It was almost a year after her debut that Zhiqian suddenly realized that she might never be the second Huo Xingchao.

Not only her, in this era, no one can become the second Huo Xingchao.

Not even Lu Nan, who is known as a talented creative woman.

He created an era, and the rest of the idol singers who have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, seem to be very popular, but they are all imitators who follow him.

XVII is the first idol group to be its own producer.

XVII is the first and so far the only mainland singer to top the Billboard overall chart.

XVII was the first singer to turn the awards ceremony into a concert, and after performing a song, the audience held up lights and shouted encores.

XVII is the only idol group that has debuted for so many years, rarely participates in variety shows, and never shy away from falling in love, but is constantly making new fans.

They have created a lot of miracles. Since XVII, any idol group must have a few self-composed songs, otherwise they will appear inferior.

Every time XVII comes back, no group dares to release a regular album within two months, because in those two months, the major music charts were dominated by XVII.

It's like the song they released last year, it's been more than eight months, and it's still on the list.

Although Zhiqian knows that, fans say that XVII is indispensable.

But what is undeniable in everyone's heart is that without XVII, Huo Xingchao would have reached today's status, but without Huo Xingchao, XVII would never have become so popular.

In this year's performance, VXVII's revenue accounted for 60%, while Huo Xingchao alone accounted for 30%.

The ratio is terribly high.

"Wow, that ratio is a bit scary."

A familiar female voice called back to her sanity.

It is the actress Fang Yuan from the same crew.

She was watching the news report on the tablet, shaking her head and sighing while watching,

"My brother Huo alone accounts for 30% of Yimu's income. According to his current status, the company's share must be very generous. Then tell me, how much money does he have to earn?"

Fang Yuan tilted his head and thought for a while, then said,

"If it were me, I'd go out and do it myself. With my brother's terrifying popularity, even if he doesn't have any publicity and marketing, he can quickly get to the top of the charts by releasing a song. Why does he have to sign a company? Woolen cloth."

Zhiqian raised her head from the script and blinked.

"You forgot, he has a stake in it."

"...Oh, that's right. My brother Huo has contributed so much to Yimu, so I should share the shares. After all, Yimu is almost his big breast."

What more.

Yi Mu is to divide his shares, but the proportion is not large, but in the public report last year, a mysterious man surnamed Huo accounted for 19% of the shares.

The mysterious man surnamed Huo was Huo Xingchao's father.

These shares were naturally bought by Huo Xingchao in his father's name.

So this buddy has been interested in buying a share of Ichimoku since Ichimoku was still down.

Zhiqian didn't want to talk about this, she stood up,

"The sun is too bright here, or let's go inside and see."

Fang Yuan also felt that the sun was dazzling. Just now, he had been covering his forehead with the script. Hearing her say this, he nodded immediately.

"Okay, anyway, the next play should be about to start soon, let's go over and have a look first."

Fang Yuan and Zhiqian are both newcomers.

It's just that Zhiqian is an idol girl group center that came out of the draft. Because of its high popularity, she can barely count as a traffic florist, so there are many scripts handed to her.

Although when I participated in the show, it was announced to the outside world that within a year, all the planning of the group would belong to the show organizer, but for a child from a big company like Ichimoku, the original agency will definitely interfere.

Like Zhiqian, there were a lot of heroine scripts handed over, but the company didn't let her pick them up.

As a result, the quality of the script is rough, all of which are idol dramas, and they will only be criticized when they are filmed.

Secondly, Zhiqian is not a drama major. According to her current level of acting skills, she can't afford the position of the heroine.

And Fang Yuan is a student from the serious film academy.

She is a newcomer that Huanxing Media intends to support this year, and she is also a loyal fan of Huo Xingchao. For Zhiqian's sake, she has watched 10% of the entire show, and she also drags Yimu Xiaomei every day to discuss her male god.

However, her love for Huo Xingchao was not the same as that of Lu Nan. It was purely idol worship. She had a boyfriend and drove a luxury car to pick her up every day.

So Zhiqian can chat with her very relaxedly.

Their combination, within ten percent, is actually quite a small group.

A group of people, led by Lu Nan, felt that Zhiqian was too arrogant, and she was not the only one who was famous for ten percent.

A group of people pleases Zhiqian. After all, they are the center, and they have friendship with the senior Huo Xingchao. It is said that their new song, they can find senior Huo to help them compose music, which is invited by Zhiqian. So of course you have to hold on to this thigh.

All in all, on the show together or at the airport, they still interact with each other, and there is harmony in front of the camera.

But privately, the "partisanship" was already evident.

As the saying goes, where there are women, there are small groups, and it's not bad.

Today is the day when ten percent came to visit the class.

This is one of the contents of their group. Because Zhiqian has a lot of itineraries, the team arranged for the rest to visit Zhiqian's class.

As early as in the morning, Zhiqian received the notice and went to tell the director specially.

This kind of arrangement seemed like a sudden surprise when it was filmed, but in fact, it was well communicated behind the scenes.

Otherwise, the crew must keep it a secret, how could it be possible for outsiders to come in and shoot casually.

Zhiqian was preparing for the last scene in the morning, and the group came on time.

They also carried biscuits and coffee prepared by themselves, and packaged them into small packaging bags, with the support pictures made by fans for Qi Qian on the bags, which looked very delicate.

But Zhiqian could see at a glance that the amount they had prepared was simply not enough.

Roughly counted, each person has four or five bags, and there are less than fifty bags in total.

But the crew is filming a group show today, and there must be hundreds of people in the group, so how do you divide it?

Better not to send it.

Zhi Qian frowned slightly, and whispered to the assistant beside her,

"Xiao Ai, go and order a few boxes of coffee and cakes, let them deliver them quickly, and then put these bags in the lounge by the way, saying that the director is busy filming, and we will divide them during lunch."

The assistant also knew the priorities, nodded, and immediately went to communicate with the agent outside the court.

They are still a group now. Although the company will assign assistants when each person works alone, only Zhiqian and Lu Nan have a single agent, and the others are arranged by the team agent together.

I don't know why, but the portfolio manager didn't come today.

Zhiqian bent her lips to meet her, her voice was sweet, with some unexpected surprises,

"Why are you here?"

"Come and visit the class."

Lu Nan raised the paper bag in his hand and said with a smile,

"We did all of this with our own hands. I hope the brothers and sisters in the crew can take care of you, Sister Qian."

"Did you do it with your own hands?"

The little girl looked a little surprised, then raised her head, as if moved, and said with a smile,

"Thank you."

The assistant who came back after calling and ordering the meal immediately took over,

"I'll send you to the lounge first, and we'll share them together during dinner later. Everyone must be very happy to be able to eat so many biscuits made by the beautiful young lady."

As soon as she finished speaking, several staff members came to help carry the paper bags.

Before the girls could speak, these carefully prepared gifts were politely sent to the lounge.

The assistant coughed, approached Zhi Qian, lowered her voice,

"By the way, Sixi, there is something else I need to tell you."

The camera is still not far away, the little girl still has a smile on her lips,

"Go ahead."

"That...Senior Huo, also came here."

Zhi Qian was startled.

Follow her line of sight.

Sure enough, behind the director and the monitor, there was a familiar man.

Black clothes, black trousers, black hat and sunglasses, very low-key, but the inexplicable temperament around him still makes him stand out among the staff.

He was sitting lazily on the steps at the moment, talking to the director beside him, but as if he felt something, his eyes turned lightly.

Then it fell on her.

The man raised his eyebrows slightly, a smile appeared on the corner of his lips, then took off his sunglasses and gave her a very handsome military salute.

It's really him.