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The overworked Gong Zhi wears a book, so that she can live a long life in this life, she wants to keep healthy with salted fish.

Twenty years after drinking wolfberry tea, the late but the system told her that longevity is not a dream! The prerequisite is to prevent the blackened fate of the double heroine.

Gong Zhi tightened the thermos and dried this medlar chrysanthemum tea: it’s dried!
Gong Zhi rushed to the scene, and the male protagonist was humiliating the female protagonist with a contract.

Gong Zhi: Although it’s a bit late, don’t panic, I have a way!

Gong Zhi forcefully inserts to replace his elder brother to fuck the heroine.
Male lead:?

Take the path of the hero, leaving the hero with nowhere to go. Blocking from the source, anyway, she will not be bad for the heroine. From then on, you can continue to keep the salted fish healthy.

No one knew that Shen Ying was born again. She forgives too early in the previous life, and darkens too late.

In this life, she must prevent everyone from dying well, and let the people she loves live long.

When she came back from hell, she opened her eyes and saw the scene in front of her. The vicious and stupid little sister was standing on tiptoe to please herself: Don’t be afraid, no one will bully you in the future.

Shen Ying evokes a smile. Could this guy also be born again? Just let me see how you want to please me.

On the first day that Shen Ying pretended to be pitiful, Gong Zhi was taking care of the salted fish.

The next day when Shen Ying pretended to be poor, Gong Zhi was taking care of the salted fish.

Shen Ying pretended to be poor…Shen Ying couldn’t do it anymore. She threw Gong Zhi’s thermos cup, poured Gong Zhi’s wolfberry and chrysanthemum water, and tear off Gong Zhi’s blindfold: Why didn’t you come to please me? ? ?

Crazy criticism of the black female protagonist x wooden emotionally healthy salted fish

Content tags: urban love, wealthy family, special liking, inspirational life
Search keywords: Protagonist: Gong Zhi, Shen Ying Supporting role: Pre-received text: Being a teacher is really not Sea King Others:
One sentence introduction: The salted fish female partner does not want to be vicious
Conception: Destiny is controlled by oneself

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Short Title:GHLGSF
Alternate Title:跪求女主放过本咸鱼
Author:Mo Jun
Weekly Rank:#6540
Monthly Rank:#5187
All Time Rank:#6579
Tags:beautiful heroine, books like upgrade specialist in another world, Businessmen, Childish Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cohabitation, Doting Older Siblings, Doting Parents, Early Romance, Entertainment, Entertainment Circle, Family Business, Female Protagonist, Jealousy, Marriage, Modern, Modern Day, Multiple CP, Multiple Transported Individuals, Obsessive Love, Power Couple, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sharing A Body, Shoujo Ai, Smart Couple, System, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters, Yuri,
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9 Comments on “Guiqiu the Hostess Let Go of the Salted Fish
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  1. I had a fun time reading this. MC is capable but prefers to be a salted fish. LOL But FL's desire to possess MC is in another level. It's insane and scary! She's always like a hungry beast and MC is her food/prey. And she treats the MC as her most prized possession she wants to keep for herself alone and hide from the world. But that's the blackened heroine for you all. Eventually, FL's mental state and how she handles her emotion improve. I like the character development of everyone - including the family members and friends, which makes even the side characters interesting. This is a well-written novel with a perfectly balanced romance and drama. Plus, there's a good amount of mystery that keeps me guessing throughout the story and I like that nothing was left unanswered at the end. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this novel. It's a must read!

  2. The summary was kinda confusing so let me make it a bit clearer for everyone. MC died at a young age of 27 for being workaholic in her previous life and was then reincarnated in a new world. So when she was reborn, she made sure to keep her body healthy and enjoy life to live longer this time. She thought it was just an ordinary world not until she turned 20 and an auxiliary system revealed to her that she's in a novel, wherein the heroine(FL) is going to be blackened which will then led to the chaos of the world and also the MC's doom. So MC was given the task to save the heroine(FL) from blackening. Unbeknownst to her, the FL is already a blackened heroine because she just came back from the future. It's like a rebirth & time travelling at the same time. FL was reborn 10 years back, at the time before everything in her life went downhill. Because of her sufferings in the previous life, FL now is wiser & stronger, but also vigilant & always skeptical about everything which makes her blackening value unstable and causes MC to panic all the time - because if FL's blackening value reaches 100, the MC will die. But FL is doubtful of MC's real purpose in helping her because the original owner of MC's body is the vicious female supporting character who bullied the FL in her previous life and also the sister of the scumbag male protagonist. MC values her health & life a lot so she did everything to prevent FL from completely blackening.

  3. 8/10. Started out great, but the later parts are really beginning to get boring. I stopped at around 100 since it's practically finished. Female lead, 9/10. Possessive and obsessive. I really like the female since I personally like yanderes but I just think that her personality just suddenly changed abruptly. MC, 8/10. Could have avoided a lot of things had she used her brain more. But overall, she's okay. MC and FL pamper each other. Sweet and fluffy. Translation is understandable. You just need to double on your common sense.

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