"Sirius Black!" Everyone was taken aback, except Professor Lupin.

"You are not afraid of me-you are afraid of the Death Eaters!" Sirius Black walked in with Crookshanks in his arms. "I heard something in Azkaban-they thought it was a liar who lied to them and caused Voldemort to miss it."

When Fudge and others heard the name, their faces paled.

Sirius Black dismissed him: "Not all of them are in Azkaban-if anyone knows you are still alive, Peter..."

"But! But if I'm really the murderer who betrayed the Potters, then I've been with Harry for three years, why didn't I attack him!" Peter Pettigrew became more fluent as he spoke, and he became more fluent in anxious speech.

"Because you think it's not good for you!" Sirius Black revealed in hatred. "And why are you hiding at Weasley's house? Because there you can know everything you want to know!"

Little Dwarf couldn't refute it at all, he bowed his head resignedly and let Fudge's Aurors take him away.

Unfortunately, the accident happened. Professor Lu Ping was excited and forgot to drink the wolf poison potion. Although the moon just came out, it was a full moon after all.

In full view, Lupin turned into a werewolf and disrupted everyone's plans. Sirius reacted immediately and turned into a big dog and knocked Lupin out, and several professors immediately suppressed it. After Lupin, Professor Snape cursed with an uncomfortable expression: "I knew you would be bad!" He immediately found the reserved wolf poison potion and tried to send it into Lupin's mouth.

Peter Pettigrew turned into an attempt to escape at the first time, and the Aurors were attracted by the werewolf incident, and they really made Shaban escape! It just didn't wait for it to run far, an eye-catching phoenix suddenly appeared, quickly flew towards Scab, and then slammed into it and exploded! Zebra screamed, a big hole appeared in his body, and blood was flying! Then involuntarily dizzy there.

A sharp light flashed in Professor Dumbledore’s eyes, and a wand in his hand: "Quickly imprison!"

Shaban was wrapped in a bandage and roared helplessly. Although the bandage stopped its blood, it also completely lost its chance of escape.

Fortunately, at this time, most of the students had gone to the cafeteria-and the only one who didn't went was Ona, who silently retracted the giant bow made from the magic wand. Just now he used this bow to shoot Hou Yi's big move, Sunshine Arrow! Ona, who used the secret road to hide in the dense forest, immediately launched a flash to escape, then used Sima Yi's skills to return to the secret road, and then returned to Hogwarts.

Professor Dumbledore watched for a long time. Everyone wanted to know who had used such a fierce magic, but not many people noticed this matter-Lupin hasn't solved it yet!

Fortunately, with the help of the Devil's Net, the stone statue, and Flitwick's spell, Professor Snape succeeded in getting Lupin to drink the wolf's poison potion.

Fudge only felt that he had been greatly impacted tonight-first it proved the innocence of Sirius and the betrayal of the dwarf, and then he did not expect that Hogwarts had hidden a werewolf, and it seemed that Professor Dumbledore and Si Professor Nep also knew that, the most important thing was that Peter Pettigrew almost escaped under his nose, and a mysterious new magic appeared!

"Just...who was that?!" Fudge looked at him with lingering fear, "Is he trying to kill Peter?"

"I don't know." Professor Dumbledore said calmly. Fox has been summoned by him to check it out-they all saw it just now. It is a phoenix-like magic, and as everyone knows, the only one who has a phoenix pet is Professor Dumbledore.

Regrettably, Fox did not find any anomalies-although it sensed the same kind of aura, it was just a ghost of magic, but it had found the place where the magic was issued in the first time, but there was no one there.

The benefits of the flash are reflected-even the Phoenix who is familiar with the space can't perceive it.

"Would you like to use the time converter to check it out?" Fudge asked, holding the time converter that he had retrieved from Professor McGonagall in the afternoon.

"Then I'm not sure I can hide it from myself." Professor Dumbledore denied. He felt that this mysterious person was here to help them catch Peter Pettigrew.

"Okay... But can you give me an explanation?" Fudge suddenly thought of something, and pointed to Professor Lupin who was quiet.

"I know." Professor Dumbledore's tone turned cold. "It's just that I don't have a better candidate — maybe, next school year, I have to ask for a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher from you — you think Moody How about it?"

"What?!" Fudge was turned away from the guest, and he could only replied hesitatingly, "Very well, if you say that, I have no objection."

But in the end, Fudge walked away with Little Star, and the dementors, Professor Dumbledore and others rushed back to the dining room—the students would be strange without them.

As for Professor Lu Ping, he has been taken care of by Hagrid and Sirius Black.

"Can I touch it?" Hagrid stared at Lupin's transformation into a werewolf. "I haven't touched a werewolf yet!"

Sirius looked dazed. He wanted to ask Hagrid to help carry Lupin to the cabin. Now Sirius feels he should do it himself.

Ona went to the restaurant before Professor Dumbledore returned.

"Did you catch a cold? Why did you go to the bathroom for so long?" Glory asked suspiciously.

"Yes." Hermione also felt strange.

"Nothing." Ona shook his head, "I just seemed to see something happen over Hagrid's cabin, but it was too far away, I didn't see what happened."

"Otherwise, let's go over and take a look?" Harry and Ron were also a little worried—the principal hurried back with the deans just now—but Hagrid and Lupin did not show up.

"Don't worry-if there is any major event, you think they will be like this..." Ona originally wanted to explain, only to find that Professor Dumbledore and the Dean were both serious.

Yes, everything went smoothly, but it was unexpected that Professor Lupin's accidental transformation caused such a big mistake, and a mysterious wizard seemed to be hidden in the dense forest. How could it make them feel relieved?

"Let's go see Hagrid later!" Harry said.

"Alright." Ona thought about it, yes, after all, Sirius was still waiting for Harry.

Dinner today is very rich, and tomorrow you can go to Hogsmeade Village again, this is the custom before the holiday.

Harry and the others hurried to Hagrid's cabin, only to find that Hagrid was sitting there disappointed.

"Hi! Hagrid!" Harry greeted, "What's the matter with you?"

"Oh! Hello!" Hagrid cheered up, "Do you believe it? Professor Lupin is actually a werewolf! I just watched him transform, but Sirius didn't let me touch it! I helped to catch it! It’s! And Little Dwarf! Unexpectedly, it was this guy who betrayed the Potters!"

"What!" Harry was taken aback. "What did you just say?!"

Ron couldn't figure it out: "Hagrid, what did you just say about the dwarf Sirius? What happened?"

"Oh! So many things happened tonight!" Hagrid was a person who couldn't help himself. "Go, get in the house and have a cup of tea--I didn't expect, Ron, your mouse scab! It's an Animagus!"

"Isn't Scorch already by Crookshanks... Animagus?!" Ron retorted at first, but his mind suddenly turned around.