Harry Potter’s Most Powerful Wizard

He is the resident cover of “Witcher Weekly”. He is an eternal figure in the Daily Prophet. He is the absolute leader of the pure-blood wizard. He is the only wizard in history who has made Dumbledore helpless. He is also the only strongest mage in the world who makes.... Read more

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Chapter 1276 Massacre the Quartet (please subscribe automatically!) Chapter 1275 Gold thugs (please automatically subscribe!) Chapter 1274 Battle of the myths! (For automatic subscription)

Chapter 1273 Raised a giant pet Chapter 1272 The most perfect and strongest master Chapter 1271 Heroic Spirits Summon! Chapter 1270 Summon Servants in Early Violation Chapter 1269 He is too strong (please subscribe automatically!) Chapter 1268 Magic Killer Eomiya Kiritugu Chapter 1267 Einzberum’s goodwill Chapter 1266 Abnormal level genius! Chapter 1265 Earth-shattering results!

Chapter 1264 Condescending answers! Chapter 1263 Are you wrong? ! Chapter 1262 Do you want to burst it?

Chapter 1261 Combat power detector Chapter 1260 Magic is my strength Chapter 1259 The presence of the monarchs Chapter 1258 Streaking! (Please subscribe automatically!) Chapter 1257 Bet on everything! (For automatic subscription) Chapter 1256 God-like control ability Chapter 1255 Doomed to fail! (For automatic subscription) Chapter 1254 Create the fastest upgrade record! Chapter 1253 The operating rules of the clock tower

Chapter 1252 Unlimited number of magic circuits Chapter 1251 Kenneth alive and dead Chapter 1250 Kenneth Chapter 1249 Are you going to participate in the Holy Grail War? Chapter 1248 The leader of the populace Chapter 1247 Will you still play? Chapter 1246 Top of the Mountain (please automatically subscribe!) Chapter 1245 Teach you what is the real magic! Chapter 1244 Strong onlookers of the Full Clock Tower Chapter 1243 I turned a blind eye to the one who should cooperate with you Chapter 1242 Clock Tower Twelve Monarchs Chapter 1241 Head-on explosion! (For automatic subscription)

Chapter 1240 You can't even touch the corners of your clothes! Chapter 1239 The emperor is not in a hurry Chapter 1238 Who was the mysterious man who defeated Kenneth? Chapter 1237 Big news from the clock tower Chapter 1236 The Moon Spirit Liquid is useless Chapter 1235 Elmero II as a little brother Chapter 1234 The princess died of overwork Chapter 1233 Crush the spirit descendant of the genius of descending spirit branch! Chapter 1232 Is this difficult? Chapter 1231 Yuanjialuzhai (please subscribe automatically!) Chapter 1230 Dirty deal with Jewel Weng Chapter 1229 Crush unlimited magic power!

Chapter 1228 Yun Ye vs Demon Marshal Chapter 1227 Humiliate Kenneth! Chapter 1226 Overestimate! Chapter 1225 The temptation of Marshal Demon Chapter 1224 Carry everything, cross everything! Chapter 1223 Tao (please subscribe automatically!) Chapter 1222 Supernova Big Bang Chapter 1221 A boat across space Chapter 1220 Why does he want to do this? Chapter 1219 God wants to kill God! Chapter 1218 The ultimate battle! Chapter 1217 Use violence to make you shut up!

Chapter 1216 God and God's war! Chapter 1215 The one who died is determined to be you! Chapter 1214 Level 9 magic! Chapter 1213 I'll come as soon as I go! Chapter 1212 Let all of you be my enemy! Chapter 1211 Love before the end Chapter 1210 I love you (please subscribe automatically!) Chapter 1209 The power of Yunye's trump card! Chapter 1208 Tiandiweili! Chapter 1207 The world they are in Chapter 1206 The biggest crisis ever Chapter 1205 Absolute strength

Chapter 1204 Luckily we are not against it! Chapter 1203 The big thing is not good (please subscribe automatically!) Chapter 1202 A battle for the survival of the world! Chapter 1201 As vulnerable as a child in front of them! Chapter 1200 The world is falling apart (for automatic subscription!) Chapter 1199 The strongest opponent of the career Chapter 1198 The return of the king! Chapter 1197 Ron's death! Chapter 1196 Shameless and shameless Chapter 1195 Ron's Betrayal Chapter 1194 Uncharacteristic Slytherin Chapter 1193 The end of Hogwarts

Chapter 1192 Things Harry Potter can do Chapter 1191 Who can save us this time? Chapter 1190 A place where karma meets Chapter 1189 The madness of various countries wins! Chapter 1188 Triumph of space attainments Chapter 1187 Everything is Yunye's fault! Chapter 1186 I also have the strength to destroy you all Chapter 1185 Prestigious (for automatic subscription!) Chapter 1184 Who wants to fight, I will fight with him! Chapter 1183 yield! (Please subscribe automatically!) Chapter 1182 One person forces the global coalition to retreat! Chapter 1181 Humanoid mobile nuclear weapons!

Chapter 1180 The only person in the dead city Chapter 1179 The focus of the world Chapter 1178 No one's city (for automatic subscription) Chapter 1177 Unimaginable mental power and magic! Chapter 1176 What do you want to do? Chapter 1175 Get a big vote! Chapter 1174 International Wizards League Chapter 1173 Yun Ye is the truly terrifying wizard! Chapter 1172 Can't afford the consequences Chapter 1171 The union of the world Chapter 1170 Evil Punisher Chapter 1169 The third world war!

Chapter 1168 I have come! Chapter 1167 The worst situation! Chapter 1166 Dawn of the decisive battle Chapter 1165 can not imagine! Chapter 1164 Was annihilated? ! (For automatic subscription) Chapter 1163 Complete hanging! Chapter 1162 Let you remember all this unforgettable Chapter 1161 A person who can fight the dragon! Chapter 1160 Shatter the world! Chapter 1159 The strongest place is also the biggest weakness Chapter 1158 The crush of mental power! Chapter 1157 Both Dumbledore and Voldemort died in my hands!

