Chapter 215 Control the world! The ancestor has boundless mana! The encounter of the two saints!

  Han Li's pupils shrank slightly.

   This Lu Zhen is really domineering.

   Shenbinglu intentionally sent envoys to invite him to join, but Lu Zhen cut him off in advance.

   This cut off Han Li's way out.

   But it was just what he wanted. Anyway, Han Li didn’t plan to join the Shenbinglu. The Shenbinglu is also a soy saucer. He will definitely join Bai Yujing in the end.

   Originally, Han Li wanted to sell it for a price and get some benefits from Bai Yujing, but now it seems that he can't do it.

  There will be another big change in the future.

   "Fellow Daoist Han, would you like to worship Bai Yujing?" Lu Zhen looked at Han Li with a smile.

  At this moment, he has a gentle face and a flat tone, and it is not at all obvious that he is the murderous third head teacher Bai Yujing.

  Han Li pretended to sigh, and said with a complicated expression: "Does Han still have a choice?"

  Lu Zhen sneered, and said lightly: "Isn't this what Fellow Daoist Han expected? Why do you act like this."

  Everyone is a smart person, how could Lu Zhen fail to see Han Li's careful thinking, if this person didn't want to join Bai Yujing, he would not have merged Han House and Li House and exposed his identity to the world.

  Han Li smiled and stopped pretending. Now Lu Zhen has been trapped by him.

  Seeing that Han Li didn't deny it, Lu Zhen said in a deep voice: "Han Li, you and I both know why you did this."

   "Lu's ugly words are at the beginning. If you just want to use Bai Yujing to restore your cultivation, then you are making a big mistake. Don't make mistakes."

   "Otherwise, no matter who you were in your previous life or what state you were in, you will not be able to escape Bai Yujing's grasp on the territory of Qianyuan Shenzhou."

  Before coming to Xuanyu Chengsheng Mountain, Lu Zhen discussed with Qi Chunfeng, the second head teacher, including Han Li's identity, purpose, strength, and even the treatment after entering Baiyujing.

  They analyzed Han Li's information, combined with Han Li's character and style, and deduced that Han Li was basically the reincarnation of a master of the Tongxuan Realm or a saint of the Holy Abyss Realm.

  Decades ago, Han Licai broke the mystery of the womb and awakened Su Hui. Since then, his cultivation has improved by leaps and bounds, and he is out of control, and now he is the Martial King in the middle stage of the True Martial Realm.

  Han Li is very low-key, focusing on developing the family, hardly going out, not competing for training resources, and not honing to gain opportunities, but he is also good at many powerful heaven-level martial arts, and has mastered them to the perfect level. This is still exposed.

  The cultivation resources of the Han family are basically traded with the outside world, and the goods are pills, weapons, etc. This shows that Han Li has a lot of attainments in the four arts of cultivation.

   This is more consistent with the characteristics of the reincarnated strong.

  If Han Li was lucky enough to get a great opportunity to rise and become a peerless genius, then he does not meet these characteristics. After all, peerless geniuses cannot work behind closed doors and rely on hard work to advance by leaps and bounds.

  Genius also needs to go out to fight and hone, compete for resources and opportunities, and practice martial arts step by step, it is impossible to master them to perfection in a very short time, especially if you have to be distracted to study the four arts of self-cultivation

For the reincarnated powerhouses, the attitudes of the major holy places in Qianyuan Shenzhou are rather ambiguous. Those who are willing to join them will have no problem; those who are unwilling to join without a strong background will be punished. Obtaining their memories will also be counted as giving to the holy places Add a bit of background.

  If someone has a strong background, such as a big backer outside Qianyuan Shenzhou, then he will be expelled from Qianyuan Shenzhou and let him go back and forth.

  There are several reasons why Bai Yujing was willing to accept Han Li.

  First, Han Li was born in Tianxuan Mountain, and if he goes back up, he still has some relationship with Bai Yujing.

  Secondly, Han Li is a reincarnated mighty saint who quickly cultivated to the Real Martial Realm. He is only over 200 years old now, so he has training value.

  If Bai Yujing passes through the layers of screening, the cultivation of resources will be increased to help him quickly cultivate to the Divine Origin Realm, and even the Tongxuan Realm, enhancing Bai Yujing's strength.

  Thirdly, Han Li is a low-key person, has a big picture, and will not cause trouble, and is more compatible with Taoism, so it is just right to worship Bai Yujing.

  Fourth, this is for the sake of the situation in Xuanyu. Absorbing Han Li into Baiyujing can make use of the Dagan Dynasty and add a barrier to Qitianjiao.

