Jiang Luo really once again became the object of the stars holding the moon.

But 90% of the reasons are basically because of Huo Xingchao.

Since a sharp-eyed boy recognized K God at a glance, the entire event venue was in chaos,

Thirty percent of the people are asking who K God is, and 30 percent are asking Jiang Luo why she is with K God. As for the remaining 40 percent, it is already a fan meeting. The same atmosphere.

In fact, to be honest, with the change of the times, the e-sports industry is also in a stage of prosperity and development, and more and more people play games.

Every time in the international league, e-sports players can make a big wave of hot search lists.

K God's fame, basically also benefited from the times.

In fact, many people who play games are not necessarily obsessed, but are just entertainment and pastimes.

But I don't know why, there are more people who know God K than people who have seen SLI.

Jiang Luo thought about it later, it was probably because of Yan.

Huo Xingchao's Yan, Rao is a person who is in the Internet celebrity circle, and occasionally participates in a party organized by a celebrity in the entertainment circle. She also has to admit that she can indeed fight.

In today's society, "the most handsome professor in xx", "the most handsome courier in xx", and "the most handsome brother in xx" can quickly become popular with just a few photos. The small fresh meat with special effects can win the society of millions of fans. It is too easy to open the popularity of the e-sports circle like K God.

After all, people never add filters to live broadcasts, and they don't talk much. With just one profile, they have beaten countless male stars in the entertainment industry.

Of course, there is a specialization in the art industry, and it can't be said that those male stars are inferior to him. After all, he can't sing and dance, and he can't act. He just got an A, and by the way, he won the first place in the shooting international solo competition.

People outside the circle, like Jiang Luo, a girl who doesn't pay attention to games at all, don't even know who he is.

But she didn't know whether to return or not. Later, in order to understand the handsome little brother in the neighbor's house, she went online to search all the details of the family.

Xia Jinyue was Jiang Luo's classmate in high school, and the two of them have been rivals since high school.

Grasp the two small groups in the class, and no one likes the other, and no one is convinced of the other.

She also came to this party, bringing her boyfriend, who is said to be a rich second-generation, tall and human-like, but a little short.

Jiang Luo roughly estimated that it was only about one meter seven.

But they are really rich second generation, the kind that his father can get on the financial news from time to time.

Before Jiang Luo came, everyone's eyes were still on Xia Jinyue and her boyfriend.

But as soon as Jiang Luo came over holding Huo Xingchao's hand, someone shouted in shock,

"God k?"

- Then, the audience boiled over.

In fact, most of the people who are obsessed with eating chicken are boys, and the boys are careless and don't care so much about K's girlfriend, but when they pass by Jiang Luo, they can't help giving her a thumbs up.

"Sister Luo, I can't see it, it's awesome, it's awesome."

Jiang Luo: "......"

Then, before Jiang Luo had eaten a skewer of barbecued meat, someone had already moved a few aliens from somewhere, and began to happily invite K-God to form a team to play games.

Fortunately, it is a resort nearby, specializing in renting villas and venues to develop the resort industry, so the network equipment is very complete.

Jiang Luo doesn't care much about her show-off career anymore. While roasting meat, she absent-mindedly listened to the chats of her former classmates, while wandering her eyes to find Luo Jiang.

This was her subconscious reaction.

But Xia Jinyue on the side didn't want to let her go, holding a glass of lemonade, pretended to not care and asked,

"Jiang Luo, does your boyfriend play games?"

Jiang Luo's thoughts were not on her, her eyes were slightly sideways, and she responded casually.

Xia Jinyue snorted, and there was a bit of a high-minded smile in her tone.

"It turned out to be really a game."

K God also has powder.

A girl next to her was unhappy when she saw her yin and yang appearance, and frowned.

"They're not just playing games. They're e-sports players, okay? They've won the International League Championship."

If Jiang Luo knows nothing about the e-sports circle, then Xia Jinyue can be said to have almost no contact at all.

She went to the Conservatory of Music, and she has always lived a "high" life. What games, variety shows, in her eyes, all are low-level fun.

