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Through the 1980s, Zhang Hao has an unparalleled wealth with his powerful golden fingers.

Just as he was about to become the richest man in the world, a mysterious letter opened the door to a new world for him.

“Uh! What? Are you telling me now that I have crossed into the world of Harry Potter? God, you play with me!”

With great expectations, Zhang Hao finally walked into Hogwarts.

As a result, a lot of common sense in the magic world was broken…

Professor McGonagall: “Oh! Mr. Zhang, what have you become? Why have I never seen such a creature?”

Professor Flitwick: “It’s amazing! Is this big flash technique improved by fluorescent flashing? Mr. Zhang, you are such a genius!”

Professor Snape: “Harry Potter! I think you should learn more from Zhang Hao. You will never match his talent and seriousness!”

Professor Dumbledore: “Child! Your light is so dazzling. I think you can keep a low profile. How about giving Harry a place?”

Zhang Hao said with an innocent look: “I also want to keep a low profile, but my strength doesn’t allow it!”

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Short Title:HPAMOM
Alternate Title:哈利波特与魔改大师
Author:Yue Ban Jiao Zhu
Weekly Rank:#3142
Monthly Rank:#651
All Time Rank:#1163
Tags:Academy, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harry Potter, Male Protagonist, Reincarnated in Another World, Special Abilities, Wizards,
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42 Comments on “Harry Potter and Master of Magic
  1. "The wealth of an incomparable country, rich survival skills, and complicated life experiences, all these hybrids together give Zhang Hao an unparalleled aura.    Although he was asking, he felt like he had to obey.    Harry was only in contact with Zhang Hao for the first time, and he gave birth to an inexplicable inferiority complex from the bottom of his heart. He stared directly at Zhang Hao, with a sense of worship in his eyes." Seriously WTF the Racist MC gave Harry a inferiorty complex by speaking to Hagrid in English 😜. I seriously doubt if the author has any logic here. Not to mention how is this MC able start a business and become billionaire as minor ( he is less than 11 years and he has become richest in CHINA) . Bah I salute to authors stupid logic 😂

  2. "De repente, estaba enojado desde su corazón, el mal se atrevió, y de repente estalló un pensamiento: "¡No me quieras dejar, no pienses en ninguno de ellos! Soy el hombre más rico, un super mago, un maestro de reforma mágica ... me gusta. ¿La niña se va a dar a los demás? ¿Por qué no morir? ¡Hay una especie de amor que se llama dejar ir! ¡Papá no deja ir! ¿Quién quiere llamar a papá un cabrón a su antojo? .. ¡Papá es tan dominante! Ahora ... es mejor volverse más fuerte ... El derecho a aparearse si no se vuelve más fuerte ... eh ... "." WTF, se le descontrolo el pito al autor ahí

  3. Es una buena historia Lo malo es añadirle el elemento dios de otro mundo La visión del mundo debería dejarse en Harry Potter world y viajar por el mundo O haciendo un reino cientifico-magico Incluso un reino animal Posdata: La actualización es muy lenta

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