"Yes, it's Animagus! You don't know! Ron," Hagrid said proudly, "I found it out of the milk jug and grabbed it."

"What happened?" Harry asked eagerly.

"Oh, Harry, this is a long story." Hagrid told everyone to sit down and start the fire. "Everything has to start twelve years ago."

"It's okay, Hagrid," Harry said. "We have time tonight."

"Okay!" Hagrid put the teapot on the fire, looking for tea. "Twelve years ago, I heard something happened to Harry's house, so I rushed to the scene-there was only a ruin, and Harry crying, and then Sirius came."

"He also gave me the motorcycle, which is the one I rode to Ona's last time." Hagrid sighed. "Until today, I thought it was Sirius who betrayed James and Lily. ——As a result, Dumbledore told me this afternoon that there is someone else who is the real betrayer."

"Who the **** is that the little dwarf you just mentioned?" Harry asked.

"Yes, it's not just me—everyone thinks he is a hero. This is really ironic—you didn't see Fudge's face at the time! It's like being kissed by a dementor." Hagrid sees The water boiled, and I poured a glass for everyone. "I just knew that Lupin was a werewolf a long time ago—when he was studying at Hogwarts."

"Professor Lupin is a werewolf?!" Ron then reacted again. "No wonder Snape had to teach us this at the time!"

The girls happily ate melons. Seeing Ron interrupting Hagrid's words, Hermione snorted coldly: "Ona had already figured it out, but we all thought it was not a big deal—Professor Lupin was me. One of the best teachers I have ever met."

"You already knew it?" Hagrid was dumbfounded. "What else do you know?"

"Let me do it." Ona saw Hagrid's words upside down, knowing that if this goes on, I don't know when it will be, so he took the conversation.

"First of all, Professor Lupin was already a werewolf when he was studying. He told me this personally. At that time Harry's father and Sirius knew that they taught themselves to be Animagus, and Sirius became a big man. The dog attracts the attention of Professor Lupin, who has turned into a werewolf and loses his mind. Harry's father turned into a stag to suppress him, and there is another person, Peter Pettigrew, who turns into a mouse, for other purposes." Ona Wan said. Come.

"Hogsmeade's Screaming Shack is where Professor Lupin hid after being transformed into a werewolf. There is a dense road leading directly to Hogwarts - that is, the beating willow."

"And the little dwarf mouse is just to go to hit the human willow, there is a position to make the human will be quiet," Ona explained the Animagus' matter. "After graduation, they fought Voldemort together. Sirius believed that if the secret is Peter Pettigrew, he should attract Voldemort's attention by himself to give the Potter family the utmost safety."

"As a result, Peter betrayed!" Harry was completely convinced, and he wished to let Crookshanks go and kill Spot.

"Yes, so Sirius went to avenge Peter for the first time, but he used suspended animation to get away." Ona continued, "Then Peter went as a rat, and finally hid at Weasley's house until his photo was taken away. Sirius saw it."

"No wonder he was so apprehensive when he saw Sirius escape from prison!" Ron shuddered at the thought that his pet for three years was actually a wizard. "It's disgusting!"

"Sirius broke into the Gryffindor Tower-he was looking for Pettigrew." Ona explained, "So Pettigrew has been panicking ever since he knew Sirius had escaped from prison."

Ron's face became more and more ugly: "I really—and..." Thinking that he cares about this mouse so much, Ron finally sighed—still paid the wrong thing. His feelings for Shaban are still very deep, but he didn't expect it to be a lie from beginning to end.

"By chance, I learned about the four of them from Professor Dumbledore, and inferred the most reasonable result." Ona said, "I told Dumbledore these inferences. Professor, and then I didn’t know.”

"Later, it was Professor Dumbledore who arranged for the Ministry of Magic and the dean to find Peter Pettigrew." Hagrid took over. "This is a confidential operation. Professor Lupin has a person who can confirm the position of Peter Pettigrew. Magic props, and with this prop, they found the dirty mouse hiding in my place!"

"I found it hiding in this place!" He pointed to the milk jug. "Then I grabbed it out. Professor Dumbledore used magic to disarm it and transform it. He didn't know how to repent and tried to confuse it, but was caught. Sirius who came to expose it on the spot!"

"Sirius is here?!" Harry exclaimed, "Where is he? I have a lot of things to ask him!"

"Oh, everything went well, but Professor Lupin... transformed into a werewolf! Peter Pettigrew almost ran away!" Hagrid ignored Harry's question and continued.

"Professor Lupin has transformed?!" Everyone exclaimed, "What happened afterwards?"

"Later, I, Sirius, and Professor Dumbledore joined forces to control Professor Lupin. Professor Snape fed him some medicine, and it fell asleep quietly-Sirius later sent him back to the castle. , I guess it’s in Professor Lupin’s office now? Maybe I went to other places.” Hagrid recalled the touch of Professor Lupin’s fur. "That feels amazing."

"What about Peter Pettigrew? He ran away?" Ron noticed what Hagrid hadn't mentioned.

"No!" Hagrid thought of something again, "At a critical moment, a phoenix suddenly flew out of the forbidden forest-and then wounded him, the Ministry of Magic took him away, and the phoenix, according to Professor Dumbledore’s words are magic!"

"Magic?!" Everyone exclaimed again, "Is it a patron saint curse or?"

"No! No!" Hagrid said confidently, "It is golden, it can illuminate almost all dark rays-and it is hot and powerful. I think, if you were not immersed in the carnival after the exam, it is probably all can hear."

"Oh! What a pity!" Hermione said regretfully. "Maybe it's a magic that I haven't heard of! Or maybe it's a very old magic!"

"But Professor Dumbledore didn't find anything!" Hagrid became anxious. "Some time ago, I found the paw prints of beasts on the periphery of the Forbidden Forest-it's not a eagle with a winged animal. I always feel that the Forbidden Forest is hidden. What is it—but the Centaur tribe swears that there is nothing unusual, only that Mars is getting brighter and brighter. Firenze reminded me to prepare early, but what can I prepare?"

"Have you talked to Professor Dumbledore?" Harry asked.

"Of course!" Hagrid said solemnly, "I can't help telling him such important news."

Ona rolled his eyes secretly-it's really troublesome, it won't be easy to run into the forbidden forest in the future.

"Are you going back soon?" Hagrid asked.

"Yes." Harry couldn't wait to meet the legendary Sirius.

"Then go early, it's late." Hagrid didn't hold back either.

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