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The new book “Swallowing Heaven and Earth System” has been published on the Chuangshi Chinese website, please download QQ to read and search for the doomsday brought by a black rain. Zombies are rampant, and T viruses are rampant! ! There are more powerful G viruses that make monster zombies evolve. What is the end of evolution? Where is the future of mankind? ? The broken chain of genes, the forgotten ancient memory in the genes. The protagonist Yang Qun brings blood and flames to the sky, monsters, demons, all will pay the price! !

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Short Title:GVE
Alternate Title:GT病毒进化者
Author:Justice Di
Weekly Rank:#956
Monthly Rank:#867
All Time Rank:#3460
Tags:Adventurers, Apocalypse, Army, Betrayal, Blood Manipulation, Cannibalism, Demons, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy Creatures, Firearms, Human Experimentation, Human Weapon, Humanoid Protagonist, Immortals, Kingdom Building, Military, Mutated Creatures, Mutations, Post-apocalyptic, Romantic Subplot Ruthless Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Special Abilities, Superpowers, Vampires, Werebeasts, Zombies,
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23 Comments on “GT Virus Evolutionary
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  1. After the person who ordered the protagonist to get such cruel poison and manipulation it is so nice the Vengeance like rat torture. I had other torture , maybe...break the mind and sluttify that Vilian . Than either to be useful but heh

  2. I don't care for the consequences in the dream world I would make it available to found phoenix bones beloved one eiter just knowing the target or Necromancy to full life . There was no alternative

  3. The monster of Corrosive Digestive liquid like creeper from creeper world vs the protagonist who used the poison he obtained and nearly died to some even more horrible poison which poisoned that grey goo digestive flesh liquid thing

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