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Harry Potter: Glory of the King

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Traveling to the world of Harry Potter with the Glory of the King system?

There is also a silly twin sister, Hermione is a childhood sweetheart?

Harry! I treat you as a brother, but you want to be my brother-in-law?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:HPKOG
Alternate Title:哈利波特之王者荣耀
Author:Feed meow meat
Weekly Rank:#5255
Monthly Rank:#4411
All Time Rank:#3586
Tags:Academy, Age Progression, Beautiful Female Lead, Childhood Sweethearts, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Handsome Male Lead, Harry Potter, Hidden Abilities, Male Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System, Twins,
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67 Comments on “Harry Potter: Glory of the King
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  1. This is a good novel, the problem is that there's so much missing chapters and it has been dropped. Please at least give the link for this novel so we can translate it ourselves.

  2. I came back to checked the status of this novel and it says DROPPED!?? Noooooooo!!! Why another potential harry potter novel is dropped halfway.. (T ^ T) @admin is this status confirmed??

  3. Well, in the original, Harry doesn't love Hermione. I repeat, Harry doesn't love Hermione. It's Ron. This novel summary kinda lowered my expectations of this novel cuz the author obviously haven't watch the movie or read the novel.

  4. From the summary it is very obvious that Harry is in love with his twin sister (idk who), while Hermione is his childhood sweetheart. Pls read carefully, it was never mentioned that Harry loved Hermione

  5. 16 capitulos en blanco :P , si esto vuelve a pasar no sigo con esta novela. Es pasable si son 1 o 2 capitulos pero 16 seguidos...

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