Cobb was holding a small abacus in his heart. Su Youyan was not jealous, and he should not have problems that make people die. Compared to this challenge, the previous challenge is not worth mentioning. The topic is quite horrible. Thinking of those who have sacrificed honor before, it is his turn to suddenly feel a feeling of wanting to escape. While worrying about myself, I kept thinking about what I was doing.

Zhou Xin stared at him with a strange look, Ying Xiujie even smiled strangely, he had a strong bad feeling.

"Yu Yan, our relationship is just a secret relationship. You are the only woman I can pretend without worrying about the consequences, so why kill each other?"

Su Youyan sneered: "Be assured, I will take special care of you."

"Don't, how about letting you sleep between me and the manager next time." This kind of words can be said to save lives.

"I'm sorry, I'm not interested in sleeping with the children. Younger, come here." Cobb walked over and Su Youyan whispered next to him, but suddenly Cobb's face changed suddenly.

In the early morning sun, Cobb walked out of his bedroom and went to the classroom like usual Cobb, fresh short hair, loose tops, jeans, but Cobb was not the same as usual, his stomach rolled up straight. With his hands on his lower back, he struggled down the stairs. The boys passing by couldn't help staring at Cobb's belly. Cobb suddenly reached out to stop the boy in front: "Hey, classmate, please help me down. "The boy hesitated a moment, holding Cobb's arm, and Cobb touched his belly." I'm sorry, it's been more than nine months, and now it's inconvenient to go down the stairs. "

The boy trembled when he heard the words, and took a closer look at Cobb's chest. It was flat and definitely flat, not to mention the boy's bedroom. He finally couldn't help but ask carefully: "Are you a woman? "

"What a rude question, of course I am a man." What's going on with this round belly! The boy felt too rude and eventually didn't ask. Cobb went on to say, "I'm going to have a checkup today. I hope it's healthy."

Until sending Cobb down the stairs, it was still difficult for the boy's eyes to leave the big belly. Cobb stood at the door of the dormitory and looked at the students outside. He felt a headache. He stepped forward with great mental pressure and the pressure of heavy things on his stomach. . He tried not to attract the attention of others. Who knew that Chu Haoyu beckoned to Cobb far away, and spoke with a huge volume: "Oh, Cobb, finally pregnant!"

"Yeah, this kind of thing can't be anxious. It used to be counted as ovulation, but it didn't work out. Later, I just let it go. I didn't expect ..." Cobb squeezed a smile.

Chu Haoyu arched his hands far away: "Congratulations, come and take a picture of you, send it to his child's father, and give him an unexpected surprise."

The eyes of the people shuttled between the two, most of them staying on his stomach. Chu Haoyu still stood far away, yelling: "The child his father said, he has a suit, not hiss."

"Ha ha ha ~~" Ke Bugan laughed, just wanting to pull out his stomach and smash Chu Haoyu by the way, cursing the manager again.

He came to the cafeteria and sat on the stool: "Don't kick me, stay obedient." He put his hands on his stomach and ignored the hot eyes around him, and Ying Xiujie stood far away: "Yo, Cobb Kung Fu is worthy of someone who cares for you, and this will make you pregnant. "

Why are there so many people coming in to challenge when it's their turn to challenge them, all of them standing still and breaking their throats.

"Nothing, nothing, not worth mentioning."

Ying Xiujie stepped forward and kicked the person next to Cobb: "Did you see a pregnant woman here? Get on, Cobb, don't squeeze your stomach, Cobb, are you okay, you don't look good, Ko Cloth, be careful, Cobb, Cobb, what's wrong with you, Cobb. "

How many times is it necessary to call Lao Tzu's name willing to force everyone to remember him? Cobb still smiles and greets him: "It's okay, the kid kicked me just now, really, follow his dad, naughty."

"Yo, Cobb, pregnant." Another big voice Zhang Luo appeared: "How pregnant, tell everyone to share it."

"Don't mention this kind of thing. Why, you also have this interest?"

"I don't." Zhang Luo came over and touched Cobb's belly. "This texture is so soft."

"Thank you then," Cobb said, gritting his teeth.