So she took a sip of her drink and said lightly,

"And then, can he still rely on this to eat when he walks out of society in the future? Jiang Luo, I don't speak well, but I am sincere, society is not like school, a man who only knows how to play games, is it difficult for him to graduate after graduation? Are you keeping me?"


The entire group of girls was eerily silent for a moment.

Jiang Luo finally turned her head when she had time, glanced at her, and bent her lips slightly,

"That shouldn't be the case."

Xia Jinyue ignored her swollen face and made a fat man, and sighed lazily,

"Let me tell you, if your boyfriend really likes to play games, you can let him learn programming or something, and it will be easier to find a job in the future. By the way, Lin Jiang recently set up a game company, and there is still a shortage of people. , if your boyfriend is really in trouble in the future, just come and find me."

Well, Lin Jiang is her rich second-generation boyfriend.

Jiang Luo felt that when she was in high school, Xia Jinyue was still a rival to her. How could she have become like this in the past few years.

Just think of the arrogant villain in the Gongdou TV series who died of too much talk, and has no IQ at all.

They are adults, and they need to be a bit ironic. When they say this, it's like a shrew scolding the street, and Jiang Luo doesn't bother to argue with her.

But God K also has fans.

Before Jiang Luo could speak, the girl who refuted her before sneered again,

"Xia Jinyue, don't live in the 1980s."

"Just by understanding the written bonus, TAC was in 7 figures last year, not counting club wages, advertising endorsements, live broadcast income, etc. No matter what I say, I won't be able to support him. Thank you."

Xia Jinyue probably really didn't understand these things.

"Oh, 7 digits, that's not much, that's all I have for a car."

The girl rolled her eyes,

"Thanks in dollars."


This is true. When Jiang Luo first learned about this, he was also shocked.

She was thinking about how she worked hard to design clothes, take pictures, run factories, and do after-sales.

No wonder it was the same building on the same floor, or opposite the door, but the house they bought was inexplicably dozens of square meters more than hers.

I don't know how the real estate developer designed it in the first place.

But later Luo Jiang gave her popular science. In fact, the income of the e-sports circle is very different. People like K God have basically reached the top in China, and their income will naturally increase.

Just like the online celebrity who opened a Taobao store, the one with the highest income is actually higher than the e-sports player.

"However, the age limit for e-sports players is very large. Generally, the prime age is under 25 years old. When you get older, your reaction ability and hand speed will become slower. Most professional players will eventually change careers to do live broadcasts. What. But I think people with the character of K God, probably not."

"But anyway, he's a big A, so he doesn't have to worry about finding a job, and he has made so much money, so he can make some investments. To play at the top of every industry, at least he won't have to worry about food and clothing."

Jiang Luo took it seriously.

And she felt that the most powerful thing about Huo Xingchao was that his life not only satisfied the expectations of his parents, but also satisfied his own interests and hobbies, and also earned enough material requirements for social survival. .

This kind of life is really beyond her reach.


Xia Jinyue wanted to say something.

But in a blink of an eye, he saw his boyfriend holding a mobile phone, taking a photo with Huo Xingchao, smiling brightly, like a fool.

There is also a stark contrast in the heights of the two.

She choked there for a while, glared at Jiang Luo dejectedly, and did not continue the topic.

And Jiang Luo didn't want to pay attention to her too much. She was now full of thoughts and thoughts on Luo Jiang. She looked at the man and woman by the stream with her little eyebrows twisted, and she was surprised and shocked.

She had never seen that boy before, and Luo Jiang had never mentioned it to her. Why did he only have such a boyfriend after moving out for two days?

...Now she suddenly discovered that the sisters who once thought they could talk about everything were not as frank and private as she thought.

Jiang Luo lowered her eyes and grabbed her fingernails, sighing,

"It's really bad weather today."

The girl next to me couldn't help laughing.

"Luoluo, are you poisonous? It's sunny and the temperature is not too high. Why is the weather bad?"


In the next second, there was a sudden sound of thunder.

A flash of lightning flashed across the sky, dark clouds covered it, and while everyone was stunned, it started to rain.


"Jiang Luo, are you poisonous..."

Whether Jiangluo is poisonous is still an unsolved mystery.

But it suddenly rained on a sunny day, so they could only pack up and go to the villa to avoid the rain.

