Zhiqian's first reaction when she saw Huo Xingchao was that she felt that this guy was so blatant that he would definitely be discovered.

I don't wear a mask, just a pair of sunglasses. Anyone who pays a little attention to him will be recognized immediately.

And he just sits next to the director like this, chatting with him very much, and everyone will notice him.

Sure enough, in the next second, Zhiqian heard Lu Nan asking hesitantly next to her.

"Is that... Senior Huo?"

Everyone followed her gaze.

Then there seemed to be a consensus.


"Why is Senior Huo here?"

"Is he also in the show?"

"Definitely not. Huo Xingchao has never acted. You can see that he chatted with the director so well. Maybe he came to visit the director's class."

"It turned out to be a visit class!"

"...I guessed it too, by the way, Zhiqian, Zhiqian, do you know?"

Of course she knew.

But she is busy rounding up the field now and can only pretend not to know.

While bowing his head, he texted Huo Xingchao.

Xixi cute: brother, are you too ostentatious?

After two seconds, the other end came back with a sentence:

Hey, I came to visit my girlfriend's class, should I be like a thief?

After a while, there was another slow sentence:

Don't worry, the photos of us going out to eat together yesterday were all released, and even if it gets out today, it's just one more scandal.


Zhiqian is going to **** him off.

To be honest, the top management of Huo Xingchao and Zhiqian knew about it.

Not only did they know, but they also held a meeting with the team, which was devoted to a series of plans for their relationship.

According to Mr. Huo, as long as nothing major happens, the two of them will definitely get married in the end.

This shows that there is a great possibility that they must be made public.

Even Huo Xingchao wanted to make it public now.

But later, considering his fame, the team blocked the decision.

After all, if it is made public all of a sudden, fans will definitely not be able to stand it. At that time, there will be a large number of objections and abuse.

Huo Xingchao is okay, the injured main one is Qian.

But since it is destined to be public, it cannot be completely unprepared.

So the final decision of the team is:

Gossip is not blocked, but not directly public.

When rumors are rumored, fans will definitely say something unpleasant.

But it's always a matter of catching wind and shadows, and the emotions won't be so intense.

In this way, it will be much easier for the company to arrange for the navy to ease emotions in the middle.

Many times, passersby are driven by comments, and it is very important to control the general direction of public opinion.

And gossip.

It is passed on and passed on, and in the end, when it is made public, people may accept it much more.

Of course, in this one, Zhiqian's public image and attitude are crucial.

The scandal between the two of them has been rumored for so long, and it has always been Huo Xingchao who took the initiative to cue her. As for Zhiqian, except for the necessary publicity at work, he rarely responded.

With such an attitude, even Huo Xingchao's fans are not allowed to say excessive words.

And because of Huo Xingchao's relationship, Ichimoku originally belonged to his public relations team, and now he is also in charge of Qi Zhiqian.

They are veterans and have a good sense of marketing.

It will neither increase the exposure of Zhiqian frequently, nor play the sympathy card, but all the news about Zhiqian is a publicity draft based on reliable works. I feel bad for Xi.

All in all, 10% of the mile, there are ten people in the debut group, and Zhiqian, as the center, not only has high-quality resources, but also maintains the highest popularity among passers-by. To say that she is not popular, people in the circle will definitely not believe it.

Take, for example, the character in this play. Although she is a female No. 2, Liu Yi'an's play is not easy to get even a female No. 4.

Not to mention that Zhiqian is also an idol singer.

So usually in the group, everyone is very polite to her.

If I really saw Huo Xingchao today, I would probably only be more polite to her in the future.

Huo Xingchao raised his eyes and looked at the messages constantly sent on the screen of his mobile phone, helpless and funny.

Xixi cute: [wow cry] [wow cry] [wow cry] [wow cry]

Xixi cute: [angry] angry] angry] angry] angry]

Xixi cute: [pig][pig][pig][pig][pig]

Xixi cute: brother! Save the child!

Xixi cute: I don't care, anyway, you can explain it yourself when the time comes.

Xixi cute: I really don't care!

