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Harry Potter: I Am a Legend

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Hoffa came to the world of Harry Potter, and he was so happy that he thought he could see the true face of the legendary wizard and molested Mr. Loli.

However, he found himself in 1938! Become a classmate of Voldemort, a student of Dumbledore.

Where is my Hermione? Where is my Audio-Technica?


Not only that, but under the coercion of the compulsory education system, he compulsorily completes seven years of magic training.

When Hoffa finally woke up, he realized that he was not here to witness the legend, he was here to become a legend.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:HPIAL
Alternate Title:哈利波特之我是传奇
Author:Tangled in Fame
Weekly Rank:#1038
Monthly Rank:#1072
All Time Rank:#1850
Tags:Academy, Action, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harry Potter, Magic, Magic Beasts, Reincarnated in Another World, System,
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23 Comments on “Harry Potter: I Am a Legend
  1. Seriously?You want to molested Mr. Loli?Not Mrs. Loli. Isn't protoganist a guy?A mislading synopsis to attract fujoshi and fudanshi reader to read your book?

  2. Fuck, the best Heroine died because author wants to dramatize Grindewald. I knew it, those cocksucking Grindewald/voldemort lovers are so disgusting.

  3. huh ? grindewald? i will say tho.. if Voldemort could be converted to something near true neutral that would be the cherry on top if you were to seduce the future dark lord away from his path of destruction after all with that face he could definitely get me to do some cocksucking... before creating three or four horcruxes, anyways grindewald and Voldemort Hermione meh there all the same, characters from the original car

  4. I know it’s my chronic issue being a fujoshi but in volume two I can’t help but think that this story would make a great plot for a yaoi with the casual banter relationship Silby and Hoffa have, I mean someone comes crashing into your life livening it up and then you have a rascal playboy by night and a disabled noblemen by day, also the scene where Silby is faking an asthma attack maybe he could be pretending to choke on water and get Hoffa to give him mouth to mouth ! 😍🙈💕

  5. I wonder if we’re ever going to hear more about those books talking.... I wonder what it might have to do with his spiritual sensitivity and... being young ??? I didn’t really get that it seems weird to have the trope of being able to see and perceive things when your younger that you later become duller to when your older since it’s a world of magic and people with unusual skills or abilities like parsletongue etc. wondering when we’ll see more of the system I thought that the training arc with the vice principal would’ve been a good chance to maybe increase his spell fragments or something but there wasn’t even a prompt, besides the reveal build up being a little messy/unclear so far it’s really satisfying and dare I say good for the first volume

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