It just so happened that the group of people who were playing games around were still quite content, feeling that God was creating an environment for them.

As the saying goes, it's better to eat chicken on a rainy day.


Huo Xingchao played two games just now, then stood up and stopped playing.

After all, there are only four computers, and it just happens that there can only be four rows. Even if he is a **** of k, he can't always dominate a place.

- Although everyone really hopes that he can always dominate.

However, little brother K God stood up very gentlemanly and said that he was going to find a girlfriend.

Everyone had to regret it.

If Jiang Luo was here, she could tell at a glance that this guy didn't want to come to her, he just didn't want to play because his teammates were too poor.



Huo Xingchao walked out of the villa, still picking up his mobile phone and sending WeChat messages.

Huo: What about people?

Pandora's Box: On the lawn behind the villa.

Pandora's Box: Why, Lord K, you finally think of me.

Huo: you stay there

Huo: I'm here to find you

After sending it, he put away the phone and walked towards the back of the villa.

Pandora's Box: What?

Pandora's Box: I can't stay

Pandora's Box: It's raining too much, so I might as well use water on my makeup. I have to go to the toilet to get my makeup done now!

Pandora's box:......

Pandora's Box: Forget it, wait for me there, I'll be back when I go.


So, when Huo Xingchao walked behind the villa, he managed to see no one.

There was only an empty green lawn.

He leaned against the wall, took out his mobile phone and took a look. Sure enough, the girl was making noise about landmarks again.


A slightly unfamiliar voice came from behind.

Huo Xingchao turned his head and saw Luo Jiang standing at the corner.

He raised his eyebrows and nodded politely at her,


Luo Jiang bent her lips,

"Anyway, we played games together for more than half a year, so don't be so unfamiliar."

Man, it's weird sometimes.

When she was with Jiang Luo, she felt that she was clumsy and could not speak, so when she was in front of people, she really couldn't speak.

After breaking up with Jiang Luo, she felt that she might not be that bad.

As a result, the social phobia that has plagued me for so many years has actually improved for the most part.

Psychologically speaking, what is this theory?

The boy leaned against the wall lazily, his voice was light, and strangers with a bit of inertia should not approach,

"You have something to do with me?"

"Ah, neither."

Luo Jiang shrugged, "I just happened to be passing by and saw you here, so I said hello."

"Anyway, you are also the biggest **** I have ever met in the game."

"Thank you. You played well too."

She paused for a while, as if she was organizing the words, and after a long time, she just smiled rusty,

"Are you waiting for Jiang Luo?"


"Then I'll go first."


...... But still can't talk much.

Luo Jiang once thought very radically.

She felt that Huo Xingchao was a god, and Jiang Luo, a game rookie, was like an adult and a baby when two people played games. Jiang Luo couldn't understand a lot of game terms, and she was also very clumsy when operating shooting.

Where did they come from the common topic, and how to be together.

But then she gradually found out.

Life is not just about games, Jiang Luo and Huo Xingchao, aside from games, have a lot to talk about.

Jiang Luo is beautiful, can design, can run a shop by herself, enjoy life, and knows how to decorate life. Every time she travels with her, she is very happy. I have known her since childhood. When I was in school, because of her poor grades, I had a fixed perception in my mind that she was not very good.

But now Luo Jiang thinks about it carefully, only to realize that Jiang Luo is actually very powerful.

Jiang Luo doesn't know how to shoot, just like Huo Xingchao doesn't participate in costume design. In many cases, work does not need to be linked with love.

And she and kkk2 really have nothing in common except games.

Her previous inexplicable sense of superiority and betrayal was really too self-centered from a sane bystander's point of view.

Luo Jiang smiled bitterly and sighed behind the corner window.

"...Do you really want me to peel two hundred melon seeds?"

I don't know when, Jiang Luo has come back, on the other side of the corner, chatting with Huo Xingchao.

The boy's voice was calm and a bit leisurely,

"Well, I counted it for you, two hundred."

"No, you wouldn't be so cruel, would you?! Huo Xingchao, is this something a human can do?!"

"Two hundred is too little."

He sneered, "It's better than letting people peel off a thousand pieces of humanity directly."

"......What do you mean?"

