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Great Voyage: the Strongest Clone System

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Travel to the world of pirates and become Belmer’s adopted son! Nami and Nokigo’s older brother! Liu Ye, has been planting oranges for five years!

One day, Liu Ye, who suddenly realized that he couldn’t go on like this, with the mentality of trying, meditated in his heart: “System?”

“I’m here.” A cute voice like classmate Xiao Ai rang.

Awaken the strongest clone system! Every time you level up, you can get a clone!

Absolute loyalty, not afraid of death, and able to upgrade through battles, improve attributes, and even directly buy various exaggerated magical abilities!

“To tell you the truth, the naval headquarters, the sea emperor of the new world, the master of the underground world, and even the top leaders of the cp0 and the revolutionary army, have my people.”

Before the war in Wano, Liu Yejin took Nami’s hand mysteriously, and said to Nami, “Don’t be afraid, no one dares to touch you with your brother’s backing.”

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Short Title:GVSCS
Alternate Title:大航海:最强分身系统
Author:break through sky k
Weekly Rank:#686
Monthly Rank:#407
All Time Rank:#1871
Tags:Fanfiction, One Piece, Pirates, Schemes And Conspiracies, Smart MC, System,
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30 Comments on “Great Voyage: the Strongest Clone System
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  1. Selalu kalau yang genre fanfic kalau MC nya punya sistem yang kuat karakteristik MC itu pasti menyebalkan,bodoh dan gak bersyukur

  2. Les puedo hacer una pregunta como puedo recargar faloo ya que es complicado para recargar con app chinas y no me sale otra opcion algun consejo

  3. This one isn't bad actually. I liked it except for a few minor issues. The story begins when nami was 5 years old. The first 200 chapters describe a time period of about 2 years. Canon starts after 250. Also MC's character is not very likable. but since the story focuses more on clones, Mc's character doesn't bother much. Last faloo update was 110 days ago. Either hiatus or dropped. Do you know any fanfiction where MC doesn't stand out much, mostly summoned characters or clones are focused, like "Behind the Scenes from American Comics" , "Marvel: Unlimited Possession", "Pirates: Invasion of the Heavens" and this novel ?

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