He sighed and replied to her,

"Okay, you take care of your own business, I'll handle it."

Huo Xingchao didn't expect that today would be such a coincidence that people from her group would come over to shoot a variety show.

After all, if it is to visit the class on a regular basis, the crew will recognize it when they recognize it. There are rules in the group, and many actors will also have undisclosed male and female friends who come to visit the class. Everyone knows it well, and rarely will they put it on the show. said on the face.

But the combination of Akane is different.

"Ten Percent" was originally a team of trainees from different brokerage companies under the responsibility of Huaying. Huaying had been dissatisfied with the excessive involvement of Yimu's artists before, and had a bad relationship with Yimu.

So now once they see Huo Xingchao, they will definitely not miss this promotion opportunity.

Hua Ying doesn't care what Zhiqian's image will be, anyway, the brokerage contract is only one year, within this time limit, for them, it is the business to make money as much as possible.

Didn't you see that after Lu Nan finished saying those words, he immediately raised the camera and aimed at the man beside the director.

Huo Xing raised his eyebrows, thought for a moment, and then made a phone call.

"Hey, brother."

Wang Yingying's carefree voice sounded from the other end,

"Didn't you say no to play today, what are you looking for from me?"

The concert just ended today, and the next three or four days will be empty. Wang Yingying and the others said they would go to the newly opened club to play at night. Huo Xingchao refused directly and came to the crew to find Zhiqian.

As a result, I didn't expect that it would be rare to come to the crew to find a girlfriend, and it would not be perfect.

he sighed,

"Do you a favor."

Captain Huo has to ask for help, and it will definitely not be a small favor.

So, after a while, three uninvited guests suddenly appeared in the crew.

Colorful hair, no matter how low-key, as long as you take off your hat, it will be very conspicuous in the crowd.

Zhi Qian took a closer look and found that it was Wang Yingying and the others.

The teammates beside him widened his eyes.

They were still hesitating and didn't dare to go up to say hello to Senior Huo, and they didn't dare to go forward alone. Zhiqian didn't seem to have any intention of taking them there. Now it's not time for lunch, so they can only stay here without embarrassment or embarrassment. chatting.

The atmosphere is very strange.

As a result, in a flash, everyone from XVII came.

"Oh my God."

Another little girl from the same company with Zhiqian swallowed,

"I have never seen such a neat XVII before."

Although they have made their debut, the popularity seems to be quite high during the period of their debut, but they are playing among the niche fans, and they are not on the front line in the mainland. Compared with the international seniors like XVII, they are simply cloud mud. difference.

The director has already shouted with a horn at the other end,

"In this afternoon's play, I'm giving you a benefit, you give me snacks!"

The whole studio suddenly sounded up and down with shouts and cheers.

he cursed,

"What are you kidding me, hurry up and work!"

After listening to the director's words, Zhiqian finally understood what Huo Xingchao meant when he said he came to solve it.

There is a scene tonight. The background setting is that a well-known singer group returns to their alma mater to perform, and the leading actors are still high school students with dreams. Perhaps they were inspired. Because of this concert, they completely strengthened their inner pursuit, and then formed a group. a band.

Originally, this "well-known singer group" was planned by the director randomly looking for a few group performances. After all, it only takes a few minutes to appear on the scene, so it is not very important.

But I didn't expect that in the end, XVII would be invited.

...... Sure enough, it's Director Liu Yi'an!

- This is what most people think.

But for Qian Qian who knew the truth, she felt that her boyfriend was smart and caring.

However, because of the camera, her etiquette is still very decent. As the center and captain, she naturally has to take the team members to greet the seniors.

Also need autograph and photo.

But they were surrounded by too many people who wanted to sign their autographs, and they couldn't find a chance to greet each other at all.

So the little girls can only come out with the autograph book and express their inner excitement and joy to the camera on the side.

After all, this kind of process, after cutting it in the later stage, it seems that there will be a lot of interactions.

Feelings are still to be posted.

I'm not sure which sentence touches the point of XVII fans, and their affection for them has soared.

