Gu Caini is a professional novice.

If it weren't for the fact that he graduated from K University as a graduate student, he probably wouldn't be able to enter the Huo family.

Huo, a Fortune 500 company.

Although she is only an intern, being an intern at the headquarters is already a high-quality offer.

Gu Caini studied well, with high credit scores, and successfully secured the graduate school of K University. During her graduate school, she also wrote several famous papers, which can be said to be the best among their group of students.

Alas, but only I know how much I have.

She just learns.

On the first day she came to the company, she took her little sister to give her the task. She made mistakes countless times, kept revising and checking, and worked overtime until midnight.

At first, she thought it was the young lady who might have made things difficult for her, but then she found out that the same task was completed in less than two hours by another staff member opposite. Gu Caini suddenly fell into self-denial and inferiority.

Alas, the so-called high scores and low abilities are people like her.

Today is her third day in the Gu family, but Gu Caini is obviously exhausted.

After delivering the documents to the manager, she walked back to her office sadly,

As a result, she didn't pay attention for a while, and halfway through, a dumpling slammed into her thigh in front of her.

"Who are you?"

Before she could speak, the dumpling stood up straight, pointed at her, and asked in a milky voice.

Gu Caini took a closer look, only to realize that it was a little boy around four or five years old.

The long, pink and jade-carved eyes are big and black, like two obsidian stones. Although the questioning voice is full of energy, there is obviously a bit of guilt in the eyes.

This group looks great.

Gu Caini couldn't help but squatted down and talked to him softly,

"I'm the staff here, who are you?"

The little boy rolled his dark eyes, and the little **** said loudly,

"I am the Monkey King!"

Gu Caini thinks he is too cute!

"You are the Great Sage Monkey King."

She asked him with a smile, "Then do you have a golden hoop?"

"...I originally had it, but now it was confiscated by the Tathagata Buddha, so I don't have it anymore..."

Gu Caini felt that this should be the child of a staff member of the company, because she didn't go to school on weekends, so she brought it to the company.

Originally, it was illegal to bring a child to the company, but this dumpling was so beautiful and cute, Cai Ni, who was overflowing with maternal love, would rather he stay in the company for a while.

It was lunch break now. She was scolded by the manager when she delivered the documents, and she had no appetite for lunch, so she chatted with this little guy in the corridor.

Such as "How old are you?"

"Where are your parents?"

"What's your name?"

and many more.

But the little boy completely ignored her question, and instead tugged at the corner of her clothes and told her about the "evil deeds" of the Buddha.

"He stole my golden cudgel!"

"He let me sleep alone in Huaguo Mountain and didn't let my mother accompany me!"

"He asked me to write, and I had to write a lot of words every day! I was going to the West to learn scriptures, and he didn't understand me at all."

Gu Caini listened in the fog, not knowing who the "Tathagata Buddha" in his mouth was, but out of patience with children, she pretended to listen to him seriously, and then took out her mobile phone to talk to him. Selfie.

On the screen, the delicate-looking little boy pouted and tugged at the corner of his clothes. He looked aggrieved, and his big eyes were black and agile, which made people's hearts melt.

Just when Gu Caini was happy to shoot, a faint male voice suddenly came from her ear,

"Huo Jingzhi."

The little dumpling in his arms trembled.

As soon as she looked up, she saw a young man standing not far away.

With handsome features and a tailored black suit, he stared blankly at the little boy in her hand.

A very familiar face.

Since the day Gu Caini joined the company, she has seen this face in countless financial reports.

He also has to account for half of the news of the gossip about his colleagues.

—The president of their company, retired national team player, Huo Xingchao.

It is said that when President Huo was still in the national team, when he participated in the World Championships, the fans slogan piercingly,

"Huo Xingchao, you must win the championship. If you can't win the championship, you will go home and inherit the consortium!"

It was once the year's meme.

After so many years, their president has also passed his 30th birthday, but there are still a large group of fans under his Weibo wishing him to return to the sports world.

Gu Caini stood up immediately, respectfully,

"Hello, President."

I couldn't help but worry about the trembling little dumpling in my arms.

You must know that the company has company regulations, especially in a company as big as Gu's, it is not allowed to bring family members into the company casually.

Now that Mr. Huo found out, the child's parents are afraid that they will be punished.

Sure enough, the next second, she heard the man sneer and walk over.

Then she stretched out her hand and took away the "Great Sage Monkey King" beside her leg.

His voice was low, a little careless,

"Huo Jingzhi, write five more big characters today."

The little boy raised his head,


"Why do you say."



The little dumpling struggled under his arm, crying in a milky voice,

"You let me go, I'm going to find my biological father."

The man carried him farther and farther, and could faintly hear his sneer,

"Didn't you jump out of a rock, where did you get your biological father?"

"Then I'm going to find my mother!"

"No matter how noisy you are, believe it or not, I will send you back to kindergarten, and you won't want to come back on weekends."

This turned out to be Mr. Huo's family.

But which family member is Mr. Huo?

Is it a nephew? nephew? Or... son?

Huo Xingchao took his family's privacy very seriously.

Gu Caini rarely sees his news in the gossip news. Even if he is single, the outside world is full of different speculations.

However, it should not be the son.

Huo is still so young.

But listening to the conversation just now, it seems to be a father-son relationship.

For some reason, Gu Caini felt a little disappointed.


For several days after that, Gu Caini would pass through that corridor subconsciously.

But I never met that little group and Mr. Gu.

When she gossips with the employees in the office, everyone speculates with enthusiasm.

"I think it should be married. Mr. Huo is in his thirties. It's impossible to be single, but I don't know if there is such an old child."

"Thirty is nothing. Thirty is the golden age of a man. Have you ever seen a rich second-generation married at the age of 30? Besides, Mr. Huo has so many girlfriend fans on Weibo. Let me know."

