However, Yun Ye didn't show his timidity. He stared at Astrius, whose whole body was glowing with a faint red light, his fighting spirit in his eyes did not retreat but instead moved forward!


The two collided in the air again!

In the air within a radius of two kilometers, two different magical powers are tumbling.

This battle, when-really dark.

Even if Astralius didn't use his battle axe, Yunye didn't use any of his hole cards. But even so, between the two of them, the land under their feet is already dead.

This battle fought all night!

Until both of them were heartily and sweaty.

"Happy!" Yun Ye said, leaning on Astrius' unusually wide back.

"Yeah." Astrius nodded in agreement.

The two sat back to back on a hillside protrusion, looking at the hillside that had been destroyed by them but was restored by Yunye a minute ago.

The breeze passed, and dawn was breaking in the distance.

Astrius looked at this scene and couldn't help being slightly lost in thought.

Yun Ye raised his eyebrows. No matter which world he was in, it was a wonderful thing to find a secluded corner to watch the sun rise and sunset.

And after a night of discussions, Yun Ye probably converted his own strength according to the world's concept of heroic spirits.

As a hero, Yunye's ability level should be almost like this:

Muscle strength: A

Durability: A

Agility: A

Magic: EX

In this way, if Yun Ye is really a hero, it can be counted as a super first-class level.

After thinking about it, Yun Ye was consciously satisfied, and thought of a small purpose that had been summoned in advance in violation of the rules.

"Astrius, I have something to do, I can't do it myself." Yun Ye said.

"The master arranged, Wan...don't hesitate to die."

Astrios reacted immediately, staring at Yun Ye with a serious look.

"That's not necessary, come with me." Yun Ye stood up and said with a helpless smile.

The two went back to the clock tower in tandem.

On the way, Yunye had already told Astrius what had happened.

Hearing that someone was about to kill his master, Astrius was already very angry, saying that he must complete the task.

Send Astrius to the vicinity of the suspects' families in the clock tower, and Yun Ye will hide first by herself.

Yun Ye himself did not intend to reveal himself, and no one knew that Yun Ye had summoned the servants except himself, so even if Astralius lifted the entire clock tower, no one would contact him. .

"Go ahead."

Nodded towards Astrius, Yun Ye silently hid his breath and hid aside.

Astrius nodded, unceremoniously stretched out his hand towards the gate of that huge mansion and slammed it down!


The gate made of steel couldn't even stop a fist of Astrius. The whole gate was smashed into a huge fist, and finally fell down!

"Who! Dare to break into Eddie's house!?" There was a scream from the door, followed by a rush of footsteps, at least six or seven people heard the sound.

That's right, Yunye's first goal is Neil Eddie.

As for why, then he can only blame him for not knowing the current affairs.

Anyway, they are all suspects, hitting one is hitting, hitting two is also hitting!

The crowd that rushed out immediately surrounded the intruders, a total of seven people, all of them were shocked when they saw the huge body of Astrius and the fist print on the door not far away. look.

Almost at the same time, these people took a step back.

This level of intruder, at first glance, they can't handle them. Although these people who can be invited to serve as escorts generally have some strength, at least they are much better than ordinary people.

But once faced with a strong man of Astrios' level, he would become like an ant on the ground!

·······Seeking flowers····

"You, go tell the lord!"

While shouting, one of them drew a pistol from his waist, aimed at Astrius in front of them, and said to the others: "Shoot!"

"Boom boom boom——"

Dozens of gunshots sounded in succession. These bullets were specially magicalized, and even the spirit body could be injured. If it is an ordinary hero, it may be underestimated because he thinks that thermal weapons cannot threaten the heroic spirit.

I saw Astralius quickly drew out a battle axe from his back, but he seemed to know that a battle axe weighing more than a few hundred catties was like a light baton in Astrius’s hand. Waving to block the bullets around.


The six people shot while backing, looking extremely strategic.

Unfortunately, they still underestimated their opponents!

With the strength of Astralius, let alone blocking these bullets, it means not blocking him. Can these so-called magic special hot weapons hurt him?

After the right-handed axe slammed again to block the flying bullet, the huge axe made a very smooth turn in the air, and it was rounded again and swung out again!

The fierce double-sided axe quickly turned in a circle in the air, bringing the ground wind mixed with violent waves of magic power and flew towards the people around it at lightning speed!


"Help, help me!"


When the few people were touched by the violent wind, they flew out one by one in an instant!

Astrius snorted, holding the battle axe in his right hand, and walking into the smashed door with his foot up.

Two rows of trembling guards were standing inside the door. After seeing the scene with their own eyes, no matter how arrogant people they were, they had to admit that they did not have the ability to resist.

================================================== =========================.