Unfortunately, when Harry and the others rushed to Professor Lupin's office, it was empty. Ona guessed that Sirius took Lupin back to the Screaming Shack.

Early the next morning, Ona could hear everyone talking about what happened last night. The Daily Prophet described the events of the year as they were. Sirius was rehabilitated and became a hero, while Peter Pettigrew was deprived of all honor and will be imprisoned in Azkaban-but before that, He will be tried once.

Another thing is that Professor Lu Ping resigned. Harry and the others were stunned when they knew it, because all the Slytherin students vowed to publicize that Professor Lupin was a werewolf. Although it was true, it was only Harry and the others hadn't expected that Professor Snape would tell the students about it.

Harry wanted to go directly to Professor Lupin's office, but he hadn't returned in the morning.

When Harry and the others came to Professor Lupin's office again in the afternoon, only Professor Lupin was there.

"Professor Lupin, I heard about what happened last night." Harry said cautiously.

"Yeah." Professor Lupin said kindly, "so I plan to resign-Minister of Magic Fudge gently advised Professor Dumbledore not to let me continue as a teacher. I think his concerns are justified."

"No! Why?!" Harry and Ron exclaimed, "You are the best teacher we have ever seen!"

"The problem is, I'm really dangerous--if it wasn't for Professor Dumbledore and they were all there last night, I couldn't control myself--the students were all dangerous at that time." Lupin feared. "Well, let's not talk about it, I have already decided-and Professor Dumbledore will arrange for me to go to a new place, so don't worry. Besides, go to Hogsmeade Village! Someone is waiting for you."

Harry's heart was beating, he knew who Professor Lupin was talking about.

"By the way, and this—" Professor Lupin handed Harry the map of the point of life. "This was made with your father, Sirius, and.... It's very interesting."

Harry looked at the code names of the prongs, big feet, and moon face that appeared on the map of the point of life: "My dad?"

"Yes, prongs." Professor Lupin smiled heartily. "He is also an Animagus and can become a stag-I have seen your patron saint, exactly like him."

It turned out that at exactly this time, Professor Dumbledore came. Professor Lu Ping also left straight away-I guess the students don't want to go back on the Hogwarts train with him now.

Harry supported Ron and the others, and separately told Professor Dumbledore about Professor Trelawney's prediction at the time. Professor Dumbledore was a little surprised-almost everything was fulfilled before, only the second half had no idea.

"Well, you should go to Hogsmeade Village. Sirius is waiting for you there—you know, he is your godfather." Professor Dumbledore said with a smile.

Harry rushed out immediately.

Outside the Screaming Hut, Harry and the others found Sirius.

A very handsome middle-aged man, this is everyone's first impression of seeing Sirius.

Sirius looked at Ona concealedly, and then focused all his attention on Harry. With tears in his eyes, he hugged Harry: "I'm sorry!"

Harry patted him on the back: "I believe they won't blame you!"

Sirius could not cry.

Fortunately, no one came here, everyone silently looked at the two embracing together, without speaking.

"That's right!" Sirius finally said, "I hope you like the Firebolt I gave you-I'm sorry that you lost the Light Wheel 2000!"

"So it was you!" Harry said pleasantly. "If you were my godfather-then, can I live with you?"

"I want too!" said Sirius, "but Professor Dumbledore said, it's not working for the time being-I still have a lot of things to deal with-unblocking property, accepting honor-very annoying! The most important thing is Yes, Harry, Professor Dumbledore said, that's how you are safe. But don't worry-after my affairs are done, my place will be the safest place for you!"

Harry's lost heart came back. In fact, he is doing well at Dursley's now, but there is no reason to leave.

"Thank you!" Under Harry's introduction, Sirius met his friends and "knowed" Ona.

Ona smiled, Sirius's favorability reached 100!

Before he could see the reward, Sirius had to leave. The Ministry of Magic was still waiting for him to go through the formalities. According to Sirius's complaint, it might take a summer vacation.

Ona waited until he returned to school before he saw the talent Sirius gave him-the study of spells. With this skill, it is not impossible to explain those special hero skills. Even through this talent, Ona can "simulate" some of the skills through magic spells, so that others can even learn it-but the effect is not as good as his own Skills.

For example, Angela’s fireball technique, although there was originally a fireball technique, it is very rare to have five at a time—the one with strength is enough, and the one with insufficient strength can’t be used. However, the talent researched through the spell, Austria Na is able to improve the spells of fireball. Fireballs can be generated simultaneously through the spells and form a cross attack. After a fixed distance, they can be separated, which can achieve a strong single attack or a scattered attack.

Another example is Xiao Qiao’s Ascension in Place, which is an enhanced simplified version of the Levitating Curse. Although he can’t keep floating in the air, he can ignore the weight of the target. Get up, and ascend in place will be able to fly the entire monster.

There are many other things, and Ona needs to explore by himself.

On the whole, Ona is still very satisfied-because in this way, if someone has to show the sacred, it can be said that he invented the spell, and more importantly, can be taught to other people-such as Hermione and Glory. Another example is Harry and the others.

In the following days, when Ona didn't go to Hogsmeade with everyone, he would study the specific methods of skill conversion spells on his own.

After the results, Ona won the first place without exception-including divination.

Although Hermione got a high score for Muggle Research and ranked second, she took Ona and decided to cancel all the overlapping courses, making her schedule full but no more trouble.

Ona had nothing to do. Hermione had given up the divination class, and Ona had no plans to continue studying. Although Professor Trelawney's upper limit was high, for Ona, this kind of thing was not learnable.

Professor McGonagall also breathed a sigh of relief--because of Professor Lupin's affairs, the Ministry of Magic also had certain concerns about Hogwarts, so the time converter could be returned, somewhat easier.

Ona is back home this year-because the United States World Cup kicks off on June 17, he hasn't been there yet, and he doesn't know if there will be additional surprises.

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