The street was full of humans, and Zhili looked at Zhizuo Si: "Go first." Cobb followed behind the Zhili, panic-stricken. The season made the wind cold, and he put his hands in his pockets, and did not dare to look at the support anymore, but could only speculate with his head down. The orange street lights dangled in the dark streets and seemed to be swallowed at any time. The surroundings became quieter and quieter, and Cobb could hear the sound of rubbing clothes.

Where was the secret of the manager hidden, never found.

Cobb's thoughts couldn't stop. Did he suddenly fall in love with others? Don't want to be with yourself as a boy? Is it seven years since the passion of love has been exhausted? What is it All kinds of speculations had painful consequences, and he could not be linked together. Everything was the same ten minutes ago, and ten minutes later, it turned upside down. If you really have such a plan, why bother yourself.

"Where are we going?" Cobb just began to find his voice dry.

The supporter looked up at his chin, Cobb looked over, and found a locomotive parked at the door. The supporter walked over, sitting on the seat of the vehicle with one foot on the ground, and said gently, "Come on."

"I want to go back to sleep."

"Come up."

Unable to refuse, unable to escape, Zhili's expression was not flawed. Cobb sat up holding Zhili's shoulder with one hand, holding his waist with both hands, with some force: "If you find me, you are straightening me, I will hate you. "

"Really?" Zhili ’s response was just laziness, and he seemed to feel that he should tell himself, but did n’t want to talk about it directly. Such anomalous mentality increased Cobb ’s anxiety. He thought he should not be alone. So unlucky, the ending was suddenly changed. Those 90% of the classics are left with regrettable and sad endings, "Titanic", "A Dream of Red Mansions", "Broken Mountain", "Roman Holiday" .... Regardless of whether it is a novel or a movie, although regret and sadness are unforgettable, But happiness, shouldn't those happiness be unforgettable? Do not want to add more sadness and ugliness to the already sad and ugly world. Although there is not much happiness left to compete with it, at least, even if it is offset by a little bit, a little wet match can warm the girl's heart and die with a smile. Cobb thought that he didn't want to become a classic, not to be rated as a masterpiece, not to be impressed, whether it was ordinary or vulgar, or a bad male leader who was a bad work, just wanted to be with the manager. As long as he is with the branch, thinking that the chest is painful and love is painful, he keeps grasping the branch subconsciously.

Darkness swiftly glanced, and the wind whistled and mourned.

He shouted in the speed of the locomotive across the wind, "Support!"


Cobb put his face on the back of the support: "Nothing." What he wanted to say could not be exported, and he had to leave the car carrying the unknown to continue.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a warehouse, and Cobb jumped out of the car, pretending to look relaxed: "Is there something I have to say here, or will this be the house you bought for your lover!" Cobb Joke's joke didn't even refute. His expression was rare and unnatural. It was the first strange expression. Cobb's hand was squeezed in the pocket of his clothes.

"Go in." Zhili took out the key to unlock the heavy lock, and the sound of the chain echoed around him. Cobb was behind the Zhili. The warehouse was large and tall. There was only a row of small lamps on the top, and the light could only shine. In the middle, the sight is empty.

"Cobb, if you know something, you can't cry." The manager leaned against the door, hidden in the darkness, and Cobb suddenly covered his ears: "I don't listen, I don't want to listen."

"I said…"

"I can't hear, I can't hear anything."


"I still can't hear."

"Cobb, do you think I'm joking?" Zhili asked back, let Cobu let go of his hand, he looked at Zhili stunned, and suddenly the corner of his eye aimed at the pile of things under Zhili's foot, that was nothing else, It is a sketchbook of the manager. Throwing things accumulated over the years like trash is ruined, debris, confetti, and Cobb is unbelievable. His eyes are wide and he cannot accept what is in front of him. What happened to my favorite, just simply ruined: "Your sketchbook?" Even after seeing the facts, I still can't admit it.

