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Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

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Due to the machination of her boyfriend (Yi Jinxi) and “bestie” (Zhong Yi) , Xu Luosang who used to be a noble lady of a rich family was reduced to hiding her identity in order to rise up again. Her fiance put her father in jail and all that love turned to hate. So she lies about her age, hides her beauty and starts working as a carer in order to regain her power so she could save her father.

Our story begins with her nursing Nian Junting, a high-handed and narcissistic president, who suffered an accident and is unable to move and also unable to get it up. Being a man-child, the words he says are always the opposite of what the other party wants.

She thought their relationship was nothing more than a deal, so she left continuing her plans in her revenge, but time proved that he really loved her. He kept pestering her shamelesly, even obtaing a marriage certificate. His righteosness and fairness charmed her in time…..but will he make her fall in love again?

His sister: “Luosang must have reaped a significant amount of bad karma in her past lives to have been fancied by her brother.”

Him: “If I make Zhong Yi fall into the water every day, will you kiss me and feed me every day?”

Luosang’s mouth corners twitched slightly. ‘Really? Are you jealous of a dog?’

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Short Title:GFYMN
Alternate Title:年先生,慢慢喜欢你
Author:Leaf Snow
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Adult, Josei, Mature, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
Weekly Rank:#146
Monthly Rank:#194
All Time Rank:#163
Tags:Broken Engagement, Businessmen, Couple Growth, Delusions, Female Protagonist, Possessive Characters, Power Couple, Prison, Revenge, Slow Romance, Smart Couple, Unconditional Love, Voice Actors,
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