From a certain point of view, Jiang Luo is a girl who is very tolerant in interpersonal communication.

In the past, when everyone went out for dinner together, she discussed which restaurant to go to and what food to eat, and she basically accommodated the one that other people chose.

Many times, she clearly understands in her heart that beauty is a double-edged sword, and because she is beautiful, she cannot be too sharp in many places.

Otherwise, if you do the same thing as others do, you will get completely opposite public opinion effects.

Jiang Luo is not the kind of girl who is so self-conscious that she can completely ignore other people's opinions, so she has been managing her image very well.

To be honest, she doesn't care much about what other people think of her in her heart, she just needs to ensure the friendship and peace on the surface.

She has only two true friends.

One is Luo Jiang, and the other is the **** honey I handed over in junior high school.

After the **** honey went to study abroad, she only had a best friend like Luo Jiang.

There are few classes in the junior year, but Luo Jiang can definitely guarantee the research, so apart from taking some online translation work, he did not look for an internship.

She lives with Jiang Luo, and Jiang Luo is busy running a shop and running a Weibo account. Usually, Luo Jiang helps to clean up many things at home, and most of the meals are cooked by Luo Jiang.

In Jiang Luo's heart, she always felt that she and Luo Jiang depended on each other in this city.

Luo Jiang is the most important person in her life.

since my dad left.


The family where Jiang Luo grew up is a little different from the people around her.

In the small city where she grew up, it was usually the father who made the money to support the family, and the mother was either a housewife or had an easy job.

No matter how bad it is, the income of the parents is also the same.

But Jiang's father and mother are not.

Jiang's father is just a lesser-known freelance editor, with an average monthly income of three or four thousand, which is far from enough to support a family.

So after Jiang Luo was born, he took his wife and children back to his hometown with a low cost of living.

But later, Mother Jiang opened her own store, but she didn't expect the business to become more and more prosperous. When Jiang Luo was in junior high school, Mother Jiang had already opened five or six branches in the province.

The living conditions at home are getting better and better, Jiang's mother is getting stronger and stronger, and there are more and more gossip from the people around.

After all, it is a small city, and many of the older generation are conservative in their thinking. In their mouths, Jiang's father is basically in the image of a "little white face who eats soft rice".

From a very young age, Jiang Luo was used to being at home. It was his father who cooked and bought clothes. It was his father who took care of himself. It was only his father who participated in the parent-teacher meeting. His mother was flying all over the world, and it was rare to see him. to her face.

Once at home, the mother seldom showed a warm side to the family, and she would start to scold her father when she was a little unhappy.

And my father, who would always just say yes with a smile, never lose his temper with his mother.

Xiao Jiangluo asked his father,

"It's obviously my mother's fault, why didn't you tell me to go back?"

Father Jiang still smiled and kissed her,

"Because boys want to let girls. And mother is so busy and hard, we have to be considerate of her."

Jiang Luo believed.

Until she saw her mother cheating with her own eyes.

During that summer vacation, her father took her and Luo Jiang to Germany for a trip, because her mother happened to be there on business.

They lived in their mother's friend's villa. In the middle of the night, Jiang Luo was suddenly thirsty, so she took Luo Jiang, who was still playing games, downstairs to find water.

At that time, she was in her second year of high school.

Holding hands with Luo Jiang, standing at the door of the kitchen, watching my mother leaning on the arms of the foreign man, smiling so happily.

That was her, the smile she never showed to her father.

Later, her parents divorced, and she wanted to follow her father.

The mother said to the father, what qualifications do you have to take her, just based on your salary of three or four thousand a month? Her tuition, food and clothing every day, can you afford it? Can you afford it?

Jiang Luo looked at his father silently bowing his head, and looked at his slumped face. He was utterly dazed, but he was extremely clear that what his mother said was right.

She thought that it was because her mother could make money, so even if her mother cheated, it would still be her mother who would stand upright and despise him.

Father can't do anything.

Because for more than ten years, the other party has been the supporter of the family, so he will always be inferior to others.

So he couldn't get her to support her, he left the city in a daze, and then died on the plane with vigour and vigour within a few years.

Jiang Luo thought, she can never be inferior.

I will never spend my other half of my life.

I will never live like my father.

So she is obviously a rich second generation, but she wants to make money by herself more than anyone else.