  The Dagan Dynasty can be used to resist the northward movement of the demon gate, and it can also block the eastward advance of the Buddhist gate. With Bai Yujing behind him, Han Li only needs to restrain the Kurong Temple and the Yin-Yang Dao.

  For this reason, Bai Yujing can ignore Han Li's preferences, ignore Han Li's frequent marriages and concubines, and give him some support so that he can continue to work in the dynasty.

Judging from Han Li's behavior in the world, his grievances and grievances are clear, and he must be repaid. He is as small as handling the funeral for his junior brother Qiuxuan, as big as protecting Tianxuan Mountain from disasters, driving away Dugu Bing, and escorting Tianxuan Mountain to the Qitian Sect. range settled.

   This is what Bai Yujing needs.

  They don't want to take a white-eyed wolf into Baiyujing. Although there won't be any big troubles, it will disgust them. A character like Han Li is very good.

   It's just that although Han Li is good in all aspects, he came to Bai Yujing with the intention of making use of it, and wanted to use Bai Yujing's resources to restore his previous cultivation.

  Han Li reached an agreement with Chu Dingqian of the Dagan Dynasty to help him guard the Dagan Dynasty for four hundred years, and obtained a large amount of resources from him.

It has only been about ten years since Han Li felt that the time was right, so he took the initiative to reveal Li Feiyu's identity and attract Bai Yujing. Although this did not violate the covenant between Han Li and Chu Dingqian, it can be seen that Han Li is not particularly peaceful. people.

  So as soon as Lu Zhen opened his mouth, he beat Han Li, telling him to calm down and be honest.

  Looking at Lu Zhen, Han Li said sternly: "Don't worry, Teacher Lu, I believe you all know who Han Li is."

   Lu Zhen nodded slightly.

  The two talked again, Lu Zhen took out an oath stone, and said something to Han Li, Han Li did as he did, and completed the initiation ceremony.

  Although he swore an oath, Bai Yujing did not restrict Han Li too much. There were only a few fundamental principles, such as not killing each other, not bullying teachers and destroying ancestors, not deliberately harming Bai Yujing's interests, etc.

   Seeing Han Li finish all this, a smile appeared on Lu Zhen's face. Now Han Li is his own.

  Bai Yujing's disciples will not be bound by the oath stone at the beginning, only when they reach a certain stage, otherwise they will not be able to obtain the key training of Bai Yujing.

  As the King of True Martial Realm, Han Li is considered to be in the upper middle class in Bai Yujing, so he naturally needs this kind of style, otherwise Bai Yujing will not be at ease.

   "These are some of the resources you paid for Bai Yujing. If there is no objection, Lu will leave first."

  Lu Zhen threw a space ring to Han Li, which contained a large amount of resources, including pills, weapons, talismans, arrays, some exercises and martial arts of Bai Yujing, etc.

  Han Li took the interspatial ring, swept it with his spiritual sense, and a look of surprise appeared on his face, Bai Yujing was quite generous.

  If he is really in the middle stage of the True Martial Realm, these resources will be of great use to him and the Han family. Now, they can also add some benefits to the Han family.

   "Naturally, Mr. Han has no objection. Thank you, Third Master, for making a trip." Han Li cupped his hands and said with a smile.

  Lu Zhen nodded and headed north, his figure disappeared quickly, only one sentence reached Han Li's ears.

   "Junior Brother Han, Daojun captured the city lord of Emperor Wu in Dangyang Mountain last time. He was a quasi-emperor in his previous life. If you are interested, you can go back to Baiyujing."

  Han Li froze for a moment, then sighed, and then a look of relief appeared on his face, and he fell towards Chengsheng Mountain.

  Two million miles away, Lu Zhen stood in the sky, with his hands behind his back, looking indifferently in the direction of Chengsheng Mountain.

  Han Li's final expression was detected by his spiritual sense, and he nodded in satisfaction. He said this on purpose, just to give Han Li a final blow.

  Bai Yujing brought Han Li into the door and gave him resources to support him. Naturally, he had a purpose. Lu Zhen was worried that Han Li would violate the law, so he made the last beating.

  If Han Li keeps his own place, then if he comes to Bai Yujing, Lu Zhen can indeed allow him to obtain some benefits from the City Lord Wudi;

  What's the use of the reincarnation of the strong? In front of Bai Yujing, a tiger will lie on its stomach, and a dragon will coil up.

   Looking back, Lu Zhen was quite satisfied with his trip to Chengsheng Mountain. Finally, he communicated with Qi Ling of Zhundi Bing and got the final answer.

  Han Li has nothing to do with the mysterious Tong Xuan Realm powerhouse who appeared in Dangyang Mountain.

