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He Has To Be Human, Right? !

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【Once upon a time】
Ye Ying: “I am the brightest star in your night sky!”
Huang Xize: “…you violated my eyes.”
Huang Xize: “Honey, I think…”
Ye Ying: “Big wolf, it’s time to drink the medicine.”

Within a month, Ye Ying accomplished two major events in her life:
First, buy a house with full payment;
Second, being caught by the blind date for a flash marriage.

But what she never expected was that the house was a super haunted house where more than a dozen people died, and she was holding back her dog’s life every day.
The object is even more exaggerated, not even a human being at all!
Ye Ying: It’s outrageous.
She said that there are two conditions for finding a partner: a man and a live one.
But first of all, he has to be a person, right? !

Stingy Stingy City Beauty×Boundless Mana Wong Tai Sin

Content tags: Urban Love, A Match Made in Heaven, Sweet Articles, Urban Strange News
Search keywords: Protagonist: Ye Ying, Huang Xize ┃ Supporting role: All Minions ┃ Others: Sand Sculpture
One-sentence introduction: About the matter of wanting to marry someone, I married someone who is not a person
Conception: Everyone is responsible for caring for animals

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Short Title:HHTBHR
Alternate Title:他总得是个人吧?!
Author:Here it is
Weekly Rank:#5091
Monthly Rank:#5545
All Time Rank:#9412
Tags:Animal Characteristics, Arranged Marriage, Beautiful Female Lead, Cold Love Interests, Comedic Undertone, Depictions of Cruelty, Doting Love Interests, Dream, Female Protagonist, Folklore, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Misunderstandings, Mysterious Past, Past Trauma, Prophecies, Strong Love Interests, Weak to Strong,
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