Cobb looked at Ying Xiujie coldly: "I'm really surprised that you haven't become a little punk."

"What a joke, but I will be a martial artist in the future."

Su Youyan interrupted the two: "Back to the topic, support, I repeat it once again, although I have repeated it many times in front of you, your challenge is to make someone willingly put this underwear on his head." Su Youyan proposed a loose **** from the bag.

"Who is this?" Zhou Xinhe asked.

"My dad." Su Youyan replied indifferently, and continued to look at Zhili: "Please note that what I said was willing. Also, we have selected someone." Su Youyan set his gaze on Cobb again.

Cobb, who only learned the news now, took a step back: "Why me !! Co-authoring I have just finished pregnant and I have to wear underwear! And compared to our previous reputation, it ’s a challenge to destroy the reputation of others. what's going on."

"He's been tired recently."

"Tired? What happened to him? If not, it will disappear for a few days."

"I said he was tired." Su Youyan had no intention to continue this topic.

"Speaking is willing, you can be unwilling, idiot, don't you do such a good thing? You can master the winning or losing of your support by your own will, and we will give you our hope." Chu Haoyu helped. Cobb thought for a while, and this was very reasonable, let alone a sane person, not to mention understanding of the management routine, it was easy to reject him.

Su Youyan emphasized once again: "To sum up previous experience, no physical contact is allowed."

Cobb cast a grateful look, and thought again: "No, what do you think of me, am I the kind of person who can't hold back when tempted?"

Everyone stared at Cobb, and looked at Cobb with a look that you were not the kind of person.

Take a look at the panties, then look at Cobb, come closer, with his breath has been approaching, he stood in front of Cobb, Cobb's smart brain kept guessing what he was going to say, the branch spoke lightly "It's rare in your life to be honored to wear the principal's underwear. Don't miss this opportunity."

"Well! I don't want this honor!" Turns out it was this.

"It's washed."

"I don't care about this! Would you like to persuade me if you understand the point of the problem, but I urge you to admit it. I will never do these shameful things on the street."

Zhili tilted her head: "You have never worn it, how can you know that it doesn't look good?"

"I said that this is not the reason, this is not the hat !!" Talking to Zhili always consumes his calmness.

"How much?" Zhili said briefly.

The person next to him whispered for Cobb: "Stop it, Cobb, although we know you are a greed, but don't give up this opportunity to overthrow management."

"You can't buy my dignity for much money !!" Cobb replied briefly.

"Give up to 100."

"Your bid hurts my heart deeply. I strongly refuse, and by the way tell you, threatening me is useless."

Cobb's appearance doesn't mention how cool it is, such a fair refusal to support him gives him a sense of contentment. As the saying goes, Feng Shui turns in turn. When he was thinking so, he saw the expression of the manager, and his expression was deep. Unpredictable, ask in a soft, sad tone: "Cobb, I have done a lot for you. What about you, what have you done for me?"

Cobb's heart penetrated like a knife. Zhili met him and saved him the day seven years ago, and he stayed with him for seven years. He always wanted to do something for him. This hunger didn't stop for a day. To give him the whole world, but he already has the whole world. But, but, what you want to do for him is not this, put your underwear on your head! !! !!

"Hold on, Cobb, you're one step closer to victory."

Zhili stared at Cobb: "It doesn't matter, I don't want to force you, just don't want to." He smiled slightly and shrugged enough to subvert reason, "Although I thought you would do anything for me. However, Well, it ’s not that you pay back for the amount you pay, but it ’s not a big deal, young words, just when I lost, there ’s some punishment to listen to. Every word of him grabbed his heart, and the manager turned around. Sometimes, you have to admit how great the power of love is. Cobb looked at the manager a little disappointed and lonely. He loves the manager and loves him not. Should we stand beside him to support him? He suddenly grabbed Su Youyan's **** and put it on his head: "Let ’s do this, this is all right!" At this instant, he found that the disappointed and lonely back of Zhili was gone, it was a very ordinary Back, is this person strong enough to change the properties of the back?

Zhili turned around, looked at Cobb, and paused for a few seconds: "This is not very cute."

The first time I heard Zhili bragging about herself, he was wearing the principal's underpants, and he stomped his feet. He shouldn't be willing to use Zhili when he said, "You shouldn't talk nonsense!

"Come, shake your head."

"I don't want to !!!! How long will I wear it like this!"

"I must have dinner together. Today we go to town to eat hot pot." Zhang Luo said.

"You want me to eat hot pot in underwear?"

"You can also watch our hot pot while wearing underwear."

With such a disturbance, the sky is already dark, and this challenge is a declaration of a paragraph. There was a noisy group of people in front, and Kobe and Zhili were behind. Kobe suddenly asked: "I said Zhili, why do you waste so much saliva, if you threaten me with a breakup or something, I might agree immediately Now. "

"Are you stupid?" Zhili cursed slightly, and Cobb froze. His expression was not a joke, but he was really scolding him. He was just a bit depressed, Zhili continued to say, a good voice Even through the underwear of the headmaster, he could hear clearly: "Cobb, how could you tell me to break up with you?" What kind of throbbing movement through Cobb followed the dark night, he wanted to pounce on it, He can't jump on the street, he will be joke by the group of idiots in front, he will be watched by everyone, his heart is so struggling, but the body has already flung to the back of the manager: "I will not watch the occasion again Speak, this is the end. "

"What did I say?" Regarding how his words caused Cobb's reaction, he didn't realize that Cobb had grasped the branch more tightly. In other words, he did not mean to touch himself deliberately. This is not a trap. Ko Buming saw the abyss and still jumped down.

110. Grand Version: Everyone comes to challenge! !! (7)

Compared with the liveliness in the hot pot restaurant, the outside seemed a lot more deserted, and Cobb wrapped his clothes tightly.

"Brother, this group of people." The familiar voice sounded, and a group of similarly dressed people stood not far away, staring at several people with bad intentions. The front man had obvious scars on his face, and his potty face, Forty-somethings, with a gold necklace on their necks, and tattoos on their arms were terrible even at night. They were all mixed nearby, and it looked like there were a lot of people. Cobb was most worried about what was in their hands. There are long watermelon knives and iron bars. A few bad feelings surrounded a few people. Cobb only contacted the school and rarely dealt with the outside world. His first thought was that the social news was true. If some people didn't like you, he really Will chop you with a knife. This is another society, this is another cancer of the world.

This scene was a bit unreal to Cobb. Even if he had a fight, he was playing with the students in the school. I did not expect that the consequences would be so serious. There are many people on their side, if it is bare-handed, the things in their hands really hurt people, even if there are a few powerful fights on their side, but coupled with very weak, the odds of serious decline, support It is impossible to protect everyone. Cobb was still calculating in his head even when he was flustered.

Scar's face said hoarsely: "You bully my brother? St. Kit's, shit, I hate your school the most, and pretend they are all high. For me, you little kids, women are It ’s for men. It ’s for men. It ’s okay. The well water did n’t violate the river. Now you dare to move on my head. I see you are dead! ” After all, it has been mixed for so many years, and no big scene has been seen, let alone the opponents are still a group of students.

The brothers behind laughed and laughed in the crowd: "Leave the two women for brothers to enjoy."

Su Youyan sneered: "Want to enjoy me? I want to see who has the ability."

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