Chapter 1156 Earth-shaking changes Chapter 1155 Karma years ago Chapter 1154 King of the Forbidden Forest Chapter 1153 Jeep Yunye (please automatically subscribe!) Chapter 1152 Bet everything on the next world! Chapter 1151 Hogwarts Chapter 1150 Lose both Chapter 1149 The last one is me Chapter 1148 Then you don't know the wizard too much Chapter 1147 Disgusting revenge Chapter 1146 Cruel to one side Chapter 1145 The wizard's doom

Chapter 1144 It's you who made trouble! Chapter 1143 Launch a general attack on the wizard Chapter 1142 Imperfection in perfection Chapter 1141 Beat Thor! Chapter 1140 Dare to call God before me? Chapter 1139 Peerless King Kong! Chapter 1138 Infinite loop Chapter 1137 Humanity's last trump card Chapter 1136 The glory of death Chapter 1135 Blood rain precarious Chapter 1134 Operation at the expense of Chapter 1133 Completely announce to the world!

Chapter 1132 Drag the world into fear! Chapter 1131 The devil and the devil! Chapter 1130 Living God! Chapter 1129 What are you up to? Chapter 1128 Disaster comes so fast Chapter 1127 Terror is coming! Chapter 1126 why! ? Chapter 1125 Strange entrant! Chapter 1124 Wolf Warriors 2! ? Chapter 1123 Chinese, can't you kill? Chapter 1122 Or a meteorite Chapter 1121 The magic of that day

Chapter 1120 The king of monsters in the forbidden forest Chapter 1119 I can't spare you! Chapter 1118 I want to save everyone! Chapter 1117 The most unexpected thing Chapter 1116 Level 9999 in an instant? Chapter 1115 you dare! Chapter 1114 Despicable and shameless Chapter 1113 No matter what! Chapter 1112 The biggest test Chapter 1111 The day of human catastrophe! Chapter 1110 Catastrophe of nations Chapter 1109 World war

Chapter 1108 Endlessly! Chapter 1107 The truth is revealed! Chapter 1106 Horrible! Chapter 1105 Chase to the end of the world Chapter 1104 I believe in him! Chapter 1103 Real goal Chapter 1102 The most powerful battle on the planet! Chapter 1101 Names that represent fear and despair Chapter 1100 Yunye and Merlin Chapter 1099 The next victim is Hogwarts Chapter 1098 Cruel torture! Chapter 1097 It's him!

Chapter 1096 who is it? ! Chapter 1095 Last lesson Chapter 1094 Bloody sky! Chapter 1093 Hogwarts Air Force Chapter 1092 It would be fine if Yunye was there Chapter 1091 The destruction of Hogwarts is imminent! Chapter 1090 The day of war, the time of destruction Chapter 1089 Do it to Hogwarts! Chapter 1088 Muggle and wizard war! Chapter 1087 I have decided! Chapter 1086 This is embarrassing Chapter 1085 Can't do without him

Chapter 1084 The exposure of the wizard! Chapter 1083 It's probably him! Chapter 1082 Turbulent Britain Chapter 1081 Extinction wizard! Chapter 1080 Quite the opposite situation! Chapter 1079 The savior comes Chapter 1078 Desperate wizard! Chapter 1077 Riot Chapter 1076 The British government does it! Chapter 1075 Created a new world with your own hands? Chapter 1074 Two big problems Chapter 1073 Shocking experience!

Chapter 1072 I won't let you leave me again Chapter 1071 Unify the British wizarding world! Chapter 1070 How about a Nobvis like me? Chapter 1069 Chosen by heaven Chapter 1068 The shock of the world Chapter 1067 Yunye is back! Chapter 1066 The biggest and worst despair event in American history Chapter 1065 Mankind's strongest trump card Chapter 1064 Destroy the military zone alone! Chapter 1063 Inhumane Chapter 1062 Dharma **** is born! Chapter 1061 Cloud night in the principal's office

Chapter 1060 A thousand years of fame Chapter 1059 Crush Gryffindor! Chapter 1058 The end of the era! Chapter 1057 Completely defeated Chapter 1056 remorse! Chapter 1055 You are the one Chapter 1054 Desperate Dumbledore Chapter 1053 One person suppresses the audience! Chapter 1052 Terrible mental attack! Chapter 1051 Completely torn the skin Chapter 1050 Despicable act Chapter 1049 Do it on Nobvis!

Chapter 1048 Angry! Chapter 1047 Scared of being beaten by Yunye Chapter 1046 Frightened Slytherin! Chapter 1045 Level 7 mental power! Chapter 1044 Nobvis School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Chapter 1043 Huge rewrite Chapter 1042 Create a new school Chapter 1041 Change the direction of this world! Chapter 1040 Repulsion of time and space Chapter 1039 The giant falls! Chapter 1038 Let's be buried in this era together Chapter 1037 perish together!

Chapter 1036 Ten dead Hufflepuff! Chapter 1035 King vs. King vs. General! Chapter 1034 confusing Chapter 1033 Spirit hammer! Chapter 1032 Do you really think you dare not kill you? ! Chapter 1031 Qianlu Jiqiong Chapter 1030 Killing! Chapter 1029 Water and fire phoenix Chapter 1028 Expectations and disappointments Chapter 1027 It's on the verge! Chapter 1026 There is always a day that can't deal with him Chapter 1025 Then don't blame me for being polite!

Chapter 1024 Thrilling Chapter 1023 Dumbledore in the shadows Chapter 1022 Rubbish principal, ruin my school Chapter 1021 Ravenclaw's reaction Chapter 1020 Reached a consensus with Patriarch.jpg Chapter 1019 The real truth Chapter 1018 Kill Slytherin! Chapter 1017 Revisiting the old place, the full moon is the loneliest Chapter 1016 Return to Hogwarts Chapter 1015 Chaos in the world Chapter 1014 History changer Chapter 1013 Level 7 body!

