"Hey, good," fm2016 ", finally there is a perfect cracked version, although fm is now out in 2018 but can't afford it!"

Jingyang smiled happily. The name Jingyang is said to be because he was found on the landscape platform in the park next to the orphanage by the then dean. At that time, the sun was bright, so he gave him the name ...

An orphan in Jingyang relied on scholarships and work-study to finish elementary school, middle school, high school, and university. Now 30-year-old Jingyang works in a game company, and pays the rent for food and drinks. There are only a few left. It's only a hundred yuan, and Jingyang has loved football, including football games, since he was a child, but he likes to buy hundreds of genuine genuine editions, which is still unaffordable for Jingyang, so he can only download this cracked version from the Internet to play.

Watching the computer suddenly stuck after the game was installed halfway, Jing Yang patted the computer angrily and said, "It's so irritating, this broken computer has problems in three days and two ends. At this point, it seems that the installation is finished and it is stuck again!"

A sudden pop-up window on the computer screen scared Jingyang. There is a sentence and two options written on the window. There is no place to close. Are you extremely dissatisfied with your current life. If you are given a chance to be born again, are you willing to be born again? Yes, unwilling, two options. by! "Who is the old man who was so boring a few years ago? Do I have to put a virus on a broken computer like this? Is there any humanity? Only a fool is fooled!"

But ... but Jingyang tried various methods and couldn't close this window, and couldn't restart after restart. Forget it, it's a Trojan horse or the like. There is nothing he can let him steal, anyway, this broken computer is also I do n’t plan to do it, yes! Jingyang clicked angrily on the willingness, the window disappeared instantly, the installation of fm2016 was completed quickly, but the computer suddenly slammed ... exploded.

City News: On August 31, 2018, a spontaneous combustion explosion occurred in a computer in a rental house in T city. The party Jing died unfortunately on the spot. The official reminded not to use excessive power at high temperature. Please check the circuit in time to prevent the tragedy from happening again. ,Thank you!

Woo ... what the hell! Jing Yang opened her eyes and found that she was lying in a European-style room, wasn't she? She was clearly in her rental house before ... Jing Yang tried hard to think back, computer, fm2016, virus ... virus ... yes !! That window exploded after clicking the computer, ah!

Suddenly Jingyang's head seemed to burst, and a stream of memories that did not belong to him appeared in his mind ... fainted, and Jingyang was stunned ... half an hour when Jingyang sat up again, right. .. should now be called Marco Jingyang. After receiving all the memories, Jingyang came to a conclusion that he was reborn, and he was reborn in 2014.

Now the original owner of this body is called Marco Jingyang, Italian and Chinese mixed, but it is a coincidence that his parents died unexpectedly when he was 15 years old, and Marco Yang's father was an orphan, and His mother was abandoned by the side of the road when he was a child, and was adopted by an Italian couple but it did n’t last long. The Italian couple died when Marco. Yang was three years old ... Marco. Jingyang ’s parents were at I know the sights of Lu You and hope that the children can be like the sun, so I took this name.

And Marco Jingyang is now a senior in sports coaching at the University of Bologna. He has a good record of learning football from his urination. Just a few days ago, Marco was lucky enough to get the full set of tickets for the 2014 World Cup. Suddenly excited suddenly died at home.

"Is that coincidence between that window and my own rebirth ... or ..." Jingyang thought of the goose bumps spontaneously rising up here ... Does this world really have ... the existence of God?

"Forget it, let ’s do it, but what do we do next? It looks like this university, although very good, but a football coach in the sports department ... and this product also passed the UEFA A-level test at its own expense. Certificate ... it ’s really a school fighter, but this year is not what you say when you are a coach, even if you are an assistant coach, you do n’t mean when you are a coach. First of all, Jingyang, a football player, does n’t know anyone, no In the case of introduction, that head coach wants you, that club wants you ... "

Jingyang stood up and looked at the layout of the room. Although the room is not very large, it is clean and tidy. There is a computer and a row of bookshelves in the room. There are various books about football training on the bookshelf. . Jingyang pushed open the bedroom door and walked out, and turned around. This is an old-fashioned two-story house with a kitchen, study, and toilet on the first floor. There are two bedrooms on the second floor. The house is clean and tidy, and the refrigerator is also placed. Tidy.

Jingyang took a can of cold beer and sat in front of the computer carefully thinking about the way forward. If it is difficult to find a job under the current conditions, because of professional reasons, but want to work in a football club I do n’t have any contacts. I have studied computer in my previous life, and I also did game work.

Jingyang inadvertently saw the set of tickets on the table, and the integration of Ding 咚 fm2016 system and the host was completed. Please check the host by yourself!

"What ... who are you? Why did your voice appear in my head!" Jingyang was really scared this time. "My host is the fm system. You have been bound to the system. If you do not understand anything, please directly ask the system and the system will answer it for you!"

This ... Jingyang couldn't be more familiar with the football game of fm, but ... but is it really like the novel, did he get a cheat?

"This ... system I want to ask you, what features does the fm system have? And what price do I need to pay?" Jingyang asked two questions that he was most concerned about.

"The host please rest assured that the fm system will not have any side effects, and you can communicate directly with me in your heart, you do not need to say it. The function of the fm system can not provide you with any help because you are still in the field Of course, if you join a team for advice or run a team, all the functions of the fm system will be fully activated. The specific functions are like the games you played in previous lives. The system can provide you with more comprehensive player data. Which players can be transferred, wait! "The mechanized voice of the system said in Jingyang's mind.

Listening to the systemic answer, I looked at the tickets for the World Cup in Brazil ... Jing Yang flashed a bold idea in his mind, but it is also the best way for now.

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