Master Luban? Ona glanced at the hero introduction:

Master Luban, Level 1, Passive: Magic Technology: It is a great help to the research of magic and technology, using magic technology to create or create damage, provides 1 layer of shield, lasts 5s, and can stack 4 layers.


1. Boost jumping: Jump forward with the help of mechanical arm jet power, and launch the force field to hit the surrounding enemies for 0.5s and cause spell damage.

2. Assistants rush to help: Give shields to designated teammates and yourself, create a link between the two, lasting 6s, increase your own movement speed by 1.5s, and pull your teammates back to your side.

3. Powerful storage: Launch a robotic arm to the front fan-shaped area to link up to 6 enemy targets. The connected person receives spell damage. After 1s of failing to open the distance in time, he is pulled in front of him and suffers certain spell damage.

However, active skills cannot be activated at the moment-because there is no robotic arm.

Ona took a look, and was still quite interested in passive skills-he wanted to continue to be a craftsman!

With the magic bomb in his hand, Ona found the proving ground and threw it out-the effect was good! Magic bombs mainly use ingredients similar to human explosives, such as sulfur and charcoal, but the most important thing is flame spar powder, but they are not expensive things. The damage of this kind of bomb is similar to fragmentation grenades. It’s just that if you want to deal with wizards, it’s still a little bit worse. It can only cause damage if the opponent is unprepared, but it should work well for those guys who don’t know magic shields—especially corpses, werewolves, etc. .

"Ding! Use the magic bomb to activate the hero-Shen Mengxi!"

Shen Mengxi, level 1, passive: grumpy rhythm: the ability to hit the enemy will have an ignition effect.


1. Magic bomb: Continuously throw magic bombs at the target location, causing damage to the enemy in the range.

2. Normal operation: Use bomb mistakes to ignite yourself, get double movement bonus and decay, detonate and explode yourself for a certain distance after 5s, during which you can choose to extinguish your own flame to restore the bomb state. When you ignite yourself, the magic bomb can lock the opponent's target, knock back the opponent and cause two damage.

3. Comprehensive explosion: Throw a special bomb, and after the explosion, three small bombs are split and scattered around, causing secondary damage.

It was a bit interesting. Ona felt it. The so-called igniting effect is actually to use magic power to activate the flame spar powder that escapes on the opponent's body. If the opponent's body is not contaminated, then passiveness is useless.

As for the new blueprints, they are special bombs. This bomb is a little bigger, after all, there are three small bombs to hide. However, the drawings were already clear, and Ona only needed to complete them according to the drawings.

The next blueprint is the vision device of Baili's contract. To be honest, the role of this thing is a monitor. The range is much larger than that of Yi Xing's chess pieces, but the concealment is also much weaker, and it is not aggressive. However, it is still possible to set it around the mage tower, and it needs to be linked to a crystal ball.

In a way, Ona thought of the third-generation crystal ball in Naruto—it seems that there is also one in Dumbledore’s office.

Ona is obsessed with the production of new drawings. Sun Shangxiang’s explosive bombs, Huang Zhong’s mines, and Genghis Khan’s traps have all been made by Ona. Unfortunately, the most important weapons have not yet appeared-including Master Luban’s robotic arm. , That is a proper exoskeleton device!

With a trace of regret, Ona hid all the dangerous items made during this time in the system backpack and returned to London-if she didn't come back, Hermione was going to turn her face.

"You said you!" Hermione looked at the handsome boy in front of him very dissatisfied, "Take us to the United States, but I ran to watch the Muggle football game by myself. It took two days of fun before returning to London. In less than three days, you ran to Germany again! Then came back now! Say! Are you tired with me?"

"Hahaha!" Onagan smiled, and hurriedly took out a beautiful wizard hat-the wrath of the polymath. Of course, the sister's did not fall.

Hermione took the hat and put it on, expressing reluctance to forgive Ona's negligence-but they were going to Ron's house next because the Ron family invited them to watch the Quidditch World Cup.

Because Peter Pettigrew was caught and imprisoned by magic, he could not run to find Voldemort-so Harry had a good holiday this time.

Vernon also received a letter from Ron’s family—it looked very weird, but Vernon could only be angry—Harry “inadvertently” mentioned that it was his godfather who was wanted before, and now, despite the wanted order It has been revoked, but the fear for Vernon is not low-this is a guy who has been in jail for more than ten years, and I don't know if it will be infected with any bad temper, especially that type of person.

Harry was sent to Ona's house by Vernon-he is not an idiot. Three years have passed. Naturally, he knows why Harry can be acquainted with Wang Jin's family-it seems that the two sons and daughters of the boss are the same as the inseparable little girl. , They are not the same kind of people. Although he instinctively felt fear, anger, and unhappiness about it, he didn't dare to show it at all. He now needs to worry more about the obesity of his son Dudley.

The Ron family came here in a wizarding way-through the fireplace of Ona's house.

First came Arthur Weasley, then Fred and George-they were here to help with the luggage, and naturally Ron.

Mr. Arthur politely greeted Wang Jin and his wife and Granger and his wife, they are also old acquaintances. During the greeting, there was a pop, and Sirius also came over. He was transformed into a shadow, and he looked rather cool.

Harry hasn’t been looking for Sirius during this time-it just seems that he has a lot of things on his hands, and Sirius doesn’t want to see the Vernon family. Harry is also afraid that if Sirius passes by, he will become a real wanted. Committed, so it’s been delayed until now.

"I'll sign your Hogsmeade application form for going out." Sirius usually gave the application form to Harry.

"Look at Quidditch, you are free," Harry said dissatisfied. "Before I always said that I didn't have time, it's really hard to see you!"

Sirius smiled awkwardly: "No way, I finally took it back to my house, if you want, you can live with me next."

"Really?" Harry said in surprise.

"Is your uncle's house so boring?" Ron asked curiously. "Didn't you say they were OK with you?"

"That's because I met Ona-Mr. King is my uncle's boss, otherwise, where would I get the special treatment?" Harry understood early, he owed Wang Jin gratefully, and Wang Jin waved his hand cheerfully, saying no Worth mentioning.

Sirius was grateful to Wang Jin for his kindness-he didn't know anything. He secretly approached Mrs. Feige and learned a lot, and after that he even stepped up time to urge the Ministry of Magic to go through the process.