Yunye stood still, and then said: "Okay, let's start. Look at 1 Woollen Yarn 3 Chinese Net"

Astrius didn't dare to be careless in his heart, he immediately switched to combat mode when he heard Yun Ye's words, his eyes were very different, his muscles were tight, and Buddha could see the vigorous power surging under the dark skin.

The aura on both of them was slowly accumulating, and then at the same moment, they broke out!

Astrius' attack is simple and effective, and striding to meet Yunye is a heavy punch!

The fist's head was made of cast iron, and when it was thrown out, it could be heard-the sound of tearing the air.

If he encounters an enemy like Astrius on the real battlefield, Yunye's countermeasure is definitely to win with speed, and it is important to preserve his strength.

But now this kind of purely competitive struggle, Yun Ye also let go of the fight.

The same is a heavy punch!

Yun Ye's movement shocked Astrius, but it was so, the fist that was thrown out was like water that was thrown out, and it couldn't be taken back.

If others watched it, they would definitely be shocked just like Astrius.

Right now one side is a behemoth nearly three meters tall, and one side is a slender magician.

So, two people like this, actually have to compete with each other? !

In the next moment, the two fists crashed together!


A fist of Astrius was quite bigger than Yun Ye's head, but two fists of such a huge difference in size did not have the tendency of ruining and decayed as imagined. See 1 Mao 2 Line 3 Chinese Net

No one on either side!

The shock in Astrius' heart was bigger than the fist he blasted!

Because he clearly felt that Yun Ye's strength was no less than his, and there was even a tendency to overtake him!

Although this punch Astrius didn't use his full strength because he was worried about Yunye, a punch like the berserker, who is known for his strength, should be unstoppable by Yunye anyway.

Or it should be said that, according to common sense, there is no modern magician who can confront the heroic spirits. Only the heroic spirits can fight against the heroic spirits, let alone fight against the heroic spirits.

Of course, this theory, which was emphasized many times at the beginning of the Fifth Holy Grail War, was broken many times in the later period, but after all, there are still very few who can use the body of a mortal to compete with the heroic spirits.

The eyes under the mask of Astrius were full of shock. He never thought that one day, he would meet a human being as powerful as his own!

Even if it is the hero Theseus who killed himself, it mainly relies on the skills that are different from his own beastly fighting style!

Astrius already knows that Yunye is already very terrifying in terms of magic power. This can be seen from his own ability, and as a magician with huge magic power and talent, he also possesses the power at the same time. A force comparable to him?

Astrius was not shocked because of this apparently improbable thing. What he was really shocked was only his admiration and shock at the powerful strength that Yun Ye had erupted.

For Astrius, the magic power and the magician are the rules of this world, and they are not within his consideration.

But fighting Yunye like this made him truly realize that the person in front of him is not just a master who summons a powerful servant in the hope of obtaining the Holy Grail, but a power equal to the heroic spirit, who can stand shoulder to shoulder with him. The king of combat.

In addition to being surprised, what was more was the fighting spirit ignited in Astrius' heart!

This kind of pure warfare has nothing to do with any emotion, any hatred, any purpose!

"Come again!" Astrius actively shouted.

Yun Ye smiled heartily. This may be the first time he has fought so happily since he came to this world. After feeling the clear but surging fighting spirit in Astrius' eyes like a gushing lake, Yun Ye also Rarely excited.

In this world, the battle with Jewel Weng was depressing, bleak, and full of conspiracy.

The fight with Kenneth was furious and disdainful.

······Find flowers············

As for the...fight with Webber, it was just for fun, and Yun Ye had to worry about not hurting him excessively.

Only now, only now.

He can let go of his hands and feet, without worrying about any consequences, willfully use his best to fight!


As soon as Yun Ye's voice fell, the whole person flew out like a cannonball in an instant!

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah~!"

Astrius stood on the spot, his legs steadily staggered, and he roared in a low voice.

Slowly, the eyes under his mask began to turn red, and the aura on Astrius suddenly rose to a level again at this instant!


At this moment, Yun Ye had already come to him!

The two slammed their fists together!


Yun Ye immediately noticed the difference in Astrius. The power was not as majestic as before, but like a volcanic eruption. The power that erupted in an instant made Yun Ye a bit unable to support it!

A happily long figure flew upside down in the sky, while the hill-like figure on the ground stood still.

Turning over and landing, Yun Ye couldn't help but shake his numb arm, feeling slightly startled.

"So strong, is this the strength of Astrius after getting serious? Sure enough, every + sign in A++ means that the power can be doubled in an instant..."

At the beginning, Astrius probably didn't use all of his power, but only a fraction of it.

In fact, even the initial speed, according to Yunye’s visual observation, is actually between the two of them, but Astrius may be good at explosive speed, so he felt that when moving long distance Can't catch up with Yunye.

================================================== =========================.

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