"How do you feel pregnant?"

"It's okay," Cobb whispered, and Ying Xiujie put his hand on his ear: "I can't understand what you say."

"I said it's okay !!! It is edema of the limbs, and my appetite has not been very good recently, and the frequency of contractions is getting higher and higher. I am a little worried about premature birth." Cobb said, worried, so props The situation of repeated use appeared. Cobb pushed his hand and a liquid flowed out, and he moaned in pain: "Oh, the amniotic fluid is broken, it's about to be born, it's so painful, it's fast, I can't do it, it's about to be born. Cobb's head tilted back. It didn't matter. His gaze turned upside down to see the support in the blue shirt and dark jeans. The face was impeccably moving regardless of the angle. When did he come back, and when did he appear, Cobb forgot to do what he wanted to do, looked at the farce coldly, and for a long time, his nose blew: "I don't have a good class for Lao Tzu, and I'm pregnant."

"............... !!!" I always feel that the accusation is a bit wrong. This article was downloaded by the Magic Claw novel reader.

109. Grand Edition: Everyone comes to challenge! !! (6)

There is only one small town near the school. Because of the school, the town is not big but it is lively. There are a lot of snacks. Several boys squatted on the street and followed the crowd. Zhili was long overdue with his allure. He stood in the crowd, but couldn't drown in the crowd. Even if he ignored his face, other parts of him also rejected this busy, vulgar and pathological society.

The squatting Cobb only felt a little numb in his feet, and he stood up and shook his leg.

A conspicuously-dressed young man attracted the surrounding eyes, his fiery hair was combed into a sky-high style, and a lot of silver jewelry was worn on his neck and wrists. Tops with holes, loose pants, flip-flops, and slightly arched back. The walking posture was unobtrusive but enjoyed being followed by others. Zhili grabbed the boy's arm without warning, twisted his hands behind his back, and clamped his hands. Not only was the young man startled, but even Cobb and the others were also startled.

"Damn, what are you doing!" While the young man was talking, his long-smoked teeth were looming for a long time.

The supporter didn't take care of him. From behind, he kicked and kicked with his feet. The young man lay directly on the ground, his face pressed against the ground, struggling hard, and his mouth was swearing and cursing: "Don't you know Know who I am? Who doesn't know my third prince in this movie !!! You've got the wrong person, I'll find someone to kill you right away, believe it or not. "

Chu Haoyu looked at the three princes with his hands in hand: "Are you saying that the level of their nicknames is too much to see in the Journey to the West?"

Ying Xiujie even wanted to rush past. When he encountered such a thing, he was obviously very excited: "Prince III, there is a way to call your fifth brother."

"Do you think you can play Wuge with your Huangmao student?"

"You are the red-haired third prince." Ying Xiujie turned back like a child.

"I really have five brothers !!!" Cobb couldn't help but interject.

"This site is all ours, **** it." There was really a face to say so loudly with this humiliating gesture on the ground. In fact, Cobb doesn't understand the little gangsters in the society. Many people are either going to the Internet cafes all day long, or just hanging around in the society to do petty theft, or else they fight in groups and you cut me off. I cut you, Cobb understands that everyone has the right to choose their own way of life, what Cobb doesn't understand is why there are people who choose this way of life. When one day suddenly died, what memories to remember.

Zhili did not speak from beginning to end. In the eyes of everyone, he untied the young man's belt, dragged the young man's pants, and exposed a pair of underwear with the same color as his hair. He extended his hand behind his back, rubbed his fingers, and Su Youyan passed In the past two wipes, regardless of the flushed face, the third prince who quickly broke his throat, pulled off the underwear across the wipes, put it on the young man's head, and stood up and clapped his hands: "OK."

"What's good !! Let you listen to people normally, your challenge is not this !!" Cobb frowned. For a long time, Zhili even got the challenge content wrong! !! Young man who became cannon fodder for no reason. In this case, why not remind at first.

The young man grabbed his trousers to cover his lower body, and was desperate. However, they were so crowded that they had to continue to scold him and step back: "Don't run, wait for Lao Tzu."

"I'm standing here waiting for you, third prince." Ying Xiujie replied.

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