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The young man returned to his hometown three years later, and he had an extra dragon on his body.

- Description from Uukanshu


Short Title:HHD
Alternate Title:他身上有条龙
Author:Night and Lone City
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#1730
Monthly Rank:#2099
All Time Rank:#986
Tags:Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Special Abilitie,

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1 thought on “He Has a Dragon
  1. Hello friends, i came here to talk about what i tought about this novel.
    First this novel at least until i read does not really got alot of flaws mc is someone who thinks a lot(that also ends up making the story boring but not bad) the author do try to make everything get some logic, he puts logic and politics above all, like mc mc is powerful but the country got their eyes on him, also his ex gf things take a whole 2300 chapters to end, thats totally a pain in the ass(didnt read after), so a good history but really boring, mc likes to get controlled by his wife so he is a huge M the fights are very simple(at least until i read) if u like a slice of life novel because it really takes slowly and a boring road to keep going i found it is good to read this before sleeping haha, remember didnt find this bad just it really isnt that good, perhaps because mc is already grown up he can only deal with society like it is, 3 years in the army make him from useless guy to a godlike guy(at least in the army), only when the dragon comes he becomes mc, he depends on his skills to be someone =/ not his character.

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