Standing on the land on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Ona was a little tired. He didn’t bring any magic luggage this time. The ones displayed outside were all normal Muggle supplies. Before setting off, he obtained the right to use the system package. The magic suitcase treats him. The meaning is not much.

Since wizards under the age of 16 do not need to declare special when traveling, Ona’s coming to the United States was not stopped by the wizards of the Wizarding Council. When the wizards do not use magic, they are no different from ordinary Muggles, and Ona’s clothes The taste is so peculiar to those wizards.

The Hermione family also came. Although they are not interested in the World Cup, it is still possible to play in the United States. Ron invited them to watch the Quidditch World Cup at the end of August.

Harry is very happy this holiday, Sirius will go to him if nothing is wrong, and take him out. The Vernon family also save trouble, anyway, it just happens to be out of sight-although Sirius has been rehabilitated, the Muggles occasionally report A quick look at him made both the police station and Sirius a little bored.

England did not qualify for this World Cup. Ona began to follow a melancholy man-Robert Baggio. This World Cup almost became his battle for the gods. On July 5th, in the quarter-finals against the African Eagles Nigeria, Baggio helped Italy equalize in the 88th minute, brought the game into overtime, and scored a penalty kick to overtake the score. In the quarter-finals on July 9th, he faced the Matadors Spain. Baggio scored the winning goal in the 88th minute and eliminated the opponent 2:1. In the semi-finals on July 13, Baggio scored two goals against Bulgaria. For three consecutive 2:1, Baggio scored 5 goals, as long as the final defeats Brazil, then Baggio will become the new king! Unfortunately, with his penalty kick, the World Cup came to an end, and Italy lost to Brazil on a penalty kick.

This World Cup is worth remembering not only the melancholy prince Baggio, but also the comeback king Maradona. Unfortunately, he soon fell into a drug test storm and Argentina was out early.

The biggest dark horse Bulgaria, led by the midfield conspirator Haji, reached the semi-finals with a record, which is also unexpected. It is worth mentioning that Bulgaria eliminated Argentina to advance to the quarter-finals.

The Colombian player Escobar accidentally took an own goal against the host United States, and was shot dead by extreme fans after returning to China on July 2.

Ona, who focuses on football, followed his grandfather and uncle to watch the game, while the Hermione family took Glory to play everywhere, and when the World Cup was over, everyone reunited.

Coming here, Ona has another purpose-to buy a gun!

Although he is not old enough, his uncle Nigel also wants to buy it.

"Are you a bit too exaggerated?" Nigel looked at the gun list his nephew had given him. "The revolver is normal, and the shotgun is justified, but what the **** is the sniper rifle? And—the last Gatling and mortars are too much!"

"Just say you can't buy it!" Ona shrugged. "Buy as many as you can."

"How do you bring it back? And why not buy it in England?" Nigel asked curiously.

"First of all, it's cheap and easy to buy here-I want to buy guns just because they are a man's romance. Besides, don't you know that England will enact a gun ban soon?" Ona said, "You don't have a hunter's license. Do you? Just take a gun license and buy it-I will pay for the gun-and then resell it before returning to England."

Nigel was worried, and called Wang Jin. Wang Jin said that Ona had his own ideas, and there was no need to worry about him going on a crooked road. Nigel didn't say much.

But when he got the gun, Nigel was even more excited than Ona. The two spent almost a day in the shooting range. Even the William family and Glory, who came to hear the news, tried the gun with interest. .

As for mortars-this ordinary gun shop really can't buy them, and Ona didn't force it.

Anyway, his goal was basically achieved.

"Ding! Have two revolvers to trigger a special mission-the gun of far travel!"

"Ding! Own a shotgun and trigger a special mission-the benevolent gun!"

"Ding! Have a sniper rifle to trigger a special mission-Tranquil Eye!"

"Ding! Own a Gatling machine gun and trigger a special mission-Gunner Boy!"

"The Gun of Far Travel: Please learn to shoot with a two-handed revolver!"

"Benevolence Gun: Please learn to shoot with a shotgun!"

"Tranquil Eye: Please learn to shoot with a sniper rifle!"

"Boy Gunner: Please learn to shoot with the Gatling gun!"

It's pretty simple! Ona smiled slightly and quickly completed the task. It's just that the follow-up reminder made him unhappy-"Ding! Since this type of weapon is a Muggle firearm, if you want to activate the hero, please transform it into a magic weapon."

Why? ! Ona is angry, can't Muggle weapons kill wizards?

Ona suddenly lost his interest, and it took a long time to cheer up. Looking through the system mall, he remembered that there was magic engineering content in it.

This is a derivative product produced by activating Miledy. There are various drawings in it. The simplest drawing is a magic bomb, and the material is not very troublesome. It’s just that Ona has not found a suitable place to make it-no matter the mage tower. There is still a room that is responsive, and he dare not try at will, because he is afraid of exploding.

Ona has asked Wang Jin to help establish a mechanical laboratory in Germany, but it is still used to study ordinary machinery-although it is an armament factory, the Germans still have a sense of distrust of foreign capital such as Wang Jin.

Ona has no clue and can only temporarily put the hero activation aside. After playing with guns for two days, everyone also lost the initial psychology of curiosity. Ona pretended to sell guns, but actually received these things in the system backpack-even if you don't use them, you can throw them to Germany for research.

In fact, there are many good things in the wizarding world on the American side. Ona and the three of them also sneaked a trip to the Wizarding Mall in New York. The ideas of the wizards here are really novel, and even magical firearms are available. Ona can’t help feeling. I underestimate the world.

It's a pity that this type of weapon also requires a license from the Magic Council, which makes Ona even more greedy-there is no tool for him to use-and Wang Yan also does not work, she does not have the status of a wizard.

I bought some small gifts and sent them to Harry. Ona reluctantly left, "If you can't buy it, you can make it yourself!"

After returning to England, Ona had nothing to do anyway, and wrote a detective novel for the publication of social ethics. It was written on the background of his World Cup in the United States, and the response was enthusiastic. On the pretext of avoiding the media, Ona ran to Germany, where he began to study magic engineering.

Hermione and Glory still had to stay in London—they had to make time to complete the Muggle course.

"Magic bomb..." After two days, Ona finally completed the first product according to the blueprint.

"Ding! Finish making the magic bomb, turn on the magic engineering, and activate the hero-Master Luban!"

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