You see, at the very beginning, Zhiqian didn't rely on Huo Xingchao's reputation as a senior.

At this time, the coffee biscuits they "spent a night to make by themselves" have been completely forgotten.

The thoughts of the little girls are going back and forth, and others are too lazy to ponder them carefully.

After all, everyone works in the entertainment industry and has seen many celebrities. They don't pay much attention to "Ten Percent", which has a relatively low audience age, and relatively less attention to these little girls. .

But halfway through the signature, Captain Huo didn't know what to think, he suddenly pulled Zhiqian aside, bent his lips to the crowd, and smiled lazily in his tone.

"This is one of my little sisters."

He says.

"But I'm a little stupid. I usually learn things slowly. I hope everyone can take care of her. If she doesn't do well, just scold her directly, and don't be merciful."

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and a smile appeared in the corners of his eyes.

"She said that everyone took good care of her, and today is the day when her solo single was released, so I wanted to invite you to tea."

Although Zhiqian didn't react, she was always right to laugh, so her brows and eyes curled up, looking embarrassed.

Sure enough, within a few minutes. A dining car drove slowly behind him.

The license plate and look are familiar.

There are also staff members in the crew who are diehard fans of XVII. They can recognize it at a glance. This is the dining car that will appear in their documentary filming the location. It should be arranged by one eye.

If you look closely, you can still see the XVII combination logo that has not been torn off from the back of the dining car.

Everyone was a little shocked.

I had heard that Zhiqian and Huo Xing were familiar with each other, but I didn't expect their relationship to be so good.

Lu Nan and Guan Yulu, who were standing beside them, were also young junior sisters, but they didn't look at them at all.


It was just time for lunch. XVII, in the name of Zhiqian, invited the crew to a meal. There were also various cold drinks and juices in the dining car, which was most suitable for the hot summer.

In comparison, the coffee cookies sent by Zhiqian's teammates are a bit strange.

But this kind of thing, see it without saying it.

There are so many people in the group, whether they are good with her or not with her, in fact, they don't really want her to be good.

This point, Zhiqian understands very well.

Also too lazy to deal with it.

They were filming a school drama, so the filming location was in a private school.

Because it is just a holiday, there is no one in the school.

The crew packed up the indoor small auditorium and came out, but I don't know which staff member leaked the news. In the afternoon, a large group of students went back to school in unison, crowding around the entrance of the small auditorium, wanting to see their idols.

The director had an idea and let a group of people come in as extras.

A group of students sat on the seats. It was amazing. They even brought a cheering stick in their hands, and they were about to go crazy with excitement.

Although the director said that the extra actors were omitted, but when he saw this scene, he was also very afraid that these young people would not be able to control them when they were excited.

Sure enough, when XVII came out, the screams of the entire small auditorium almost overturned the roof.

The late students who were blocked at the door almost cried,

"Uncle guard, just let me in! Please! Uncle guard!"

The uncle of the doorman blocked the hardships, and finally asked the leaders of the school to help. The children did not rush in, but they were reluctant to let them go back.

According to this situation, it is certain that it will be on the hot search at that time.

This play is equivalent to saving a publicity cost for free.

The director clicked his tongue behind the monitor and shook his head, and said with a smile,

"Thanks to Xiao Zhiqian."

What is Sissy doing now?

As one of the leading actors, she naturally follows the script and sits in the audience to watch the performance.

Holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

She has to offer flowers to Huo Xingchao.


When Zhiqian was still in high school, XVII also came to their school to perform.

At that time, the teacher arranged for Zhi Qian to send them flowers.

When Zhiqian came to the stage with flowers in hand, it was Captain Huo's solo performance, and the little girl's nervous palms were full of sweat.

As a result, before entering the lighting circle, the whole stage suddenly went dark.

I don't know which line has the problem. The sound and microphone are all fine, but the stage lights dimmed as soon as the prelude sounded.

She shook and didn't dare to take half a step forward, for fear that she would step on something, encounter something, and what would happen then.

So cautiously and nervously stood on the edge of the stage.

