And the magic circle under Yun Ye's feet gradually became the original appearance. Look. Wool. Line. Chinese. Text. Net

Opening his eyes, Yunye found himself shrouded in a huge shadow.

Slowly raising his head, surrounded by Yunye, he couldn't help but startled at this time.

At this time, in front of him less than one meter, stood a huge person...or a cow...

This man has a bull-headed human body, and the huge bull-head mask is not obtrusive to his nearly three-meter-high body, as if he was born this long.

And under the bull's head mask is a sturdy body that is somewhat frightening. On his back is two giant axes that are higher than his own. Both feet are buckled with heavy iron rings, and there is also one attached to the iron ring on his left foot. A solid iron ball full of a hundred catties.

Yun Ye had no doubt that all the explosive power of the guy who could be called a monster in front of him was enough to easily destroy a house.

At the same time, a vague shadow suddenly flashed in Yun Ye's mind.

Bull head human body... and the huge shackles all over the body?


Yun Ye yelled in doubt, he was not sure whether the man with a bull-head mask over three meters tall was the monster in his memory that was circulated in ancient Greek mythology.

And after the bull-headed servant was summoned, he was also observing his master-Yunye.

And after hearing Yun Ye call his name, the huge body of the man in the bullhead mask trembled slightly.

How long has no one called him by this name?

With just one name, Astrius, who has the name of Thunder Light, put down his guard against Yunye. Look. Wool. Line. Chinese. Text. Net

"Well, yes, I am."

Although Astrius stumbled a bit, he still tried to make every word clear.

"You... are me... my master. 〃?"

Yun Ye nodded and confirmed the identity of the guy in front of him.

Legend has it that after Minos drove Radamandis to become the king of Crete, Poseidon gave Minos a huge white bull and asked him to sacrifice it to himself.

But Minos stiffly replaced the sacrifice with another bull, so Minos’s wife, Pasifi, was cursed by Poseidon and mated with a bull to give birth to a bull-headed monster Minotaur. Theseus, the son of the King of Athens, was killed with the help of Ariadne.

Yunye only remembers so much about Astrius' allusions.

In his opinion, whether the story is true or false, Astrius in front of him is a tragic figure.

Especially after seeing the thick scars on his bare skin all over his body, which were formed by countless old injuries and new injuries, Yun Ye's eyes moved again.

A natural monster...

"Then, hello, I am Yunye." Yunye recovered, took a step back, and stretched out his hand.

Astrius didn't seem to react. He looked down at Yun Ye in a daze, and then at Yun Ye's outstretched hand. After a while, he stretched out his right hand and said, "I am... …Ah...Ah..."


Yun Ye said directly for him, he almost forgot that this guy's communication skills shouldn't be very strong.

"Uh, uh." Astrius nodded twice.

Yun Ye stretched out his left hand and patted his hand. Astrius was obviously not the magician he wanted. As a natural beast, he was undoubtedly the berserker in this Holy Grail War.

There was a tingling pain in his left arm, Yun Ye looked down, and a bleeding red Ling curse appeared on the back of his hand.

This Ling Chua will be integrated with the magician's own magic circuit, and Yun Ye's is not a real magic circuit, but now the Ling Chua is already in his hands, but the time of appearance is not quite right.

Or, is the Holy Grail found that there is a problem with his magic circuit?

But now Yun Ye didn't want to entangle this problem, he directly used the power of the master and looked at the various aspects of Astrius's ability value.

If Yun Ye had thought that it would be great if he could summon a magician before, then now, it can be said that Yun Ye was completely shocked by Astrius' abilities!

Muscle strength: A++

Durability: A++

Agility: A

Magic: B

Even the treasures are EX-level!

If there are other masters on the scene at this time, and seeing such a berserker with the ability value, it is estimated that they will be scared and speechless.

This level of berserker can be said to be the top level comparable to the legendary hero Hercules!

As for Astrius, this level can display almost all his strength in his lifetime!

In Yunye's cognition, Astrius's ability is not very weak, but he didn't expect that after the master changed to himself, he could still have such a big improvement.

It can be said that the current Astrius, compared to all the berserkers that have appeared in the past, can also be called a super-class follower.

Even the only magic power that Astrius lacks can be replenished by Yunye!

The ability to do this is also dependent on Yun Ye's own magical power being so huge that it is terrifying. When he is replaced by another magician, such a powerful servant may be sucked up and die when he is summoned.

Taking a step back, even if the summoning is successful, the magic power of ordinary people can't support Astrius with such strength.

What's more, more fundamentally speaking, if a magician with low ability summons Astralius, various parameters of Astralius will be dragged down by the master's aptitude, which will lead to a drastic decline.

We must know that the better the magician, the closer the parameters of the heroic spirit that were summoned will be to the strength of his life. If you are unlucky, you will encounter a half-hanging magician like Shiro Wigiya in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Excellent parameters will also be completely dragged down.

================================================== =========================.