Chapter 1012 Singles out Ssangyong! Chapter 1011 Long Wei to suppress Ssangyong! Chapter 1010 How far to escape! Chapter 1009 Dragon King Chapter 1008 The wolf in the flock! Chapter 1007 I really lost my life under the name of a trash fish Chapter 1006 We are cardinals Chapter 1005 The white dragon! Chapter 1004 Wandless Spellcasting Techniques in the Americas Chapter 1003 The one who can persecute me is not born yet Chapter 1002 Hunt the dragon! Chapter 1001 North American History of Magic

Chapter 1000 The demise of the US Ministry of Magic! Chapter 999 America's worst enemy Chapter 998 A level that humans cannot reach Chapter 997 Headhunting! Chapter 996 Terrifying Merlin! Chapter 995 U.S. Ministry of Magic Chapter 994 The White House is furious! Chapter 993 Ways to strengthen the wand Chapter 992 The shocking Dumbledore and the Big Four Chapter 991 A devastating battle Chapter 990 The power of extremely terrifying sacred tools! Chapter 989 Life and death in minutes

Chapter 988 Mainland pursuit war! Chapter 987 The background of the super old family Chapter 986 Super Phantom Shift Chapter 985 The root of the wand Chapter 984 Do you want Amway? Chapter 983 Old version of Knockdown Alley? Chapter 982 The strongest man in this era Chapter 981 The clash between the strongest wands! Chapter 980 The old magic wand's gambling rules Chapter 979 Strong Hogwarts Chapter 978 Two death rods Chapter 977 Massacre!

Chapter 976 Human massacre Chapter 975 Dead america Chapter 974 Thousands of years later Chapter 973 Deathly Hallows of this era Chapter 972 Confidence of the strong Chapter 971 Justice is awe-inspiring and shameless Chapter 970 Slytherin's objection Chapter 969 Isn't this a great seedling? ! Chapter 968 Evacuate the lake! Chapter 967 Powerful like never seen before! Chapter 966 Level 6 mental power! Chapter 965 Hand of creation

Chapter 964 Five to one! Chapter 963 One enemy four! Chapter 962 Historic meeting Chapter 961 The Big Four of Hogwarts! Chapter 960 The ultimate usage of time converter! Chapter 959 Final plan Chapter 958 Weird death Chapter 957 farewell Chapter 956 From the abyss Chapter 955 Let you experience this kind of taste Chapter 954 Beat Grindelwald! Chapter 953 Dumbledore the Crazy

Chapter 952 Unexpected magic Chapter 951 The first demon king and the last demon king Chapter 950 Revenge Chapter 949 Break the world! Chapter 948 unstoppable! Chapter 947 This time you will completely overthrow your Ministry of Magic and Azkaban! Chapter 946 The horror that crushes the audience! Chapter 945 Call the wind and call the rain, control the sea Chapter 944 The strongest in the world Chapter 943 Either they die or we die! Chapter 942 Total decisive battle! Chapter 941 Zhang Qiu's love

Chapter 940 Hogwarts of carnival! Chapter 939 that moment Chapter 938 Dumbledore slapped Dumbledore! Chapter 937 News that shocked the world! Chapter 936 Is this what my son did? ! Chapter 935 Counterattack Chapter 934 The third figure Chapter 933 Real dragon! Chapter 932 An astronomical amount of money! Chapter 931 Overlapping figures Chapter 930 Come to the end Chapter 929 The end of decades

Chapter 928 Who can have the last laugh Chapter 927 The strongest dark king of all ages Chapter 926 The strongest wizard is fighting melee? ! Chapter 925 Overwhelm the audience! Chapter 924 Weak soldiers will win Chapter 923 The most desperate situation Chapter 922 The Holy City has fallen! Chapter 921 Yunye, come out for me! Chapter 920 Two battlefields Chapter 919 Regain hope Chapter 918 One man against one army! Chapter 917 The horn of counterattack!

Chapter 916 Regret too much! Chapter 915 The tragic Israeli Ministry of Magic Chapter 914 All spikes? ! Chapter 913 Holy City Jerusalem Chapter 912 Unmatched horror! Chapter 911 The soaring power of the Dark Lord Chapter 910 The apex of the wizard! Chapter 909 Above the limit Chapter 908 Complete interpretation! Chapter 907 Don't have a hole in the sky Chapter 906 Another way Chapter 905 Voldemort exploded!

Chapter 904 Voldemort Chapter 903 Hell's submission and compromise Chapter 902 Defeat hell! Chapter 901 Light of Destroying Evil Chapter 900 The Big Three of Hell Chapter 899 Yunye Voldemort vs. Seven Lords of Hell! Chapter 898 Deprivation of vitality Chapter 897 Double strong shot! Chapter 896 Rebirth I am Belial Chapter 895 Working with Voldemort? Chapter 894 The death of Peter Pettigrew! Chapter 893 Golem comes back!

Chapter 892 Voldemort's fear Chapter 891 Tiger into the flock! Chapter 890 Yunye entered into chaos strongly! Chapter 889 Whoever dares to run will die! Chapter 888 The true three-headed dog from hell Chapter 887 Longwei conquer the world! Chapter 886 Go alone! Chapter 885 Horrible soul Chapter 884 Everything in the world is dead and decayed Chapter 883 Cruel blood sacrifice! Chapter 882 Voldemort's true purpose Chapter 881 Lord Voldemort gave up thinking

Chapter 880 Regret not listening to Yun Ye's words! Chapter 879 Living Purgatory! Chapter 878 living hell! Chapter 877 Voldemort's poisonous scheme! Chapter 876 Decisive strongest combat power Chapter 875 What is his purpose? Chapter 874 The Dark Mark that shouldn't appear! Chapter 873 The terrorist attack of the dark wizard! Chapter 872 Sukkot Chapter 871 Muggle government in Israel Chapter 870 Cloud night at the national leadership level Chapter 869 Invitation from the Israeli Ministry of Magic

Chapter 868 This is the battlefield of hell? Chapter 867 No return to the city Chapter 866 Seven Lords of Hell Chapter 865 Vast knowledge Chapter 864 Boiling Alchemy Association Chapter 863 The secret mission of Azkaban Chapter 862 Superb level of rolling level! Chapter 861 I can develop the perfect magic stone! Chapter 860 Overwhelmingly poor strength! Chapter 859 showdown! Chapter 858 Here is heaven Chapter 857 Junkyard headquarters?

Chapter 856 Forcibly Kouhu Chapter 855 In the middle of the red heart one day into the soul! Chapter 854 The pride of Turnover Alley is back! Chapter 853 Li Gui meets Li Kui Chapter 852 Alchemy Association Chapter 851 Future direction Chapter 850 Kill or die, or die if you don’t. Chapter 849 Big Demon Yunye Chapter 848 Is there such a coincidence? Chapter 847 Oppose the Three Schools Meeting Protest! Chapter 846 A trio of lost protagonists Chapter 845 Three European Schools Conference

Chapter 844 People who kill me will not end well! Chapter 843 What use do you want? Chapter 842 Domineering Grindelwald Chapter 841 The shock of the Dark Lord Chapter 840 Reunion of old friends Chapter 839 The Dark Lord Grindelwald! Chapter 838 New Mungaard Chapter 837 Looking for another big power Chapter 836 It's all Yunye's fault! Chapter 835 From the British government Chapter 834 The First Dark Lord Chapter 833 He must be killed!