Zhi Qian could vaguely hear the hurried footsteps and voices of the staff on the side of the stage.

This let her know that this was not a design, but an accident.

But within two seconds, the boy's clear singing voice came from his ears.

Huo Xingchao rarely writes lyrical songs, even if they are solos, most of them are rock rap dance songs that are domineering and sideways.

This "Bright" is one of his few solo love songs.

His voice was steady, with a deep magnetic force, and it came out slowly through the microphone.

In the darkness, the atmosphere was even stronger.

She stood beside the dark stage, and because she was so close, she could vaguely see his figure, so she stood there blankly, listening to him sing.

For some reason, my heart beat like a drum.

Later, the audience began to sing, and when the lights finally recovered, a song had already sung to the end.

Zhiqian looked at the smiling handsome boy sitting on the steps, holding a bunch of flowers, and was called down by the staff after all.

The timing is not right.

That bunch of flowers, she still did not send out in the end.

After many years, she fell in love with the idol she once chased, and she talked about it inadvertently. She only regarded it as a regrettable and beautiful past in Girls' Generation, but he came to his heart with great interest and said that the next concert , or would you send me another bouquet of flowers?

But no.

A concert is not a place to fall in love. As an idol, you can't pierce the hearts of fans so much.

So Zhiqian hesitated for a while, but still refused.

But I didn't want to have this opportunity today.

When reading the script, Huo Xingchao didn't know what to think, and suddenly said lazily,

"Director, you said, would it be better to pick a leading actor to come on stage to interact with me?"

The director heard Xiange and knew Yayi, looked at the bouquet of roses that appeared in his hand at an unknown time, and said with a smile,

"Of course, then let Zhiqian come to the stage to give you a bouquet of flowers."

Zhiqian's setting in the script was originally a student cadre. It was normal for him to come on stage to send bouquets of flowers.

Everyone has brought the whole group over to make a cameo, and they want to interact with their girlfriends. I can't agree to this small request.

So like that, Zhi Qian sat under the stage with a large bouquet of roses.

There was some tension in my heart.

She was obviously filming, and the person on the stage was her boyfriend, and she had also done more intimate interactions, but such a scene somehow seemed to bring her back to the girlhood.

When she was an ordinary high school girl, she held a bunch of flowers like this and looked up at him from a distance.

I thought to myself, if there is one point, she can stand side by side with him on the stage, that would be great.

The stage sound was changed to "dark".

It became Huo Xingchao's solo.

Zhi Qian held the flowers and walked slowly onto the stage according to the previously agreed position.

She handed the rose to him.

The monitor faithfully recorded the close-up on stage.

Director Liu stared at it for a while, then suddenly tsk tsk wondered,

"They both have a sense of CP."

The man took the flower, curled his lips, held the microphone and asked her,

"Can you sing 'dark'?"

Of course you can sing.

The first time she appeared on the concert stage was the song she collaborated with him.

Isn't this a well-intentioned question.

But Zhiqian immediately reacted that this was filming.

So the little girl nodded, and on the microphone he handed over,

"I will. I am your fan and I will sing every song of yours."

He laughed outright.

There was a bit of naughty and wanton in his eyes.

Then he handed her the golden microphone in his hand, and he took Wang Yingying's from one side, and his low voice passed through the microphone and spread throughout the small auditorium.

"Then would you like to sing this song with me?"

The audience was already screaming with excitement.

Zhi Qian looked at him fixedly, and did not respond for a few seconds, as if she was very nervous.

Finally, when the director was almost about to shout, she suddenly curled her lips and revealed a sweet smile,


Like fate.

It was "bright" back then, but the stage was dark, she was holding flowers in the dark, thinking that one day she would stand side by side with him.

Now it has become "dark", but it is a bright afternoon. She gave him a big bouquet of roses, stood beside him, and sang a song with him.

like fate.

They are destined to be together.

Like the lyrics of this song.

"youareso, so, sogorgeous

like the light of meinthedarkness



you are so incomparable

like a light shining into my darkness

no matter how the world ends up

We are all destined to live together