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Harry Potter and the Old Ones

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When Harry Potter meets Cthulhu World.

When scientific thinking collides with magic theory.


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Short Title:HPOO
Alternate Title:哈利波特与旧日支配者
Author:Eldorado Lich
Weekly Rank:#7137
Monthly Rank:#4279
All Time Rank:#4207
Tags:Cosmic Horror, Evil Gods, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy Magic, Godly Powers, Harry Potter, Interdimensional Travel, Magic, Male Protagonist, Shounen-Ai Subplot, Slave Protagonist, Trap, Wizards,
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25 Comments on “Harry Potter and the Old Ones
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  1. Of course," Nick Lemay said proudly, "I can proudly say that ~www.mtlnovel.com~ I am the most accomplished alchemist in the world... Um... Except for Kunlun Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Laoshan, etc. I am the greatest alchemist in the world today, apart from the old immortal who keeps a broken furnace."😶😶🙄

  2. El mc no es gay solo es narcicista no homofóbico y muy confiado con Harry pero la una parte que duerme con Harry es solo para dar confianza mutua como niños de 11 años no como algo sexual falta lectura crítica para los probadores de veneno daña una lectura medio desente ente todas los que hay y la traductor dise que de llama tiara pero en el comienzo diste que se traduce como (tierra wu) y si es hombre o puede desir la la walfu es ema Watson

  3. This dude say that MC is not gay... And let me if i can be this potion taster in this novel. I hope there is no "Harem" in this novel. If i smell it I will dropped this novel.

  4. i dont which gender to pick here with he and she mixing up and the mc getting all cozy with potter nothing against gays and all but i dont read yaoi novels

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