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Great At Acting, Now I’m Reborn

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Zhou Yuhe had a bad temper, but he didn’t care. When he was young, his stunning beauty in his youth made him never lack in resources in his industry.

Until after a fire, his face was destroyed;

Zhou Yuhe wasn’t good at acting, but he didn’t care. When he was young, the popularity of tens of thousands of fans allowed him choose among the most popular scripts;

Until 15 years later, he acted with Liu Xiaosheng in the remake of his drama;

Someone ruined his acting career with a big fire,

Fifteen years later, he was killed by the same fire.

It was a pity that he shouldn’t have died.

Zhou Yuhe returned to before the big fire with super high acting skills that he had cultivated for fifteen years.

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Short Title:GAANIR
Alternate Title:超会演戏的我现在重生了
Weekly Rank:#2098
Monthly Rank:#2074
All Time Rank:#1383
Tags:Acting, Celebrities, Confident Protagonist, Disfigurement, Mature Protagonist, Modern Day, Movies, Past Plays a Big Role, Past Trauma, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Revenge, Second Chance, Showbiz, Weak to Strong,
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17 Comments on “Great At Acting, Now I’m Reborn
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  1. "The life of this coward Cheng Yun. He only mustered the courage twice. All because of you. Cai Bowen." 😭😭😭😭

  2. It was so good and worth to read, I swear <3 dang I actually cried in the extra chapters T^T the first life is so pitiful uck, I love the ML here, he isn't your typically ML where they were bossy and arrogant or something, he's a hard working actor, he struggle first in order to achieve what he is right now. he is also so cute and caring, ahh he's an ideal husbando T^T he will stay by your side even in you darkness time, he'll give you a new light and hope, a life where you will crawl back to the top again... ahhh <3

  3. Very, very good story. especially the movies in the story... the story flow, the characters, I fell into each one separately. 🐧💕😢

  4. Well I really like this novel and the whole plot intrigues me to keep reading... PS: I really appreciate the author for this story and the story within the story. I really want to pinpoint one thing this novel where our MC and ML acted in this one particular movie which is really a masterpiece, The story in that movie really peirced my heart and it is very thought provoking. .. so that I cried really hard in chapter 116 where the movie concludes. I would really like to recommend this novel and I will wish that you.. . . . Have a great day 😋

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