  If Lu Zhen believes in the spirit of the Emperor Zhun's weapons, Han Li's strength is not enough to deceive the Emperor Zhun's soldiers, unless Han Li possesses the Emperor's Weapons of the Heavenly Imperial Realm.

   But how is this possible?

  Emperor Soldiers at the level of Tianyujing are not Chinese cabbage!

  Chengsheng Mountain, Chengdao Peak.

  Han Li stood on the top of the mountain, with a smile on his lips. Lu Zhen spied from a distance and did not hide it from him. Judging from his expression, he has passed the test perfectly.

  The first step of the plan was completed, and from then on, his ancestor Han also had a backer.

  With Bai Yujing's tiger skin, whether it is him or the descendants of the Han family, it is much easier to marry wives and concubines within the scope of Xuanyu.

  He is now Bai Yujing's disciple, and his status has been elevated a lot invisibly, and the forces of all parties will not attack him at will, which is more conducive to the development of the Han family.

  As for the plan to replace the Holy Land, it will take its time. After more than ten years, or even twenty or thirty years, Bai Yujing will relax his vigilance and send offspring to Bai Yujing.

  It’s just that the training conditions in the Han family are many times better than those of Bai Yujing, not to mention the other seven sects such as Taixuanzong and Chunyang Palace. I’m afraid not many people in the Han family are willing to go there.

   But Patriarch Han has his own way, there is no rush, take your time.

  As a member of Bai Yujing, with his true martial arts cultivation base, he can receive a certain share of training resources every year. This is just a basic guarantee and does not enhance his cultivation base much.

  Bai Yujing's disciples want to obtain more cultivation resources, but also have to make continuous contributions to Bai Yujing, such as completing some sect tasks.

   Han Li also has a mission. Lu Zhen mentioned it to him before, asking him to maintain the stability of the Daqian Dynasty and not be annexed by Yinyang Dao or Kurong Temple. Bai Yujing will give him some support.

   There is no time limit for this task. As long as the Dagan Dynasty is still there, so that Yinyang Dao and Kurong Temple cannot annex the Dagan Dynasty, Han Li can still obtain a large amount of cultivation resources from Bai Yujing every year.

  Although these cultivation resources are useless to Han Li, they are not bad for the Han family, and can be used as one of the resources of the Han family.

  Anyway, these are incidental things, even if Bai Yujing did not make this request, Han Li would still maintain the stability of the Daqian Dynasty.

   With this wave of operations, Patriarch Han felt that he had made a lot of money!

  The previous plan was perfectly realized, and there were no mistakes in all aspects. After dealing with the possible envoys sent by Empress Huangyue and Empress Yuanchu, the Han family can continue to develop in a low-key manner.

  After seeing Lu Zhen leave Xuanyu, Han Li was completely relieved, and then set about restoring Chengsheng Mountain to its original appearance.

   Soon, the thriving and vigorous Chengsheng Mountain returned, and all the hidden things appeared, and the sealed cultivation and qualifications of the descendants of the Han family were all released.

  Longyue, Ling Qingshuang, Xue Yueqing, Yao Xi, Murong Ying and many other wives and concubines whose identities cannot be revealed by Han Li also came out of Shitian Tower.

  Time, like some readers, comes and goes in a hurry.

   Half a month later,

  Han Li is in Ling Qingshuang's bedroom, discussing Taoism with her, and teaching her.

  Facing Ling Qingshuang, who was eager for profound Taoism, Han Li agreed. He is a man who doesn't know how to refuse, and he teaches Ling Qingshuang all he can.

  During the intense preaching, seeing Ling Qingshuang's expression of enjoyment, Han Li also devoted a little bit of his mind to carry out a great cause.

  Open the treasure chest!

  Finally, it’s time for the long-awaited opening of treasure chests.

  Since breaking through to the Tongxuan Realm, Han Li has not opened a treasure chest yet, although he may have opened an immortal weapon.

  The main reason is that the first opportunity to open a treasure chest with a 5-year cultivation base last month has been used. If you open the second time, you will need 50 years of cultivation base. Han Li expressed his distress.

  In order to break through to the Tongxuan Realm, he has almost consumed his accumulated cultivation for a long time, and there are only two hundred years left. Han Li intends to save a little.

   It is too difficult to obtain immortal soldiers. Fifty years of cultivation is likely to be in vain. It is better to wait for the opportunity to open the treasure chest of five years of cultivation this month.

   Now, the time has finally come.

  In order to open this treasure chest, Han Li also specially found Ling Qingshuang to fight against this lonely and glamorous royal sister, to rub her luck.

