Bawangxing is the chief administrator of the Great Star Sea.

In this star field under his jurisdiction, the stars are the brightest.

All are very energetic.

But from a certain day.

He suddenly found that some of the stars in his star field suddenly became dim.

Then it got darker and darker.

Until one day, the first little star that went out appeared.

Tyrannosus felt that the situation was not right.

He found Sanlitong Xingxing and Lie Mars to investigate this matter.

Tyrannosus is serious,

"This is a major matter related to the survival of my star field. You two must investigate carefully, otherwise, I will let you two get married."

The fire is full of fire.

Sanlitong stars are full of flammable gases and oxygen.

If these two stars are married.

This year's bridal chamber candle night.

It's their birthday next year.

So the timid Sanlitong Xingxing was frightened.

He ran for tens of trillions of trillions of light-years, and finally brought back a lot of spiritual food.

Out of breath, he was thrown in front of Tyrannosus.

Bawangxing knocked on these colorful books and wondered,

"what is this?"

"This is a popular coming-of-age ceremony in our star field recently."

Sanlitong Xingxing carefully avoided Lie Mars next to him, and respectfully explained to the judge,

"Whenever the stars in the star field grow up, they will choose a small world to experience life."

"Lord Jurisdiction, these are all their life experiences."

Bawang Xing casually opened a book.

"Red Life and Death" - Little Duoduoxing experienced a miserable childhood, was rejected by his own mother, and the people he loved didn't love him, and finally lived a lonely life.

"Smoke is Heavy and Wind is Light" - Chubby Star has become the maid who was deceived by the young master and finally miscarried and turned into a neuropathy.

"Love of Peach Blossom Tree" - Mei Meixing is the peach blossom tree that hanged the hero.


Tyrannosus finally knew why his stars were getting dimmer.

Even Meimeixing went out directly.

Such a coming-of-age ceremony is simply maddening.

"I made a decision!"

Lie Moshuang looked at his serious expression and tried to figure out what he meant.

"You want to abolish this rite of passage?"

"No, I'm going to save my stars!"

Bawangxing frowned, and his expression was serious and righteous. Only a little excitement in his eyes revealed the most real emotions in his heart.

But the blunt Lie Mars and Sanlitong Xingxing didn't see it.

They burst into tears, moved by the righteousness of their lords in charge.

"Then, Lord Jurisdiction, how are you going to save these poor little stars?"

Bawangxing thought for a while, his tone was serious,

"I want to go to these worlds to experience life."

"What?!" / "Not at all!"

The two faithful and dull stars turned pale with fright.

"That's it."

Overlord waved his hand domineeringly,

"Let the time and space stars arrange it and get me into the world they have experienced. I, Tyrannosus, will definitely save their light."

"Sir, let's leave such a dangerous task to other stars!"

Lie Mars is very worried.

"What, don't you think, besides me, Tyrannosus, who else has this ability?"

Lie Mars stopped talking.

"But Lord Jurisdiction, once you enter the time-space star cluster to reverse the time-space and re-enter these small worlds, your previous memories of tens of millions of millions of millions of millions of years may only be able to There are tens of trillions, trillions, trillions, trillions of years left."

Sanlitong Xingxing raised another doubt.

"That's better than if you don't have a second left."

No other star can persuade Bawang Xing to quit, and he doesn't talk nonsense with them, and just settle the matter.

A small sensor star that has not yet opened its mind has been recruited.

"This star can sense the brightness of the source of other stars, you put it next to me, and then, if it senses that the brightness of a star has recovered, let the space-time constellation change to another world, do you understand? "

Worried Lie Mars and worried Sanlitong Xingxing: "Understood."

So, that's it.

Bawangxing, the chief jurisdiction of the Great Star Sea.

Thus began his own time travel.

Oh no.

Save Little Star Journey!

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