Wang Rongrong holding his own Huawei Honor mobile phone, feeling a bit wrong-the phone is too hot!

He carefully unplugged the charging cable, took a look at the charging head and the charging cable that were bought cheaply online, and felt that he had to look for a slightly more expensive and reliable one to use.

Just watched the Harry Potter series of movies again. At the age of 30, he grew up reading the Harry Potter series. At that time, he was only in elementary school. Harry Potter was popular all over the world, and China was no exception. He who loves reading has not missed every Harry Potter publication. In order to be more original, he also studied English hard, and he can read the original English version of Harry Potter fluently.

After the Harry Potter movie was released, he saw it with gusto no matter where it was Harry Potter or the magical beasts, and he also imagined what would happen if there was magic. After growing up, Wang Rongrong was admitted to the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Yenching University. In addition to English, he majored in French and Latin.

Wang Yaorong, who looks a little handsome, has no shortage of girlfriends—especially the foreign language department where the Yin and Yang are declining, but he seems to have never met anyone who makes him willing to live his life. In the end, he ended up breaking up, perhaps because he has always liked it. Emma Watson?

Wang Yaorong, who stayed in school to study Ph.D. and even got the qualification to teach at Yenching University, can be regarded as an academic master. His only hobby except watching movies is to play Wang Zhe Glory, but his rank has been hovering in the diamond section-usually he is still very busy and plays less.

It stands to reason that although the salary is not low, and there is no need for rent and meal headaches-Yanjing University provides low-cost staff dormitories, the canteen is subsidized, and the taste is good, but Wang Yaorong still needs to save money to fight for the house. Naturally, I chose the cheap and good-quality Warwick mobile phone, but when I opened the King of Glory today, there was still a problem with the mobile phone! The increasingly hot cell phone made him try to put it down, but it was too late-Peng! The phone exploded! The undead mobile phone shards flew straight to the eyes of Wang Yaorong who was caught off guard. "Everything is over!" Wang Yaorong only felt that his eyes were dark, but it didn't hurt, but he lost consciousness in an instant. However, after this moment, all traces and memories of Wang Rongrong in the world were suddenly erased, and no one had any memory of Wang Rongrong's existence.

It seemed that he had slept for a long time. When Wang Guangrong opened his eyes again, he felt strange and a little familiar with his surroundings.

"Where is this?" He thought, as if something was wrong, Wang Guangrong wanted to get up, but he didn't have much strength.

"Hey, look, Ona seems to want to get up!" Listening to the English spoken by the young man with a strong accent, he was stunned by the glory. Ona is a girl's name in English, isn't it himself?

"Oh!" This time it was a female voice. "Ona is rare to be so active! I was worried that there would be nothing wrong with boys being too quiet."

"Boy?" Wang Guangrong thought. He was finally relieved when he saw a man and a woman approaching him. "What's the situation?" He thought, what happened to him?

"It's rare, I've been sleeping deeply before, are you hungry?" With a gentle smile, the woman hugged Wang Yaorong.

Wang Rongrong realized that he had become a baby, and he stared at the woman in a daze.

"Isn't it hungry?" The woman patted Wang Guangrong, "Is it because Glory was awakened?"

"Anna, don't be too nervous, they just want the full moon!" The man said with a smile, "according to the Chinese custom, I also invite everyone to eat the full moon wine!"

Wang Rongrong looked at the man, and he was indeed a Chinese. "Who am I? Where am I? When is it now?" Wang Guangrong wanted to speak, but he felt that he could only make a babble.

"Do you want me to hold it?" The man was a little delighted, Anna smiled and put the child named Ona into the man's arms. Wang Rongrong didn't resist either. On the one hand, he didn't have much strength. On the other hand, he made his fellow men more comfortable than being held by a beautiful woman who seemed to be England.

"It looks like Ona is closer to me?" the man said cheerfully.

"Oh! I'm going to be jealous of you! Wang." Anna seemed a little bit savage. "I'm a mother! I worked so hard to give birth to you!" Although Anna was complaining, her beautiful blue eyes were full of love, whether she was looking at Ona or the man named Wang. At this time, as if being awakened, another voice rang: "Wow!"

Anna leaned over and picked up another baby. "Glorry is waking up now?"

Wang Rongrong looked at the baby who was soothed to sleep by Anna's arms as soon as he started crying. He was too young to see what he looked like. I guess he is almost the same, right?

"Ona is still very quiet!" The man patted his son on the back lightly, "It seems to be more with me."

Anna glanced at her lover blankly, "You mean Glory is like me?"

"Haha!" The man looked at his two children and Anna with a smile, everything was so happy.

Wang Rongrong glanced at the calendar on the wall, June 22, 1980, what? Did he travel back to before he was born? However, he was shocked and soon had no chance to think about it. He felt his son staring at the calendar. The man held his son and walked to the calendar. This is the fan calendar: "Did you see it? Nottingham Forest! We were born when you were born. The team is just defending the European Champions Cup!"

"Nottingham Forest?" Although Wang Yaorong likes to play football, China's football strength is not good. He who likes watching football is a fan of Spain and Real Madrid. What the **** is Nottingham Forest? Actually defended the European Champions Cup? But Real Madrid has five consecutive championships and three consecutive championships, a total of twelve UEFA Champions Leagues in hand! I only pay attention to Wang Yaorong after 2000. I don’t know that 1978-1980 is the golden age of Nottingham Forest. After being promoted to the First Division in 1977, he completed the miracle of being promoted to win the championship in 1978, winning the League Cup and achieving the double crown. Then Nottingham Forest won the European Champions Cup again in 1979 and 1980! In 1979, he won the League Cup again. In 1980, he regretted losing in the League Cup final and missed three consecutive championships. The man holding his son pointed to the family photo on the side of the calendar again, "Look, this is your grandfather, Brian! This is your uncle, Nigel, you will be proud of them in the future!"

"Okay!" Anna said with a smile, "Dad and they will come in a few days!"

After teasing the child, the man put Ona and the sleeping Glory back into the crib at Anna's urging, and was then driven to take a bath.

Wang Glory was lying on the bed, really tired. He just closed his eyes and wanted to think about it, but he was shocked to find that he couldn't remember any information about his relatives and friends, only remember that he was from 2020 China? Who am I? With deep doubts and exhaustion, little Ona fell asleep.

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