In the eyes of others, she is an upbeat, lively, optimist who can laugh all day. Only Luo Jiang could tell the past about his parents.

After all, they witnessed such an ugly scene together.

But now, the only person who understood her weakness was leaving her.


Huo Xingchao looked at the sighing little girl in the mirror, raised his eyebrows, and said in a lazy tone.

"Why, don't you want to go?"

"Why don't you go."

Jiang Luo immediately sat up straight, smiling eyebrows curved,

"You are the pinnacle of my boyfriend in history, so I won't hide you."

"You know, I asked in the class yesterday, does anyone know about kkk1, wow, more than half of the people have appeared, so there are so many people playing games now. You can clean up Debut!"


He nodded, grasping the steering wheel clearly,

"I'm just a tool for showing off."

The little girl rolled her eyes, very serious,

"Of course not. I like you, little brother. You see, because of you, I fell out with my best friend who has been with me for more than ten years. Can't you see how sincere my feelings are for you?"

The boy sneered.

"can not tell."

"Well, anyway, I'm not lying."

She stretched her fingers, lay on the co-pilot's chair, and expressed her heart in his ear,

"I have so many boyfriends, I like you the most!"

"Look, you humiliated me like that before, and I didn't even retort, I swallowed my anger, are you still not moved?"

Huo Xingchao stretched out a hand and pushed her head back,

"Don't worry, I have played games for so many years, and I have humiliated a box spirit like this, each other."

"...Huo Xingchao!"


Jiang Luo was stunned,

"You, don't talk about my game level later. If people ask, you can say that I can play well, okay?"

"...I can't do something so unconscionable."

The little girl knelt on the sofa, crying and grabbing the ground,

"I beg you."

Huo Xing raised his eyebrows slightly and thought about it,

"If you can peel two hundred melon seeds for me, I can barely consider it."


Last night, Jiang Luo boldly said to Huo Xingchao,

"If you want to fall in love with this fairy, you can either go to the class reunion with me, or peel me 200 melon seeds, you can choose!"

Very good, now, it's all backfired.

The little girl was leaning against the car window,

"Okay, I'll peel it for you. I just hope that little brother K God will be merciful later."

This class reunion is actually not just the class reunion of Jiang Luo's own class, but the reunion of her high school in Hangzhou.

They deliberately found a riverside with beautiful mountains and rivers, and asked someone to separate it, and planned to have a barbecue and bonfire there.

Maybe because Jiang Luo was a popular figure in her grade in high school, so this week alone, no less than ten people have asked her if she wants to go.

The "host" is a student in the s middle school of Hangzhou University. There are about six "hosts", three of whom have sent her invitations, and the remaining three are seniors and sisters who are two years older than her.

So this is a big scene of acquaintances. Jiang Luo will either not go, or if he wants to go, he can't go in an ordinary way.

When she was in high school, she was the most famous school girl in her grade. After three years of college, is she going to disappear?

Do not. Can. can.

Never allow yourself to have a flop image in the eyes of others.

— is Jiang Luo's life criterion.

So she specially chose a fresh and scheming suspender skirt, spent the morning wearing **** makeup, and straightened her dog hair by the way.

The most important thing is that her clothes, bags and shoes are all unrecognizable brands.

But the card on the head, the mineral water in the bag, and the phone case are all expensive.

Sometimes, it's all about pretending.

There is style, but not show off.

Jiang Luo knew this from a very young age.

As for Huo Xingchao, she was very relieved.

Even if this guy casually wears a T-shirt and big pants, as long as he has that face and the name of God K, he can scare people.

Just like Leonardo.

Leonardo is a guest at your house, do you still pay attention to what brand of clothes he wears?

Ha ha.

But Jiang Luo counted everything, except for one point.

When she walked to the pebble beach by the stream, the first person she saw was Luo Jiang.

The girl who never came to the class reunion before.

And I don't know why, but there is a boy next to him.

At that moment, she felt a little embarrassed inexplicably.

For a long time, I didn't know what to say.

Obviously, so did the other party.

Huo Xingchao stopped the car, came over, saw her standing there, raised her eyebrows, shook the car key in her hand, and said in a lazy tone,

"Aren't you going?"

This is for Jiangluo.

It's really life asura field.