After a while, Ying Xiujie calmed down and the two let go of him. He pulled his clothes: "I don't understand what happened to the girls. Is my request too much?"

Cobb stared at Ying Xiujie with an incomprehensible look: "I really don't understand what happened to you."

Until all the girls saw Ying Xiujie, they fled. His challenge was never completed. If the sunset went down, it was a failure of the challenge. Even Zhou Xinhe and his grandson succeeded. How can Ying Xiujie be a man with pride? Shame, he finally focused his eyes on Zhou Xinhe. Zhou Xinhe shook his body, and Cobb patted Ying Xiujie: "I advise you to give up Xinhe. If you force her to do this kind of thing, I guess she will die suddenly on the spot You are stupid ... "Cobb didn't finish his words, but moved his attention to Su Youyan, who was reading in the classroom.

Everyone's eyes also turned to him. Ying Xiujie hesitated a bit, using violence against Su Youyan? He remembered the process of being adjusted by Su Youyan and shook his head. He walked over to Su Youyan, and suddenly one was sitting with his hands on his thighs, his head buried very low: "You Yan! To show my respect for you, how about sending you a piece of my fur?"

Su Youyan raised his eyelids: "How about sending me all?"

"This is absolutely impossible. I prefer to be looming a little. Please, do me a favor. Just stretch your finger and gently pull it. The pain makes me suffer. I will not be your great grace. The teeth are unforgettable. "


"Don't, you won't lose anything."

"I will lose my reputation."

"Your reputation will not be over after you challenge it."

"That's the truth." I approved it! !!

Su Youyan thought about it, and finally frowned: "I don't want to touch that thing."

"Just grab the tip and pull it, it's not very supple anyway."

"That will happen, too." Su Youyan thought again, finally stood up, put down the book, and picked up Cobb's book: "I have a compromise."


As soon as Su Youyan stepped on her foot, Ying Xiujie lay on the ground. She sat on Ying Xiujie and placed Cobb's book under Ying Xiujie's part, hitting, patting, pressing, and rubbing. With both hands on the book, the palms of the book kept turning in circles. Ying Xiujie screamed in pain and wanted to stand up. He was seated on the upper body. Three minutes later, Su Youyan threw the book aside and clapped his hands. This way, I won't lose a hair. "After that, I sat back and continued reading.

The people nearby were long pale, and Cobb wanted to complain about the book. In the end, he had to draw a cross on his chest and pray for the Lord's blessing.

Su Youyan:

Several people lie on the railing: "Who do you take away from the teacher in that class?"

"Or stun and throw it into the sea." Ying Xiujie said.

Everyone ignored this sentence, Zhang Luo said, "Relax, leave it to me."

Chu Haoyu ignited by the side: "What happened to the young words? If you don't want to suffer from this humiliation, it's not too late to hand over your notebook."

"Shut up, you have irregular menstruation."

"It doesn't matter, your challenge is not worse than mine."

Su Youyan came to a class in his freshman year and walked in with Shutiti's black-rimmed glasses. The boys burst into an instant. Su Youyan stood on the podium: "Quiet, I'm your substitute teacher today. My name is Cobb."

"Fuck!" Cobb wouldn't have rushed in without someone holding it. If it's normal, it doesn't matter if you use your own name, but ...

"Now we are starting class, I hope to keep quiet in my class. If someone speaks, this subject will hang up." Su Youyan said coldly, the classroom became very quiet. She turned her back to the student and wrote on the blackboard. Suddenly, there was an ambiguous moan on her lips: "Huh ~~~~"

The student who was taking notes looked up and was a little puzzled. Looking at Mr. Cobb again, it was no different, thinking that he had heard it wrong, and it had not been more than ten seconds.

"Aha, ah ~~~~" Su Youyan's nice voice is definitely comparable to the beauty protagonist.

Some of the students below are beginning to talk to each other. Su Youyan used the blackboard to wipe and pat the blackboard: "I'm not calling you ~~ Uh ~~ Don't be noisy ~~ Ah, ah ~~ oh ~~~" Slightly **** Voice, teasing the air.

"Mr. Cobb, you, what's wrong with you?" A classmate finally gathered courage.

108. Grand Edition: Everyone comes to challenge the ending! !! (5)

Su Youyan looked at the questioning boy and stared at him.

"Do I do anything?" The cold voice seemed to have nothing to do with her just now.

"No, it's nothing." The boy's voice had just fallen, Su Youyan suddenly supported the desk with one hand: "Ah ~~" She arched and buried her face on the desk. For a long time, she lifted her head, some messy hair Covering his face slightly, biting his lower lip, an uncomfortable look made people panic.

Cobb was frightened by Su Youyan ’s acting skills. The one who knew each other from the beginning and said nothing, Su Youyan, who had a face on his face, could pretend to be like this. He turned to look at Chu Haoyu, who was drooling, The odds of getting a notebook are small. "

"Don't make a noise. I don't want to record your voice. Whoever cares about the laptop now, I will engrav this video into a DVD collection."

Su Youyan finally spoke in a condensed atmosphere: "Classmates, Mr. Cobb, I have frequent urination, urgency, pain, and itching. What should I do?" Quietly below, Su Youyan asked again, "I asked you what to do, I did not listen Are you here? "

"Old, teacher, do you want to use Fu Yanjie?"

"Stupid! You're dead."

"Change your underwear frequently." Another boy said.

"Are you satirizing me?" Su Youyan clamped his leg: "Aha ~~ No more ~~ Itching ~~ Gynecological inflammation ~~ Ah ~~ Can't stand it." Su Youyan walked straight to the window without a word. He said that jumping from the second floor should be the first teacher in history who could not stand the gynecological inflammation and committed suicide. Ying Xiujie prepared the cushions below. After catching Su Youyan, the two quickly hid, leaving only one thing lying on the grass.

The students were frightened a lot. Some of the bold boys ran to the window, and their faces turned paler. Then they turned and said with a trembling and incredible voice, "Mr. Ke, Cobb, changed into a bottle of Fu Yanjie. Lying on the grass was a huge trumpet specially made by Zhang Luo, a woman Yan Jie who was tall, and wearing the same clothes as Su Youyan.

Looking at the students' panicked response, a few here are overjoyed outside the classroom. This group of people is no wonder what their grades are not outstanding and what they are doing all day and night at school.


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