"No need." Zhili said that the light and gentle wind seemed to be really what was not needed. Cobb stepped back and shook his head slightly. The dark pupil was pale and weak, and Zhili caught him by surprise: "Don't make this kind of boring joke, manager, you can't do such cruel things, and hit me into **** when my heart is full of energy."


When Cobb interrupted the manager, he clenched his chest and said quietly, "If you don't love me, I will die. I mean it."

Zhili leaned on Cobb in the darkness, and the two looked at each other like this. For a long time, Zhili's lips opened slightly: "Would you like to listen to me?"

"You say it."

"Cobb, I won't let you die, I mean it too." Zhili stretched out his right hand and pushed all the lights out of the warehouse. The originally dim warehouse became brightly lit.

"Are you sure you don't want to turn around?" Zhili asked.

"If it's a boring prank, if you dare tell me: 'Fool you, I just want to be the last one' I'm really angry, you scared me, do you know you scared me!" Zhili sniffed at Cobb: "I was trying to make fun of you." He approached Cobb, and Cobb suddenly felt very angry about this indifferent attitude. He was about to have an attack. Hold his shoulders and turn him back.

Nothing left, thought, reason, anger, nothing, left a thrill of shock and inability to speak, and then the shock of love overwhelming the sea, easily captured all the defense lines of Cobb, what expressions to understand What you see, swells, what swells in the blood vessels, manages, how can you, how can you use your happiness so luxuriously.

It turns out that, as Lan Yin said, it is definitely not painting that is not good at management, absolutely not.

It turned out that it was just as the Zhili expresses, and in the warehouse was the Zhili lover.

The blue wall, which was ten feet high, was covered with pieces, and the black and white things that had been laughed at by many counties were posted on the wall, but it made Cobb sit for the first time. Next to the manager, sitting on the bus stop, holding a five-sided ice lolly in his hand, slightly tilted his head, and revealed a bright smiley, how could he be so strong, even by his side, drawing this day after day Huge puzzle.

Ke Bumner said stiffly: "So you just feel embarrassed about that expression !!"

"What expression?" I was totally unconscious! !!

No wonder that expression has never been seen before, no wonder! !! Everything makes sense, disappearing for a few days with a bag of stuff, what, what is this!

Cobb pushed **** the support, and the support was pushed back a step. Cobb continued to push, shouting while pushing: "You are a bastard, support, you are the biggest **** in the world. If you really feel embarrassed, give it I'm embarrassed normally, you are a real bastard. I haven't met anyone like you **** in this life. "Cobb didn't see clearly, hit his foot on a ladder that fell to the ground, he squatted in pain and buried his head Very low.

"Hey, are you okay." Zhili squatted down, hands on her knees: "Speak in pain."

Cobb raised his head, his eyes were covered by a mist. He rushed over and rushed into the arms of Zhili, who was sitting on the ground and patted Cobb's back with his hand: "It's really troublesome, I Talk to you when it hurts, but cry without you. "

Cobb broke his tears and laughed: "You wouldn't change words? You said the same thing seven years ago."

"You wouldn't change your way of crying? You cried crouching like that seven years ago."

"Support, you told me your secret, and I also have a secret that I have never told you."

"tell me the story."

"A secret that you will never know." Cobb wiped his small face firmly on the supportive clothes and continued to say, "It was no accident that I met you that day in junior high school. In fact, I know you have been a long time I know your name, and I know many people like you. I often saw you sitting on the bus stop at school, so it does n’t belong to this world, so special. So ah, so when my parents divorced, I thought maybe I would go there I still see you, so I really see you, sadness made me find you, not just a random person you met that day, but you, only you, and you who want to find you from beginning to end. The negative effect of sadness is happiness. I hid in your world for a long time, just to sit next to you one day. Now think about what we would become and how we would intersect if you were not there that day. "

Cobb's hand clenched slightly, "I won't miss you, Cobb."

Zhili's voice turned into the sweetest candy, dissolving and sticking to Cobb's heart, love, this section of Cobb and Zhili love, passing through the years, piled up in time, and happiness left traces in his memory, It makes people want to stop being warm-


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