Chapter 832 Gathering in Azkaban Chapter 831 Megatron World! Chapter 830 It's going to change! Chapter 829 Boost your physical strength! Chapter 828 Occupy the Ministry of Magic? Chapter 827 The Ministry of Magic is completely lost! Chapter 826 Endless unwillingness Chapter 825 Do you think you won? Chapter 824 Fall of God Chapter 823 The ultimate time force Chapter 822 Face death with me! Chapter 821 Because you are not strong enough!

Chapter 820 The first melee in history Chapter 819 War of three Chapter 818 Voldemort enters! Chapter 817 Dumbledore the shock Chapter 816 The fierce battle of legends Chapter 815 What did they do before? Chapter 814 Disadvantages of Philosopher's Stone Chapter 813 The Ministry of Magic is history! Chapter 812 Holy Sword Revealed·Broken Steel! Chapter 811 Strong collision Chapter 810 Living legend Chapter 809 Finally shot

Chapter 808 collapse Chapter 807 The Ugly Scrimgeour Chapter 806 Kill the crazy eye! Chapter 805 Helpless! Chapter 804 While the destruction is in progress Chapter 803 Terror is coming! Chapter 802 Countdown to annihilation! Chapter 801 Horn of Vengeance Chapter 800 Target Ministry of Magic! Chapter 799 Let the world see the power of our Slytherin! Chapter 798 The mysterious man guarding the Ministry of Magic Chapter 797 Plan to destroy the Ministry of Magic

Chapter 796 Stronger evil Chapter 795 The boss shows up! Chapter 794 Three problems Chapter 793 The whole clan surrendered to me Chapter 792 If you win, you will rise again, and if you lose, you will never recover! Chapter 791 Body, blood, soul Chapter 790 This is not an inquiry, but an order! Chapter 789 Temporary change? Chapter 788 Really upgraded version of magic Chapter 787 You are my toughest catastrophe Chapter 786 Plans and strategies Chapter 785 Conspiracy against killing!

Chapter 784 A powerful enemy I have never faced Chapter 783 Secrets and doubts Chapter 782 The truth of the world Chapter 781 resident Evil? Chapter 780 Kill the legend! Chapter 779 Qianlong out of the abyss! Chapter 778 God-level war Chapter 777 The first battle to end the era Chapter 776 The ultimate magic Chapter 775 Become a god! Chapter 774 The ultimate secret Chapter 773 The fish is dead and the net is broken!

Chapter 772 Will it be too late Chapter 771 Nightmare existence Chapter 770 Break the enemy! Chapter 769 Nationwide power Chapter 768 The sharpest sword Chapter 767 City Breaking Magic Chapter 766 Siege! Chapter 765 Run away Chapter 764 The final charge Chapter 763 Self-healing level 4! Chapter 762 The most in history! Chapter 761 Strength increase

Chapter 760 Sword of the King Chapter 759 Clues to the perfect Philosopher’s Stone Chapter 758 Wonderful~ Chapter 757 Use your invincible Yunye Star to find a way! Chapter 756 Long ago lost? Chapter 755 Upgrade skills! Chapter 754 Shengtian! Chapter 753 Strengthen Tianwei! Chapter 752 Death hell Chapter 751 Swatting flies Chapter 750 Top priority Chapter 749 The final battle!

Chapter 748 The only way to survive Chapter 747 The principal of Durmstrand! Chapter 746 return with glory Chapter 745 Doubts in my heart Chapter 744 Kill the high priest! Chapter 743 One person against one country! Chapter 742 This time it will kill! Chapter 741 There are eyes outside the sky Chapter 740 Comprehend the meaning of the sword! Chapter 739 My big sword Chapter 738 It's Yunye again! ? Chapter 737 Yunye's reversal!

Chapter 736 Convergence of the Big Three Chapter 735 Horrible change! Chapter 734 Get paid from the bottom of the pot! Chapter 733 Sure to die? Chapter 732 Who is Yun Ye? Chapter 731 Take your first rank in the army! Chapter 730 God-level anti-kill! Chapter 729 Blew! Chapter 728 Have the guts to take it! Chapter 727 Come and go freely in the army! Chapter 726 Megatron Thousand Army! Chapter 725 Inhuman force

Chapter 724 Like a broken bamboo Chapter 723 An army of three! Chapter 722 Morning attack Chapter 721 A scheme to resist despair Chapter 720 Blind student, you found Huadian! Chapter 719 Desperate situation Chapter 718 One person retreats one army! Chapter 717 Shock the battlefield Chapter 716 Cloud night shows its power! Chapter 715 The Holy Sword of Victory Chapter 714 Cruel death Chapter 713 Come out after a thousand calls

Chapter 712 Enemy attack! Chapter 711 Urgent call! Chapter 710 The Round Table Wizards? ! Chapter 709 Knight King's Army Chapter 708 Merlin's Trail Chapter 707 return to the past Chapter 706 Crossed again? Chapter 705 Merlin is behind the door Chapter 704 Take Merlin Chapter 703 Special mental attack Chapter 702 It's your turn Chapter 701 I can kill

Chapter 700 One hit kill! Chapter 699 Just rely on my strength! Chapter 698 What are you Chapter 697 Taken Chapter 696 Lilith's Trail Chapter 695 Overwhelming power Chapter 694 Yunye is in hope (reminding for more tickets!) Chapter 693 There will never be a day to turn over (remind for more votes and more!) Chapter 692 Prelude to despair Chapter 691 Thunder attack! Chapter 690 Super God Helping Chapter 689 God level crush

Chapter 688 The three ancestors gather Chapter 687 A one-man enemy Chapter 686 Mortal resolution Chapter 685 Harder Chapter 684 Fantastic battle! Chapter 683 Cloud night time! Chapter 682 Dilemma escalated Chapter 681 The strongest commando team Chapter 680 Sudden accident Chapter 679 Ghost forest Chapter 678 Fight back! (Remind for more votes and more!) Chapter 677 Appointment two years late

Chapter 676 The next top priority Chapter 675 Trust me Chapter 674 The return of the owner Chapter 673 The rest of the house Chapter 672 The greatest horror! Chapter 671 Don't open one man! Chapter 670 Who else! Chapter 669 Inhuman fierce battle Chapter 668 Legendary battle! Chapter 667 Regret Chapter 666 Clearance Chapter 665 King's return!

