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He is the most watched big star in the world, he is the first person in the entertainment industry who does not do his job properly, and he is a popular favorite in Hollywood!

You may have just watched the commercial movie he starred in this year, and even the most ordinary roles are amazing; you may have listened to the album he just released, and the moving degree can be compared with his handsome face; Have you seen the “Saturday Night Live” hosted by him, the audience almost burst into laughter; by the way, at this year’s Venice Film Festival, the new film he shot was the opening film, and the audience was full, with warm applause. He sets off like a god…

Evan Bell, his handsome and handsome face can be seen on movie websites, magazine covers, and pictorial propaganda boards all over the world. To him, utilitarianism and false fame are all floating clouds, and life is as gorgeous as summer flowers. He is just enjoying life.

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This book is purely for self-entertainment, and read and have fun. If there is any similarity, it is definitely a coincidence, please do not take it seriously.

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Short Title:GA
Alternate Title:大艺术家
Author:Qiqijia d cat cat
Weekly Rank:#504
Monthly Rank:#537
All Time Rank:#1347
Tags:Artists, Business Management, Celebrities, Childhood Friends, Childhood Sweethearts, College/University, Entertainment, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Lawyers, Male Protagonist, Movies, Music, Poor to Rich, Showbiz, Single Parent, Stubborn Protagonist, Voice Actors,
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45 Comments on “Great Artist
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  1. Why tf did the author used a Chinese name? Idk what the author's on because 80s Hollywood is racist AF. Asian actors are stereotyped as either a nerd or a martial artist.

  2. Gonna drop this now. 13yo Blake Lively hitch hiking to travel interstate, and the author just shrug it off with "you don't look like a bad man"? This just doesn't make any sense.

  3. I'm 1 chapter in and I got so confused already, why the hell are they talking about the MC not playing Grizabella? That's common sense already. Now I'm wondering how the mistakes on the pronouns and prepositions really change the paragraphs.

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