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He is His Excellency Zhi Li

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“How do you like this mood? If one day he suddenly becomes a masked superhuman in a tight suit with a swinging boa tail behind him, hands with long spider hair, and a drooling pig face under the mask, even so, you can still remain calm and pull him into your embrace.”

“There is only one possibility: my eyes are blind.” Ke Bu is a real person. He understands that love is not great to this point. If you really become like that, Zhi Li’s first reaction is absolutely to send himself to the Scientific Research Institution.

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Short Title:
Original Title:他是支理大人
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Comedy, Romance, School Life, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#1146
Monthly Rank:#1474
All Time Rank:#1676
Tags:Apathetic Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Pragmatic Protagonist,

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