Chapter 664 Legends and Gods Chapter 663 Waiting for him to come back Chapter 662 The ghost of revenge Chapter 661 Yunye's revenge! Chapter 660 A terrifying shock! (Total rewards plus more) Chapter 659 At last Chapter 658 All but the end Chapter 657 Fierce anti-kill! Chapter 656 Battle of the Clouds Chapter 655 Run away! Chapter 654 Dumbledore caught off guard Chapter 653 Falling cups are the number!

Chapter 652 Sword light sword shadow Chapter 651 Yunye's Intelligence War Chapter 650 Strategies of both sides Chapter 649 proud! Chapter 648 Let you see our power! Chapter 647 Yun family in the dark Chapter 646 Dumbledore's plan Chapter 645 Grangrass choice! Chapter 644 What is a nobleman Chapter 643 The Minister of Magic personally Chapter 642 The horror of the Yun family Chapter 641 Start with the Yun family!

Chapter 640 His country Chapter 639 Zhang Qiu's Heart Chapter 638 Now it's our turn to protect you! Chapter 637 Determination and failure Chapter 636 Hogwarts Civil War Chapter 635 civil war Chapter 634 What have you done! Chapter 633 Scolded! Chapter 632 Burning fire Chapter 631 Shocking facts! Chapter 630 The truth in the meditation basin Chapter 629 Dark cloud

Chapter 628 Special awards Chapter 627 Surfaced Chapter 626 Independent space! Chapter 625 fantasy Tour Chapter 624 Goodbye, I'm going to the second element Chapter 623 The realm of illusion and reality Chapter 622 Conditions for entering the painting Chapter 621 Did you get the secret treasure in advance? Chapter 620 Determined Chapter 619 Snape's struggle Chapter 618 Snape and Dumbledore Chapter 617 Tranquility before the storm

Chapter 616 Do you want to ask me? Chapter 615 break out! Chapter 614 not worth it! Chapter 613 Powerless McGonagall Chapter 612 She is crazy! Chapter 611 Thoroughly tear your face! Chapter 610 Something bad Chapter 609 Frustrated to the extreme! Chapter 608 This is our boss Chapter 607 despair! Chapter 606 Cruel abuse Chapter 605 Biggest crisis

Chapter 604 Crazy Umbridge! Chapter 603 Treacherous trick Chapter 602 Yunye's pioneer Chapter 601 Yunye is the big boss behind the scenes Chapter 600 How could Yunye condescend to participate? Chapter 599 Filch is really mute Chapter 598 Do you want to stay? Chapter 597 The meaning of black magic Chapter 596 It was discovered by Professor Yun Chapter 595 Secrets of the world in the painting Chapter 594 Two-sided strategy Chapter 593 The great crisis of the ca army!

Chapter 592 Was discovered? ! Chapter 591 Yunye's army! Chapter 590 Officially begin Chapter 589 Have thoughts Chapter 588 Confidence and recognition Chapter 587 We trust him Chapter 586 Yunye's appeal! Chapter 585 Surprise Yunye Chapter 584 Hogwarts' second space! Chapter 583 Voldemort's struggle Chapter 582 you again! (Please subscribe automatically~) Chapter 581 Yunye's Strategy

Chapter 580 Jedi strikes back! (For automatic subscription) Chapter 579 Suppressed school magazine Chapter 578 Ravenclaw's golden crown! Chapter 577 The original appearance of the responsive house Chapter 576 A hundred responses! Chapter 575 I disagree! Chapter 574 Fire Flitwick! Chapter 573 Do you think I dare not touch you! Chapter 572 Flitwick's intention Chapter 571 Three professors in a class Chapter 570 I want to let Yunye regret it! Chapter 569 Are there too many hole cards and trump cards?

Chapter 568 Hogwarts in the shadows! Chapter 567 Can anyone help? ! Chapter 566 Harry's backbone! Chapter 565 Best privilege! Chapter 564 But a jumping clown! Chapter 563 Fan the flames! Chapter 562 Are you eligible to expel the professor? Chapter 561 what! The taste of hometown! Chapter 560 Secret treasure plays hide and seek with you Chapter 559 Revenge for private and public revenge together! Chapter 558 Face slap! Chapter 557 The pride of Hogwarts!

Chapter 556 The road to the curse of a year's post begins! Chapter 555 Hermione's thoughts Chapter 554 A new storm has appeared~ Chapter 553 Net **** talk! Chapter 552 Yunye burst in! Chapter 551 Harry the pot king! Chapter 550 Harry: This pot is so heavy! Chapter 549 Order of the Phoenix Chapter 548 What kind of differential treatment is this? Chapter 547 Expelled! Chapter 546 Sudden change! Chapter 545 Young and promising classmates, professors and major shareholders!

Chapter 544 Your distinguished guest is here! Chapter 543 Voldemort's move Chapter 542 My heart is full of fluctuations and even fired a wave cannon Chapter 541 Yaoshou! Kill the dog! Chapter 540 Prepare the dog on the spot (no) Chapter 539 For the time being, the face magic club! Chapter 538 Family safety issues Chapter 537 Get rich overnight! Chapter 536 the last time! Chapter 535 Something else? Chapter 534 The more I cry, the more I wear it, the more I wear it. Chapter 533 Fight with fate!

Chapter 532 Want to turn your face! ? Chapter 531 The tranquility before the storm! Chapter 530 Why on earth Chapter 529 Solomon, I'm back! Chapter 528 Hermione's results! Chapter 527 Beat Lucius! Chapter 526 yoyo's bizarre adventure Chapter 525 return to the past! Chapter 524 Skip class Chapter 523 The world above the limit Chapter 522 The power of Yunye! Chapter 521 Weird atmosphere

Chapter 520 I won a championship accidentally Chapter 519 The strongest time attack! Chapter 518 Voldemort ate me dozens of big dio! Chapter 517 The third hole card! Chapter 516 Art is an explosion! Chapter 515 True friend Chapter 514 Forcibly sneak attack Chapter 513 Wizard rank theory Chapter 512 The evolution of face slap kick the face! Chapter 511 Last fight! Chapter 510 Voldemort the real! Chapter 509 Thousands of arrows are fired!