"Hey, it doesn't matter if he ties it up or not. What does it have to do with us? It's better to finish the report as soon as possible. I don't want to work overtime today."


Until this weekend, when Gu Caini and her college roommate Gu Zhian went out to see a movie, she accidentally mentioned the president of their company.

She bit the straw and asked,

"By the way, I read Mr. Huo's gossip before and found out that he is in the same high school as you! You are in the same class, right? Tell me, was he famous in high school?"

Gu Zhi'an looked a little surprised.

"Your boss is Huo Xingchao? When did it happen?"

"A week ago, I had a lot of things at that time, so I forgot to tell you, do you know Huo Xingchao?"

"Not very familiar."

The girl bent her lips slightly, as if she didn't want to talk more, and changed the topic.

"By the way, do you want popcorn?"

"No. Hey, was he famous in high school? A rich second generation as handsome as him should have been famous in his school days, and he was still in the national team."

Gu Zhi'an finally heard that something was wrong, frowned slightly,

"You keep asking him what he does. Huo Xingchao has been married for so many years, so don't think too much."

Gu Caini was startled,

"Has he been married for many years?"

"The child is four and a half years old."


Although she was regretful in her heart, it was just a vague girlish fantasy, not very deep, so she just sighed slightly,

"It's really sad, you say, why are the slightly higher-quality Gao Fushuai now married and having children?"

Gu Zhian coughed, but did not answer.

She didn't seem to want to talk about this topic very much.

"Mom. I want a gold hoop!"

Suddenly there was a clear childish voice.

Gu Caini's eyes lit up, "It's that little dumpling!"

Sure enough, as soon as she turned her head, she saw the little boy who was being held in the hand not far away.

The woman who was holding him also looked very young, wearing a suspender skirt, her eyebrows were curved, and her voice sounded very gentle.



"I've already bought you ten golden hoops. You promised me last time, saying that it was the last one. If you lose it again, don't let your mother buy it again."

"But, but,"

Xiao Naiyin was a little anxious, "But I didn't lose it, it was confiscated by my father!"

"Why did Dad confiscate it?"

"...Because I hit Lulu with the golden hoop."

"anything else?"

"I broke the teacher's quilt."

"anything else?"

"...I broke my dad's homework."

The woman curled her lips, her voice still gentle,

"That's it. You got into such a big trouble, how dare your mother buy you a golden hoop?"

The little boy hung his head, slumped,

"But I really want it."

"Then beg Dad to go."


Huo Jingzhi's big eyes rolled around, not knowing what he was thinking.

Holding my mother's hand, after a while, happily,


The man who had bought popcorn from a distance walked over with his long legs.

He handed the popcorn to Yan Zhi and looked down at his son with a lazy tone.

"What happened to you again?"

Huo Jingzhi stretched out his small hand and asked him to hug.

Huo Xingchao looked at him for a while, as if to measure whether he was in trouble, and finally reached out and hugged him.

The little boy leaned on his neck and said in a milky voice,

"Dad, I'm sorry."


His voice was soft,

"I will never do bad things again. I will listen to you and apologize to the teacher and Lulu. I will be obedient in the future."

Huo Xingchao raised his eyebrows, looked at Yan Zhi beside him, and asked with interest,

"What did you tell him?"

Yan Zhi pointed to the conspicuous golden hoop stick in the toy store behind him, with a little smile in his eyes.

Recently, there is an animated film about Monkey King being released, and the toy store in the shopping mall has placed the golden hoop stick in the animation.

Huo Jingzhi likes Sun Wukong the most, and he has bought countless golden hoops during this time.

But because of the accident, my father confiscated countless of them.

He hugged Huo Xingchao's neck with his small hands, persevering,

"Dad, I will listen to you from now on, write big characters, don't play pranks, and don't fight with others, okay?"

Such nice words made it clear that they were coaxing him for the sake of toys.

Can Huo Xingchao soften his heart? Of course he...


He sighed and put the little dumpling down,

"Go pick one for yourself."


Huo Jingzhi cheered his whole life and happily ran into the toy store with his calves.

He discovered when he was very young that his mother was the most gentle, but as long as it was decided, he would never change his mind because of his coquetry.

Dad is super strict, but also the easiest to soft-hearted.

Most of his dozen or so golden hoops were lost by his father, but most of them were bought by his father.

He likes Dad the most!

Looking at his small figure, Yan Zhi couldn't help but smile.

"Can you hold on a little longer?"

Huo Xingchao picked up a piece of popcorn and threw it in his mouth.

"Who made him yours?"

Huo Jingzhi would be fine if he looked like him, but he was more like Yan Zhi.

Those big eyes, black and smoky, were exactly the same as Yan Zhi, how could Huo Xingchao be so **** him?

Yan Zhi tilted his head and inadvertently saw Gu Zhian not far away. He was startled for a moment, then showed a mild smile, nodded lightly, and led his son who came out with a golden hoop in his hand. go to the field.

Gu Caini noticed this, turned her head curiously, and asked her friend,

"Do you know Mr. Huo's wife?"


Lived in the same house for ten years.

Gu Zhian retracted his gaze and smiled faintly,

"A high school. Not very familiar."

"Oh. I didn't expect that people like Mr. Huo would actually bring his wife and children to the cinema to watch movies. I thought that people like them were all reserved venues or something..."

Well, that's fine.

Those memories of youth that seem to be unforgettable will fade away after many years.

Since then, "people like them" and "people like us" are finally people from two worlds.

There will be no more intersections, nor will they hurt each other.

In fact, looking back now, when I was a student, every evening, I went home with Yan Zhi, watched the sunset stretch out the shadow, and then walked on it. Such bright memories.

After all, that is youth.