So a group of people saw Astralius step in step by step, the huge fetters rubbed on the slate floor and made a harsh sound, but no one dared to stop it!

They can be said to be cold-blooded killers who have gone through the battlefield. Which one does not have dozens or hundreds of lives in their hands? Even if they have long felt that they have regarded life and death as nothing, it is just a life, and when they die, they die.

But now, it can be said that everyone's heart is filled with a cloud called fear. This kind of fear is so substantive, pressing in their hearts that they can't even breathe.

Perhaps they are not afraid of death, but with this huge gap in strength, it is impossible to walk past the mountain, like an ant encountering a bull.

How can you not be afraid?

This fear is called despair! "One Six Seven"

Astralius swept around, as if he hadn't seen the group of people in front of him at all, he lifted his foot and walked in.

The sound of the black iron ball rubbing against the ground, as if ringing in their ears, made people tremble, flinch, and despair.


Someone tremblingly fired a shot.

Astrius glanced in that direction, and his right foot suddenly lifted and stomped down!


A huge dull sound, accompanied by flying dust and a fierce magic wave from the inside out!

The bullet was stopped by the shock before it flew to Astrius's side, and then...


The solid ground looked so vulnerable at the feet of Astrius, like a huge boulder thrown into the frozen lake. The huge cracks spread out quickly with Astrius as the center, like a crazy blooming ground. Lian, glowing red magic burst out from the ground!



Such a thunderous attack caused the people around there to have no time to react, and they were already lifted up!

The huge shock continued for half a minute before the red light slowly calmed down, leaving only the dust in the air everywhere.

"I don't know which master came to visit my Eddie's house and made such a big scene?"

A deep voice rang out in the air, and then a burst of frenzy rose out of nowhere.

In an instant, the entire front yard revealed its original appearance, and there was no trace of dust in the air.

It's just that this place is completely different from its original state, the ground is mottled, the walls are ruined, and countless guards are dying under the clod of soil.

Astrius raised his head to look at the man falling from the sky.

It was a middle-aged man. Although the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes were getting deeper, his eyes were bright, and his blue eyes were full of coldness. Old is old, but it is vaguely visible that it was chic.

It was Derek Eddie, the contemporary owner of the Eddie family!

The Eddie family has been passed down to his generation, and it is already the sixth generation. Whether it is magic engraving or the family's territorial power, it has been fully able to gain a foothold.

As a well-deserved genius of that generation, even though he could not be compared with the likes of Kenneth, he could be regarded as a dragon and phoenix among people. Therefore, since his family magic engraving, no one has dared to come to the door so blatantly.

What the **** is it?

I thought he would know somehow after seeing someone, but after seeing Astrius, Derek Eddie was at a loss.

This person...or a monster, he doesn't even know it!

Moreover, as the Patriarch of the Eddie family, the master of the Magic Association in the sacrificial position, he didn't even know when a monster with a tauren and such a powerful body appeared?

Derek Eddie’s first reaction was that this was a finished product used by certain families for human experiments.

But... who the **** is it?

Regarding today's unexpected visit, he hadn't received a single message before!

Astrius also stared at the person in front of him, and the dozen or so people who appeared again behind him, who seemed to be the children of the family.

But he didn’t think as much as Derek Eddie thought. For him, the master’s command is absolute. Since he has given all his loyalty to Yunye, he should take Yunye’s command as his primary goal. .......

And Yunye's command is to make trouble!

Make him upside down!

At this time, Yunye, who was hiding in the dark, still saw two familiar figures behind Derek Eddie. Wasn't it the two brothers, Neil Eddie and Amos Eddie?

With a slight smile, Yun Ye continued to watch the good show, and did not worry that anyone would find him.

It was just a magician of sacrificial position, even if he inherited the family engraving, he couldn't compare with Yun Ye.

At least in terms of mental power, Yunye is enough to crush everyone in the Eddie family!

"Who came from?"

As his thoughts flew, Derek Eddie didn't hear the monster in front of him. Just when he thought that the monster had no language function at all, Astrius responded with action.

Seeing that Derek Eddie's voice was not finished, the bull-headed monster slammed the ground fiercely, held the battle axe in both hands, and slammed!

The violent wave of magic power set off a hurricane in the air, and the compressed blade was hidden in it, sweeping towards Derek Eddie!

Astrius' actions are too fast!

And De0.8 Rick Eddie never thought about how anyone would attack without even listening to others' words. There was no way to talk about it, so he was subconsciously at a loss.

Seeing that the gust of wind was about to fly in front of him, Derek Eddie could only draw a protective magic circle in the air, and the red gem in his hand slammed into the circle, and a red light spread instantly. Blocked all family members including Derek Eddie.

The hurricane hits in the next second!

================================================== =========================.

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