Chapter 508 Yunye vs Voldemort! Chapter 507 The dark history of Voldemort! Chapter 506 Want to start the final boss early? Chapter 505 The Dark Lord Voldemort! Chapter 504 Chase across time and space! Chapter 503 Wushuang clears the way! Chapter 502 Amazing change! Chapter 501 The unchanging maze! Chapter 500 Exerting too much? Chapter 499 Yunye's first lesson! Chapter 498 Alright, the scar is forgotten to hurt! Chapter 497 Speed ​​suppression!

Chapter 496 Professor battle for supremacy! Chapter 495 Dumbledore's unhappiness Chapter 494 Take a good look at his full strength! Chapter 493 Open duel! Chapter 492 Throw it in! Chapter 491 I want to be a professor! Chapter 490 Weird feeling Chapter 489 King of the world! Chapter 488 Absorbed! Chapter 487 The ultimate usage of time converter! Chapter 486 Do everything! Chapter 485 Krum vomiting blood!

Chapter 484 Brain tonic is a disease that can be cured Chapter 483 The results are out! Chapter 482 Snape's most embarrassing moment! Chapter 481 Fisherman's profit? Chapter 480 Underwater chaos! Chapter 479 The second game begins! Chapter 478 There must be something wrong! Chapter 477 Snape's disaster! Chapter 476 Yun Ye's evil taste! Chapter 475 Dive into the back of the mermaid! Chapter 474 Dumbledore's alert! Chapter 473 Princess and prince!

Chapter 472 The most precious treasure! Chapter 471 Yun Ye shot! Chapter 470 You should try it! (Reward plus more!) Chapter 469 Fortunately, Yunye! Chapter 468 The most important role is always the finale! Chapter 467 Ancestral practice! (Reward plus more!) Chapter 466 Much attention! (Reward plus more!) Chapter 465 As if the body was hollowed out! Chapter 464 Heart has a choice! Chapter 463 What a silly girl Chapter 462 The sought-after Yunye! Chapter 461 Furong is here!

Chapter 460 Don't fight him head-on! Chapter 459 Hot discussion at Busbarton! Chapter 458 Press on the ground and rub! Chapter 457 begin! Chapter 456 The final cloud night! Chapter 455 Harry the Sublimated Chapter 454 Femdom Harry Chapter 453 Dangerous! Chapter 452 Put your hands and feet to death! Chapter 451 This...is it started? Chapter 450 I won the jackpot! Chapter 449 Love before the game

Chapter 448 It must be Yunye who is going to poison Harry! Chapter 447 This is the so-called gift? Chapter 446 Come here, let me send you a baby Chapter 445 It's on the verge! Chapter 444 Tensions! Chapter 443 Harry's decision Chapter 442 My heart is cold Chapter 441 Hagrid's Secret Chapter 440 Harry's inferiority complex Chapter 439 I'll make an appointment for the interview Chapter 438 Did you ignore Yunye? Chapter 437 Was it Voldemort's decision?

Chapter 436 Unexpected person! Chapter 435 The history of deviation! Chapter 434 Top three candidates! Chapter 433 Alternative test Chapter 432 What a scheming bitch! Chapter 431 Tit for tat Chapter 430 Challenge permission! Chapter 429 Moody lost! Chapter 428 Face off with the wand! Chapter 427 Conflict with Mad-Eye! Chapter 426 Start class Chapter 425 Two schools action

Chapter 424 Number one target Chapter 423 Approaching Yunye Chapter 422 Yunye's crazy plan! Chapter 421 True and false mad eye Chapter 420 Weird reaction Chapter 419 Triwizard Tournament! Chapter 418 Voldemort is back in the arena! Chapter 417 Absorb meteorites! Chapter 416 God tm's owl Chapter 415 Guest from the Yun Family Chapter 414 The formula is true and false Chapter 413 Guide

Chapter 411 Inquire about intelligence Chapter 410 A sensation in the wizarding world Chapter 409 VIP gathering Chapter 408 Surging Chapter 407 The legend is coming back Chapter 406 prison Break Chapter 405 I am the **** of space! Chapter 404 Test talent Chapter 403 Learn to Apparate Chapter 402 Master of space Chapter 401 Tragic Ron Chapter 400 Yunye's deterrent!

Chapter 399 Blocking by the Horseman Chapter 398 The Holy Land... is gone! Chapter 397 Beyond human Chapter 396 Ron Broken Chapter 395 Strength sell Ron Chapter 394 There must be a dirty deal behind Chapter 393 Merlin's Secret Treasure Chapter 392 Blockbuster news one by one Chapter 391 Have you heard of Merlin? Chapter 390 Anomaly of meteorites Chapter 389 Final duel Chapter 388 Eat my curry stick!

Chapter 387 Big move requires energy Chapter 386 Fastest in the world Chapter 385 All in control Chapter 384 Instantly kill vampires! Chapter 383 Life and death Chapter 382 Extreme war Chapter 381 how so? Chapter 380 Core secret Chapter 379 Holy Land Center Chapter 378 One person died Chapter 377 So close! Chapter 376 Blaze a trail

Chapter 375 Just be sincere in your heart Chapter 374 change Chapter 373 How did the seniors fail? Chapter 372 Retreat Chapter 371 Desperate Chapter 370 The truth of the trial? Chapter 369 Fully mutated forest Chapter 368 The true face of the depths! Chapter 367 bad feeling Chapter 366 Will die out of all likelihood Chapter 365 A vampire running out of ammunition Chapter 364 Hibernate

Chapter 363 Catch up Chapter 362 Love in the Forest Chapter 361 The reason for the trial Chapter 360 Someone is following Chapter 359 The world has changed Chapter 358 Lilith the Horror Chapter 357 Can't believe it Chapter 356 I didn't force you Chapter 355 The vampire is here! Chapter 354 It's definitely intentional! Chapter 353 Try your luck Chapter 352 Weasley Family Heirloom

Chapter 351 Change face instantly Chapter 350 Sea of ​​gold Chapter 349 Of course you have to stab! Still have to work hard! Chapter 348 Crazy plan Chapter 347 Panacea Chapter 346 Big flicker Chapter 345 Lost you Rem! Chapter 344 new world Chapter 343 It seems a bit scary Chapter 342 If you have grudges, don't avenge the non-gentleman Chapter 341 Something more terrifying Chapter 340 Illusory reality

