the embarrassing air to Shen Shanwu alone. The junior high school student glanced at Captain Jiang curiously, and then there was a misunderstanding in his small head that lasted for many years: gays are all handsome guys.

"Why are you here?" Jiang Huan asked, Shen Shanwu looked up at him and said with a smile, "I should ask you this, how could Captain Jiang Huan, who is busy with official business, know Appearing in this entertainment venue?"

Suddenly, Jiang Huan smiled and raised his right hand, "Mr. Gao, don't you want me to dance?"

Hearing this, Shen Shanwu raised an eyebrow in surprise, "...but I can't dance."

"I can teach you."

"...Okay." Shen Shanwu stood up and held Jiang Huan's hand, "It's an honor."

When he got up, the person who was blocked by Jiang Huan because of the deviation of his vision suddenly appeared in front of him, and the other person was standing not far away and looked at him in shock.

Jiang Huan glanced vaguely to the side and back, and then used his body to separate Shen Shanwu from the man who had followed him for a long time, not even wanting to let the other party see it.

"What's the matter?" Shen Shanwu asked in a low voice, Jiang Huan led him to the dance floor, holding Shen Shanwu's hand with one hand and stroking the other on his waist , Shen Shanwu's attention suddenly shifted from the man to this pose, "Wait, why am I a female step."

"I'm not teaching you? Take a look at how I dance."

“…I feel like you are coaxing me.”

"The second half lets you jump in the men's step."


Ten minutes ago.

Jiang Huan, who was breathing in the corridor on the second floor, had already noticed the man who entered the door with the two waiters. It was clear that there were countless men and women downstairs, and most of them were wearing masks, but he still noticed at a glance recognized that person.

Jiang Huan roughly looked around after seeing Shen Shanwu entering the door, then waved the two people around him back, and walked straight in one direction, because he entered the blind spot of his sight, he turned back In the room, Xu Ye, who was still socializing, told him to leave for a while, and then walked downstairs slowly.

But at this moment, an uninvited guest appeared in front of Jiang Huan - He Jingyang, he seemed to have been waiting for a long time, when he saw Jiang Huan appear, he immediately walked up.

Since a month ago, suppliers of protective equipment, weapons, etc. that Ben and Bellona have signed have begun to increase prices, especially the protective masks and filter partners supplied from coastal bases have directly started to play tricks and delayed delivery indefinitely.

The inventory of masks inside the Bellona team has bottomed out, and they are about to wear masks and helmets when they go out for missions. Isn’t it ridiculous to say it?

In addition, the Bellona team has recently experienced a number of player-hopping incidents, so many that it is difficult for He Jingyang to not find something strange, and it can even be said that other teams are staring at them Bellona dig people.

He repeatedly targeted his Shanhai team, Changjiang Huan, what exactly he wanted to do.

Seeing him approaching, Jiang Huan was not surprised, even as calm as he had expected, "Captain He."

"Team Jiang, Ming people don't speak secretly, what is Bellona getting in your eyes?" ? I think there must be a misunderstanding in that."

"I have no opinion on Bellona." Jiang Huan walked downstairs step by step and said, "I have an opinion on you."

He Jingyang followed behind Jiang Huan. Hearing this sentence, he couldn't help staring at the back of his head, "Why?"

Jiang Huan did not answer this question, because he had already seen the person he wanted to see, so he quickened his pace and left He Jingyang behind, He Jingyang wanted to catch up, but he was watching He froze in place when he touched a sitting figure.

It's him, it's him! He Jingyang was both surprised and delighted. After many years, he actually met Shen Shanwu again. Although the other party covered his face with half a mask, how could He Jingyang admit that he was wrong with the familiar jawline and body shape.

But before he could figure out how to get in touch, he saw Jiang Huan walk in front of Shen Shanwu and ask the sister of the city owner of Wuyou City to leave, and then...

Jiang Huan raised his hand to Shen Shanwu, and Shen Shanwu happily took it, the two walked towards the dance floor like a loving couple.

For a moment, what He Jingyang didn't understand, Jiang Huan knew everything, he was revenge! Take revenge for what he did to Shen Shanwu in the past!

He Jingyang finally realized the seriousness of the problem. If this is the reason, then Jiang Huan will never spare him, and Jiang Huan will never give up unless he is completely crushed into the dust.

He had to figure out a way, he couldn't wait to die... He Jingyang raised his head angrily and looked at the two dancing gracefully on the dance floor. At this moment, Jiang Huan turned around and his eyes were just sinking. Shan Wu's shoulder met He Jingyang's gaze.

Jiang Huan narrowed his eyes slightly, and the arrogant look in his eyes almost made He Jingyang shudder. Neck, pressed down slightly to the side, and then put his lips on it.

"..." Shen Shanwu was also a little dazed by this sudden kiss. The two danced the whole song in silence like this, and Shen Shanwu didn't realize until the end of the music - a loss! The female step that keeps jumping.

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