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Harry Potter’s School of Invincibility

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Everyone is afraid of mysterious people. The savior Harry has bad luck. Allen Harris has the Xueba invincible system. Watch the Xueba go down in the wizarding world and create legends!

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Short Title:HPSI
Alternate Title:哈利波特之学霸无敌
Author:Tong Tang
Weekly Rank:#619
Monthly Rank:#656
All Time Rank:#216
Tags:Academy, Alchemy, Beasts, Dragons, Evil Gods, Family, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Gods, Harem, Harry Potter, Human Experimentation, Magic, System, Time Travel, Wizards,
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55 Comments on “Harry Potter’s School of Invincibility
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  1. Ermm guys, i have read this book way earlier but didnt finish it because at that time it was still ongoing. But now it says “completed” and so i just came back to reread this again BUT i found out that some chapters aren’t here anymore. Like this whole book is censored. There wasn’t any interaction of mc with his girlfriends. They updated it into cleaner version. This is boring. I believe for new readers reading out there gonna be confuse as heck. Not sure if there’s still raw version of the original book somewhere out there..

  2. "How bad is the harem of this story, not to the point of something disgusting, right?" I sincerely ask so that I can continue reading this story. I like this storyline and plot but it has a "harem" in it so I'm not interested anymore, except how bad the harem is in the story. please as a reader i can find answer from someone.

  3. I don't think so, it's not because you don't like the harem that others don't like the harem, the harem makes a story better and more satisfying, this is not a book just for a couple drama.

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