Chapter 339 Real illusion Chapter 338 Wonderful weakness Chapter 337 Real big trouble Chapter 336 Thrilling Chapter 335 Detailed question Chapter 334 Different extraction methods Chapter 333 The same root Chapter 332 The horse situation Chapter 331 Weak willpower Chapter 330 Terrible Chapter 329 why Chapter 328 Horse Elder

Chapter 327 He De He Neng Chapter 326 Determination to die Chapter 325 Light of Counterattack Chapter 324 Strong enemy! Chapter 323 Soul of the Horse Race Chapter 322 Yunye's worries Chapter 321 Deliberately make things difficult Chapter 320 Trial of the Holy Land Chapter 319 Surprise! Chapter 318 I do not know either Chapter 317 Force of luck Chapter 316 Beyond expectation

Chapter 315 Yunye vs Snape! Chapter 314 Reference is at hand Chapter 313 The first wizard to eat crabs Chapter 312 Hee hee it's actually me Chapter 311 Explosive charge Chapter 310 Yunye is dangerous now Chapter 309 Soaring strength! Chapter 308 Bystander Chapter 307 Fulfill the promise Chapter 306 Another way Chapter 305 Report new and old hatred together Chapter 304 Secret identity

Chapter 303 Who? Chapter 302 Intruder Chapter 301 Crush one's life Chapter 300 Are all children now monsters? ! Chapter 299 Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts! Chapter 298 Another side to intervene Chapter 297 It's a mess Chapter 296 Where is the magical animal Chapter 295 Caught off guard Chapter 294 Expected and unexpected Chapter 293 Smash the tree Chapter 292 Sirius

Chapter 291 conflict Chapter 290 do you know Chapter 289 Can't take a dog easily Chapter 288 Dementors should thank Yunye Chapter 287 Umbridge's crippling story Chapter 286 The crystallization of skill Chapter 285 Dragon Shadow Chapter 284 Too ignorant Chapter 283 Unknown Chapter 282 The last demeanor Chapter 281 Very important information Chapter 280 Snape's marvel

Chapter 279 Simply super fast Chapter 278 You don't have to worry about it Chapter 277 What did he say to me? Chapter 276 Things Yunye fears Chapter 275 Big wave Chapter 274 The biggest intelligence boss Chapter 273 Only Yunye can use the method Chapter 272 Don't learn Chapter 271 Harry the pitted Chapter 270 Zhang Qiu Chapter 269 This master Chapter 268 Yunye's new decision

Chapter 267 What is the meaning? Chapter 266 True prophecy Chapter 265 Voice of Everything Chapter 264 Another way Chapter 263 Raging puppy Chapter 262 Net tm talk Chapter 261 The legend of going out of business Chapter 260 Seen through? Chapter 259 Acquaintances come Chapter 258 Heavyweight Chapter 257 Do you still think I lied to you? Chapter 256 Pay 10 for a wrong one!

Chapter 255 Preparation for opening Chapter 254 change Chapter 253 Repeated fate Chapter 252 Two banks Chapter 251 Cloud night's goal Chapter 250 Important new information Chapter 249 unprecedented! Chapter 248 The most dangerous thing Chapter 247 Don't pretend to wait when Chapter 246 Big flicker Chapter 245 Big news Chapter 244 The birth of the dragon king

Chapter 243 Longyin roars! Chapter 242 War of monsters Chapter 241 The last trump card Chapter 240 For my use! Chapter 239 Thanks for your humiliation Chapter 238 Snake Voice Chapter 237 Language of nature Chapter 236 Gangneil! Chapter 235 Qualitative change Chapter 234 Not obedient Chapter 233 New ideas Chapter 232 Mission Impossible 6

Chapter 231 The Butterfly Effect Chapter 230 Non-existent Chapter 229 Silent Snape Chapter 228 Lower set Chapter 227 The most embarrassing game in history Chapter 226 Snape's expectations Chapter 225 Double build momentum Chapter 224 Trends of both parties Chapter 223 Two things Chapter 222 Think, think, say, controller Chapter 221 Headache development Chapter 220 Owner of the diary

Chapter 219 There is a deviation! Chapter 218 Is this really okay? Chapter 217 At this time, when will you wait? Chapter 216 It's still installed at this time! Chapter 215 Distant breath Chapter 214 What exactly is it Chapter 213 Things I've been thinking about Chapter 212 The transformation of mystery Chapter 211 The secret skills of the students of the Celestial Dynasty Chapter 210 Trouble! Trouble again! Chapter 209 My name is Yunye and I am the best Chapter 208 Legend of Yunye

Chapter 207 Well deserved Chapter 206 Simple, rude and direct Chapter 205 Shameful deeds Chapter 204 Knock Down Alley Tour Chapter 203 Bloomsbury Publishing Company Chapter 202 Bad taste Chapter 201 A plan already decided Chapter 200 hollow Chapter 199 Return to the capital Chapter 198 Lucky potion bonus draw Chapter 197 Summer vacation in cloud night Chapter 196 Real hero

Chapter 195 The older the more shameless Chapter 194 Silent and invisible contest Chapter 193 On How to Hide the Sorcerer's Stone Chapter 192 Behind you Chapter 191 Human disqualification Chapter 190 The desperate situation of death Chapter 189 Cloud Night vs. Voldemort! Chapter 188 Best Bitterness Play of the Year Chapter 187 ex level Chapter 186 Cloud Gate Chess Chapter 185 Teenager in the theater Chapter 184 Speeding!

