Ying Xiujie had already become impatient, Zhang Luo was protecting the computer, the public servant said nothing, Chu Haoyu thought: "The woman and I retreat first."

Cobb kicked Chu Haoyu: "Don't kid me now."

Cobb turned to look at the manager, and found that he didn't know when he had run a little far away from him, standing in the dark, not sure what he was doing. Cobb knew that he was not a person who would act recklessly, and he would consider others.

"Huang Ama, that's him." The third prince pointed at Zhili.

Can you, can you not expose the funny nickname in such a tense time.

"Fuck, what are you laughing at, you, what's your name?" Emperor Ama looked at Zhili fiercely, Zhili looked directly at Emma, ​​and after a long pause, said slowly: " I'm not interested in you. "

Cobb clutched his hair: "He didn't want to pursue you !!! What is your understanding !!!"

"How do you know he's not?"

"I ..." This choked Cobb's question. The manager looked very good, very good. He touched his chin: "It's not impossible."

Huang Ama Qingjin was beating on his forehead: "Dare to make fun of Lao Tzu, it seems that you don't want to live." The people behind were also humiliated by the boss, and the knife and stick in the hand and the ground made a terrible sound. Does he have to bury his life like this? Cobb can't help thinking about it, but thinks that he would bury his life with Zhili, and the pain is relieved, but another thought, Zhili's chances of survival are much higher than himself, and he starts to suffer again. .

"Ama, don't tell them so much. Abandon them. It's been a long time since they were upset at Saint-Jean's College. This time just let us vent their bad feelings!" The voice was horrifying, Zhou Xinhe's face clasped Su Youyan's hand.

The supporter tilted his head: "It seems that you have a certain realization."

"It's so horrible to talk when you're dead." The third prince raised his knife and rushed over, and the prince kicked on the organ below him. The third prince arched up. Either go up or go back. "

"Don't you be provocative and ignore our life and death?" Cobb said, he was not worried about the manager at all, and he hadn't seen the strength of the manager all the time, but even so, he had already It's scary. Chu Haoyu, Ying Xiujie, and Su Youyan dragged the weaker person inside, and Cobb swallowed, and quietly moved into it, and Su Youyan froze indifferently to the side: "You don't have to stand in."

"Lao Tzu completes you now, dry! Call your parents to collect the corpse." Ama roared loudly, looking at the darkness behind him: "You should call it yourself."

As soon as the words fell, the speeding sound of a sports car was deafening. The sports car drove to the side beside a group of people and braked sharply. The tires rubbed the road, like a scream from hell. Cobb covered his ears, who drove so fast this evening, in other words, the car was very familiar, quite familiar, Cobb felt that his heart was a bit unbearable. The door opened, and a pair of long legs wearing **** red high-heeled shoes appeared first. Her face transitioned from the shadow to the soft light, and she lay on the open door. The scattered hair was arrogant in the wind, and she drank her cigarette smoke, it was beautiful The voice of his face was charming and indifferent: "Who called me just now?"

Another girl was as dexterous as a ghost. She drilled out of the car's roof window, sat on the roof of the car, braided her teeth and showed a lovely smile. She made a lovely gift and compared it with a military gift: "Big brother, Dora See. "

It was another shock.

The window was shaken down, Zhixiao Ke and Zhi Xiaoxun, you pushed me, and I pushed you to squeeze out the fat little face from the window at the same time: "Dad, we are also here."

What is the appearance of the devil one after another, the moon is getting dark, is it time to come out and draw blood? Cobb was receiving waves of shocks, stunned like a fool, not only surprised by Cobb, but also a group of people overwhelmed, surprised at the extraordinary appearance in front of them, with a black state in the dark Furious to the fearful family, in the end Emperor Ama first said, "Who are you?"

"Don't you want me to collect the corpses? Your corpses are ready?"

Wait, wait, Blue and Silver are sitting in the vice seat, and the car is driving, isn't it ... the window is pressed, a left hand is placed on the window to support his face, and he is looking at the opposite with a stunned look. A group of people, with lights suddenly on and off, his face looming, a kind of chilling fear.

"It's too slow," Zhili said.

"I bought a pack of cigarettes halfway, Xiao Xun and Xiao Ke refused to leave in the supermarket."