  With a thought of Han Li, the treasure chest interface appeared in front of him, on the high mountain of Ling Qingshuang, which made Patriarch Han even more excited.

   While exchanging Taoism with Ling Qingshuang, applauding Ling Qingshuang's singing, he opened the treasure chest at the same time.

  Looking at the treasure chest shrouded in auspicious rays of light, Han Li moved in his heart, and said silently: "Open~"

  In an instant, the golden light of the treasure chest shone brightly, and infinite light shone out. Only Han Li could see this, and he was immediately excited.

   This is the rhythm of explosion!

   Could it be that the first time he opened a treasure chest after breaking through the Tongxuan Realm, he could really get into his soul and unearth the immortal weapon he had been thinking about?

  When the immeasurable golden light dissipated, a treasure appeared on the virtual panel in front of Han Li, followed by a system notification sound.

   "Ding~ The treasure chest has been successfully opened, congratulations to the owner for obtaining the emperor-level top-grade treasure [Royal Dao Banner]!"

  Looking at the flag floating above the treasure chest, Han Li was slightly taken aback, and then sighed secretly, after all, no immortal soldiers were fired.

  The Imperial Dao Banner is just the best imperial soldier!

  Han Li glanced at Ling Qingshuang, who was under him, and continued to preach for her, muttering in his heart, could it be that he didn't have enough luck?

  Afterwards, Han Li devoted himself to exchanging Taoism with Ling Qingshuang. Although he didn't get an immortal weapon, it was very good to have a top-grade emperor weapon.

  After imparting all the profound Taoism to Ling Qingshuang, Han Li left satisfied and came to Chengdao Peak.

  He took out the Royal Dao Banner he had just obtained, carefully observed this top-grade imperial weapon, and a strange color gradually appeared on his face.

Now, Han Li already has six pieces of imperial weapons at the level of the heavenly imperial realm. .

Among them, the Chengdao bottle and the health furnace are auxiliary imperial soldiers, not strong in attack and defense. The ancient bronze sword was obtained by Han Li from a fisherman in the South China Sea. He has long surrendered and was renamed Chengdao by Han Li. sword.

Every piece of imperial soldiers contains one or more kinds of Dao rules. Generally speaking, the more Dao rules it contains, the stronger the power of the Emperor Soldiers. However, if it is Dao, the corresponding Dao level is extremely high. Then the emperor soldiers can be very powerful.

  For example, the space law of the Void Clock and the time law of the Shitian Pagoda. These two weapons only contain one kind of law, but they are among the most powerful emperors among the best emperors.

  The Dao Inheritance Sword is much worse, but it is only a high-grade imperial weapon, which contains two kinds of principles, namely the law of gold and the law of thunder.

  The Chengdao sword, which contains gold and thunder, is very powerful in attacking and attacking.

   This imperial weapon has been inserted by Han Li on Chengdao Peak to protect Chengdao Peak and the entire Chengsheng Mountain to avoid accidents.

As for the Royal Dao Banner, there are many Dao principles contained in it. It contains a total of nine Dao principles, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, light, and darkness. Zhong is inferior.

  Generally speaking, one who possesses four kinds of principles will be promoted to a top-grade emperor soldier, and a top-grade emperor soldier can only have nine kinds of principles at most.

  The power of the Yudao Banner has reached the extreme level of the emperor's soldiers. It is densely covered with Dao patterns. After careful observation, Han Li found that there are nine kinds of patterns on it, both on the surface of the flag and on the barrel of the gun.

   "Royal Way, Royal Way, Control the world's ten thousand ways."

  Looking at the Yudao flag in his hand, Han Li's eyes lit up and he said with emotion.

  Although the Royal Dao Banner only contains nine kinds of principles, if they are combined and derived from each other, they contain many kinds of principles.

  The Qi Ling of the Yudao Banner is a young girl in a colorful dress. Han Li communicated with her and fully understood the power of the Yudao Banner.

  The Royal Dao Banner, attacking Wushuang, also taking into account defense, concealing secrets, etc., is very useful, which makes Han Li very happy.

   After playing with the Royal Dao Flag for a while, Han Li tossed it casually and flew into the Nine Heavens, accompanied by the Shitian Pagoda and the Void Clock.

Han Li stood on the top of the mountain with his hands behind his back, admiring the beautiful and magnificent scenery of Chengsheng Mountain, and discovered a wonderful thing. He had obtained many holy soldiers and emperor soldiers, and most of the weapon spirits of these holy soldiers and emperor soldiers were female. .

   Only a very small number of emperor soldiers are not, such as Cheng Dao Sword, Haotian Hammer, Fang Tian Huahalberd and so on.

