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Browder of the third generation was reborn in the world of Harry Potter.

The legacy of the previous two lives gave Browder a stronger foundation in this life.

But… the water in Harry Potter’s world is really deep!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:HPBH
Alternate Title:哈利波特之血猎者
Author:Long-cherished heaven
Weekly Rank:#424
Monthly Rank:#728
All Time Rank:#827
Tags:Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Harry Potter, Magic, Male Protagonist, R-15, System, Wizards,
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24 Comments on “Harry Potter Blood Hunter
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  1. Just to remind myself but the description does a good job with this for once, he’s reborn as the heir to the lestrange family and he was a baby born and blessed by vomdemort himself ! But because it wasn’t his baby bellatrix wanted to kill him but as a baby he got his first soul artifact thing from the ‘system’ aka world consciousness making powerful artifacts like the deathly hallows, he has a talking doll he uses to communicate with regulus saving him and eventually going on to take down his parents and save the black family front he ruin of its initial demise in the books, as well as turning Malloy around to bring out the side of good in him, especially since it’s always like we won’t bother to draw out the good in Malfoy, but since their cousins and grew up together this time they have reason enough to re raise Malfoy the right way ! With kindness in his heart! Also because worlds consciousness is a thing gods and demigods etc are as well and the MC dates Cho Chang and becomes a business tycoon with his assets and investments starting a store equivalent to the weasels wizards wheezes, anyways back to gods he helps Dumbledore and Grindelwald reunite as well as become gods from their demigod status as well as discover the use of the deathly hallows and then Ivan used them as the artifacts of the last god of death to help feel the concept/power of death eventually becoming the new god of death, anyways there are lots of gods but as this world was a magically focused and technology focused one it had to divvy up its energy between the two systems of magic and technology when another big planet of robot lifeforms came along to fight for the worlds consciousness/resources it rallied the smaller worlds under it to fight back but they lost lots of gods in the process, so yeah this world has workshopping or rather inter dimensional travel

  2. Thank you for that summary. Any author who thinks Dumbledore and Grindlewald deserve godhood deserves a miss, even canon Dumbledore is highly questionable at best and not suited for power over other's well-being. Before you wrote about Cho Chang I was considering it for a casual read, but a MC who doesn't mind pairing with her is likely to make horrid decisions, so the point about Dumbledore and his lover make much more sense.

  3. i like this novel but holy shit, the chapters are completely messed up once you go past chapter 500, and even then, a lot of previous chapters are also messed up badly and you miss details due to repeated copied paragraphs. I can read one chapter that is one paragraph of new content, but its repeated 15 times throughout the chapter, that has happened so much. Its unreadable after a certain point and thats very unfortunate.

  4. la verdad estoy decepcionado en lo personal me encanta esta novela, me gusta la trayectoria y como continua, pero no puedo soportar el desorden de trabajo mas, primero en el cap 400 y algo hay muchos capítulos que se cortan y se vuelan pedazos, lo tolere y continúe, volvió a la normalidad, todo genial hasta llegar al caliz de fuego, que no mames wey que cagada ya no fue partes, ya ni se si te fuiste a la parte final de la novela, jodido spoiler que me metí con leer el capitulo 564, cuando estaba en el 563, es como si me pasaras al capitulo 600 o 700, que ya ni se, arregla esto o estas es cargando un montón de capítulos para perder tiempo por que así nadie puede leer la novela, el orden principalmente es un desorden.

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