When did the manager notify Blue and Silver? Cobb was scratching his head, but, ah, in order to protect himself and these, will this backup be too much! !!

Dora pulled a knife from her jacket and threw it to Zhou Xinhe: "No, give you a chance to perform well."

Zhou Xinhe took the knife, Cobb recollected: "Don't make a joke, let Xinhe go and hide in the car." As soon as his words fell, Zhou Xinhe's knife was spinning quickly, as if sticking to With no instability and pause in his hand, he gave an involuntary admiration: "It's very easy."

"Try it," Dora said proudly.

Zhou Xinhe lifted up, Cobb only felt that he had a few strands of hair falling. He looked at Zhou Xinhe in horror. Zhou Xinhe was still calm: "It's not harder than cooking." Although I always knew that Zhou Xinhe would change while cooking. Become another person, but Cobb never knew she would become so exaggerated.

As a result, Zhou Xinhe stood still, playing with the beloved thing he had just obtained; the public servant stood, with a pleasurable face; Zhang Luo sat, hid in the back seat of the car; Chu Haoyu stood, moving his fingers and smiling Insignificant; Ying Xiujie stood still, took off his coat, wrapped his fist in white cloth; Cobb stood, thinking about how to hit the paper twice to get past, Su Youyan stood, took off his glasses and shoes, his fair skin was dark in the dark Highlighted.

Dora jumped lightly from the roof of the car. With the beating, she could clearly hear the sound of the collision of countless things in the clothes. Zhixiao Ke and Zhi Xiaoxun held two huge BB bombs. Qiang came out from the sunroof half of the body. , Narrowed his eyes slightly, only heard the call from the opposite side. Lanyin approached with thin pointed heels, and then approached, the sound of the heels touching the ground was clear in the dark, the strongest group! The devil who supports the family! Combine! The night was boiling, and the collar was pulled apart. With a look of evil and excitement on his good-looking face, he licked the corner of his mouth: "So, let's start."

As long as a family member appeared, Cobb didn't dare to open his eyes and look straight. From the beginning to the end, Zhi Zuo Si, who was sitting in the car, seemed to have no intention of getting out of the car. The sound of screams and collisions shattered the night. She was so blinded that she closed her eyes and was kicked away by Chu Haoyu. Gongxi cast a grateful look at Zhi Zuo Si.

Cobb mixed water and fish in the middle, and his gaze was looking for support in the crowd. I saw that he was serious about what he was doing with his head down. Cobb looked down the gaze. That was nothing else, it was a mobile game! !! !!

"What are you playing !! You still have the mood to play games here!"

Push the elbow of the other hand backwards and hit the nose of the person behind him: "The phone just reminded me that I haven't played for a long time."

"..." Cobb was speechless, except speechless.

Suddenly, holding back Cobb with one hand and taking a step back, the other hand smashed the mobile phone in the back to attack the third prince's face. Cobb obviously felt that his wrist was struggling to pull his shoulder a little. You don't know be careful! "

"Because I knew you were there, I was not careful." Cobb said cheekily, and suddenly wanted to withdraw that sentence. He once said that the mobile phone game is more important to me than you; think Instead, there was nothing in your heart that was more important to me.

Dora came over and sat in front of the third prince's chest. I don't know what to wear on the back of the hand. The dog's teeth bit her lower lip. "I poke, I poke, poke you to death." Cobb just felt if he had a relationship with Dora Fortunately, she turned out for herself, and her feelings of emotions were rising. Dora continued to say, "Waste, garbage, what kind of sneak attack are you doing, useless things, I almost thought you would kill Cobb, let Doraemon was happy and poked you. "Cobb's feelings quickly backed away.

"Now, Cobb." Zhili's voice evoked Cobb's thoughts.

Cobb raised his head, and saw the expression of Zhili. It was more inexplicable than the indifferent and unemotional heart tremor. He had never seen such an expression, and he never knew that his face was beautiful. There will still be this expression, his heart beating fiercely.

"What?" Cobb was pale, wondering why Zhili looked at himself with such an expression.

"There is something, it's time to tell you."

"Can I not know?" Cobb replied instinctively.

Cobb refused resolutely.

111. Cobb's ending

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