"I remember when you were in high school, you were asked to peel a thousand melon seeds in a milk tea shop."

Jiang Luo's eyes widened in shock.

"Why do you know?"

"Because I happened to be there."

Huo Xingchao lifted her hand and threw the bag of melon seeds to her,

"Peel quickly, just sit here and leave when you're done peeling."

Jiang Luo pointed his fingers,

"Little brother..."

"Peel quickly."


Luo Jiang remembered.

That year, she went to the province to participate in the math competition. Because Jiang Luo just wanted to go out for a walk, and the teacher who led the team was her aunt, she came with her.

At that time, several of the contestants and Jiang Luo were drinking milk tea in the milk tea shop together, and the teacher was not there.

There was a boy in the team who had liked Jiang Luo for a long time and pestered her for a long time. Taking this opportunity, he confessed to her again.

Jiang Luo refused.

He also refused to give up, sitting in front of her, talking non-stop.

He said, "Jiang Luo, can't you give me a chance?"

The little girl finally got impatient.

He frowned at him, then pointed to the stall selling sunflower seeds across the street outside the window, his voice was clear and neat,

"That's fine, if you can peel a thousand melon seeds before twelve o'clock, I'll give you a chance."

Her voice was silent, but she was noticed by the people at the next table. The next table was also a student from another school who came to participate in the competition. A boy laughed and said,

"Yo, girl, you are so ruthless, it's 11:57 now, aren't you just making things difficult for others?"

The little girl turned her head, her eyes were clear, and she snorted softly,

"What's your business?"

The boy was probably a star holding the moon at ordinary times. Hearing that, he couldn't get off the stage. He turned his head and joked meaningfully with his classmate who was looking at the computer.

"Girls today are really spoiled. As long as they look a little more decent, they're just like a eldest lady."

Jiang Luo also turned his head, holding his head high, like a proud swan,

"Jiangjiang, you say that some people are really strange, they obviously don't know anything, but they look like they are pointing the country, they think they are amazing, and sure enough, the reputation of our generation is stained by this kind of thing. ."


"What are you!"

The boy who was asked to peel the seeds suddenly reacted and glared back,

"I'm willing to peel it off, it's none of your business."


Luo Jiang saw that the boy who had been knocking on the computer paused slightly, with a half-smile in his eyes.

turn out to be.

It turns out that from a very early time, you have been paying attention to others, thinking that you have a fate with him.

While others look at another person, they also feel that they have fate.

She smiled relievedly and sent Jiang Luo two text messages.

"Ajaan, I owe you an apology."


After two seconds, the phone vibrated.

The friend adding application pops up at the top of the screen.

Luo Jiang agreed.

A sentence quickly popped up on the interface.

cherryluo: It doesn't matter.

cherryluo: Maybe we are really not suitable to be best friends, so let's be friends~

cherryluo: The kind that charges a purchasing fee but can be cheaper.


Her fingers paused on the screen for a long time before sending a word.

"it is good."


When I was a child watching TV series, I always felt that the phrase "forgetting each other in the rivers and lakes" was so hypocritical.

But now that she's grown up, she finally understands.

Some people, you love very much, but you just don't fit together.

Some people, you want her to be good all your life, but you are just not suitable to be close friends.

These helpless and relieved truths, when you grow up, you will understand.

"Jiang Luo, peel it quickly, there are only twenty-nine pieces."


But when you grow up, you will gain a lot.

Pain, joy, loss, and gifting are all things that happen in one's life.

Bawangxing suddenly understands why, so many little stars have to go to various time and space to experience life.

Even if the starlight of other star friends is dimmed.

Because in Daxingchenhai, there is not so much helplessness.

And if one day, there will be no pain in the world, and happiness will not be so rare.

"Hey, little sense."

Bawangxing left this body, modified his memory by the way, and looked at the boy who was supervising the girl peeling the seeds from the crack in time and space.

After a while, I asked the spot of light lazily,

"Where is the next mission?"

"Go to Moon Country."

The little sensor star shakes and shakes,

"The little star there is a mermaid."

"Huo Xingchao is a whale monster!"


Let's go.

Our journey is the sea of ​​stars.

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But the story is not over.

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Tomorrow will start to update the extras and new articles.

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