Chapter 183 Lost one in ten million chance Chapter 182 Insurance measures Chapter 181 Boss strategy team Chapter 180 Foresight Chapter 179 Damn a bunch of mentally retarded Chapter 178 Sick cat Chapter 177 The Salvation Four? Chapter 176 Despair at the super-university level Chapter 175 One of the three illusions in life Chapter 174 Yunye's face Chapter 173 Flitwick's plea Chapter 172 Destiny of Stars Omen

Chapter 171 Legends of Enchanting Potion Chapter 170 Oscar actor Chapter 169 Forbidden forest question Chapter 168 Voyeur Chapter 167 Benefit relationship Chapter 166 Wei Guangzheng image Chapter 165 Lord Voldemort Chapter 164 Voldemort's exclusive secret Chapter 163 Forbidden Forest Adventure Chapter 162 Voldemort is here! Chapter 161 My shore Yunye likes the most... Chapter 160 I'm excited to think about it

Chapter 159 Can you still chat happily? Chapter 158 School manager Chapter 157 Jealous Hermione Chapter 156 You were saved by a dog Chapter 155 A moment in history! Chapter 154 The hope of a super university Chapter 153 Last way Chapter 152 Wood this big asshole! Chapter 151 The whole team strikes Chapter 150 Block Yunye! Chapter 149 Poor and low-end Chapter 148 Leak

Chapter 147 Gryffindor is different Chapter 146 Desperate prospect Chapter 145 The second meeting of vice ministers! Chapter 144 What can you do to me? Chapter 143 The basic qualities of an actor Chapter 142 Union Cooperation Disadvantages Chapter 141 Hidden merit and fame Chapter 140 The greatest in history Chapter 139 The dog bit you, do you still bite it back Chapter 138 Top three representatives Chapter 137 Facts prove everything? Chapter 136 The future master of potions

Chapter 135 I'll make you satisfied Chapter 134 Persecutory delusion Chapter 133 Come join the world of x books Chapter 132 unambiguous evidence Chapter 131 Perplexity rekindled Chapter 130 I'm so proud, but I still have to keep it cold Chapter 129 Mystery action Chapter 128 Start! Chapter 127 Official rhetoric Chapter 126 Can't we speak English well? Chapter 125 Cloud Night Raiders Conference! Chapter 124 Warnings and cautions

Chapter 123 Solemnly declare that I refuse to trade! Chapter 122 Dumbledore Chapter 121 Complete edition! Chapter 120 Thor's Hammer! Chapter 119 oppression Chapter 118 Emergencies Chapter 117 Strength Cloud Night Cook Chapter 116 Is it another **** skill? Chapter 115 Snape Chapter 114 Shameless limit Chapter 113 The impossible legend Chapter 112 Don't hit the face

Chapter 111 Is this different from what you said? Chapter 110 Fangs Chapter 109 A hard-working Yunye? Chapter 108 The difference between cloud and mud! Chapter 107 Sinister intentions Chapter 106 There is not enough stuffing between the teeth Chapter 105 Ok, this is very slytherin Chapter 104 Vulgar language Chapter 103 I suspect we have a traitor Chapter 102 This is so Gryffindor spirit Chapter 101 Last wish Chapter 100 What you said makes sense

Chapter 99 Three-person chorus Chapter 98 Conceited Chapter 97 Request from Voldemort Chapter 96 Totalitarian Chapter 95 Formalists Chapter 94 Dig Chapter 93 Snape is afraid of being out of print limited edition.jpg Chapter 92 Go to bed early and get up early for good health Chapter 91 The first race of the millennium! Chapter 90 Legendary technology Chapter 89 Not convinced is better than you are convinced! Chapter 88 What a joke

Chapter 87 Snape goes better with chocolate on a rainy day Chapter 86 It's very simple Chapter 85 Wanlv is a little black from it Chapter 84 Voldemort's MLM Classroom Chapter 83 Straight hook fishing bad review Chapter 82 I have an agreement with the Dark Lord Chapter 81 It's him it's him it's him Chapter 80 When I call it, come and flick Chapter 79 Hopeless Chapter 78 Qing Qing I I Chapter 77 The purpose of cloud night Chapter 76 Why are you so skilled

Chapter 75 Luck is also part of strength Chapter 74 Perfect control! Chapter 73 Bole and Maxima Chapter 72 It's nothing Chapter 71 That's a must Chapter 70 Hot Chapter 69 A rowing boat! Chapter 68 Fox fake tiger Chapter 67 Dirty deal Chapter 66 You beg me Chapter 65 Schrodinger's dog Chapter 64 Also said you are not a vegetarian

Chapter 63 There's another big news Chapter 62 The most famous Chapter 61 Where is the majesty Chapter 60 King of Slytherin! Chapter 59 I can accept your surrender Chapter 58 Faint Chapter 57 Slap on face and face on face, so many slaps Chapter 56 Swatting flies Chapter 55 Avadaso's Mantra Chapter 54 Every school is shocked Chapter 53 Snape of Dissent Chapter 52 The law of iron fight, the unchanging truth

Chapter 51 Lose first Chapter 50 Flitwick's kindness Chapter 49 Are you from the Joestar family? Chapter 48 College commotion Chapter 47 Errand senior Chapter 46 One enemy six Chapter 45 Not satisfied with the uncrowned king! Chapter 44 I solemnly swear that I didn't mean to Chapter 43 Snape in a hurry Chapter 42 Melee Mage Chapter 41 madman Chapter 40 do the best

Chapter 39 Do you do it yourself or do I do it? Chapter 38 Shadow Chief Chapter 37 Mystery day Chapter 36 Analysis decision Chapter 35 Now comes the problem Chapter 34 A sense of heaviness accumulated from a physical point of view Chapter 33 sm feast Chapter 32 Catch it Chapter 31 Are you in the car driven by this driver? Chapter 30 God Chapter 29 For the honor of the family Chapter 28 Can a scholar's attack be considered an attack?

Chapter 27 Next is the moment to witness the miracle Chapter 26 Have his sweet dreams Chapter 25 Potential and exploration Chapter 24 Only a half-dead Voldemort is a good Voldemort Chapter 23 Stupid! Chapter 22 Submerged by water, at a loss Chapter 21 The hardest boss in history Chapter 20 It’s really exciting to run after loading it. Chapter 19 Voldemort debut Chapter 18 Harry Potter and Cloudy Night Chapter 17 Return to Diagon Alley Chapter 16 Royal Club

Chapter 15 I choose to refuse Chapter 14 doge Chapter 13 Events in the wizarding world Chapter 12 Make everything together! Chapter 11 Mom's stick Chapter 10 Can you listen to people well? Chapter 9 Give a speech if you don't agree with it Chapter 8 Playing a big sword in front of Guan Gong Chapter 7 Hermione Granger Chapter 6 New round of lucky draw Chapter 5 Lucius Malfoy Chapter 4 I show you a baby

Chapter 3 The gift of blessing Chapter 2 Draco Malfoy Chapter 1 Archmage System ~ Astoria Greene

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