  He thinks this is very good. After all, Patriarch Han is a very tasteful monk. He has a saying.

   Emperor soldiers have something to do, but nothing to do. (fill in the blank)!

  Laughing lightly, Han Li's figure disappeared from the top of Chengdao Peak, returned to his bedroom to get some things, and then appeared on the eighth floor of Shitian Tower in a flash.

   Now that Han Mansion and Li Mansion have merged, Han Li doesn't have to run away, although it's just a matter of thought for him.

   Sitting cross-legged, Han Li continued to practice exercises.

   Obtained a lot of high-grade and powerful exercises from the city lord of Emperor Wu. Han Li has been practicing them all the time, and he is still a little short of being able to fully integrate them into the Chaos Art.

  Han Li can clearly sense that his Chaos Technique is gradually becoming stronger and is being optimized in all aspects. He estimates that after merging all the exercises, he should be able to upgrade to the emperor-level top-rank.

   Time flies, half a month in the blink of an eye.

  The eighth floor of the Shitian Pagoda needs to be cultivated by the quasi-emperor. As the owner of the Shitian Pagoda, Han Li successfully entered here under the protection of the Shitian Pagoda, even though his physical body is only comparable to the peak of the Tongxuan Realm.

  Han Li wanted to go to the ninth floor of the Shitian Pagoda to feel the effects inside, but he couldn't get in for the time being, because the time flow inside was too fast, and even sometimes the Tianta's protection couldn't last long, and it was still uncomfortable.

  So when Han Li wants to practice, he always enters the eighth floor of the Shitian Pagoda to practice. This place is also good. The outside world can spend five years in a day. After the cultivation base is further improved, it is not too late to go to the ninth floor to practice.

  Although Han Li has to go out from time to time, find his wife and concubines to discuss the Taoism, teach his descendants how to practice, and so on, which wastes a lot of time, but he also managed to integrate all the exercises into the Chaos Art today.

   Not beyond Han Li's expectations, the Chaos Jue has been greatly improved. It has been upgraded from the quasi-emperor-level exercise to the Tianyujing Great Emperor-level exercise in one fell swoop. It is a veritable emperor's scripture.

  Because the Chaos Jue was upgraded to the emperor level, the vast mana in Han Li's body was also improved, further purified, and its quality improved a lot.

  Although the total amount of mana was temporarily reduced to one-tenth of its original level, Han Li will soon be able to replenish it, and his mana storage limit has been further increased, comparable to the fourth heaven of the Holy Abyss Realm.

   "The ancestor has boundless mana."

  Feeling the immeasurable magic power in his body, Han Li grinned.

  After the increase in mana reserves, the combat power he can display has also increased a lot, stronger than before.

   On the other side, Guangdu Shenzhou.

  Guangdu Shenzhou is vast and boundless, and it is not much smaller than Qianyuan Shenzhou. It was once one of the thirty-six Shenzhous under the jurisdiction of Qianyuan Shenzhou.

  The same is the thirty-six Shenzhous governed by Qianyuan Shenzhou in ancient times. Compared with Huangting Shenzhou, Yuanming Shenzhou, etc., Guangdu Shenzhou seems to be a lot more chaotic.

   There are quasi-emperor-level powers in the thirteen Shenzhous, including Huangting Shenzhou and Yuanming Shenzhou, but Guangdu Shenzhou does not.

  The five Holy Abyss Realm forces fought against each other for territory, cultivation resources, etc., fighting endlessly, which led to constant wars in Guangdu Shenzhou.

  The monks living in Guangdu Shenzhou are more warlike. Although the aura is much richer than that of Qianyuan Shenzhou, the cultivation environment is not as good.

   At this time, above the sky of Guangdu Shenzhou, two female saints with peerless beauty and beauty are confronting each other.

  The five great holy abyss forces in Guangdu Shenzhou all noticed this situation and became nervous. They didn't want the two peerless female saints to fight in Guangdu Shenzhou, which would cause great damage.

   However, the six Saints of the Saint Abyss Realm of the five great Saint Abyss Realm forces dare not persuade them. These two peerless female saints have extraordinary backgrounds, and they cannot be provoked.

  One is Zimiao Zhennv from Taibai Shenzhou Baidi City, and the other is Ji Mingyue from Kunji Shenzhou Huangyue Dynasty. They confront each other for some reason.

  Both are Saints of the Holy Abyss Realm, Zi Miaozhen and Ji Mingyue are both from the nine most powerful forces in the Endless Yuankun Realm, their status and status naturally overwhelm them, and they are on the same level as quasi-emperor powerhouses.

   "When gods fight, it's a disaster."

  Looking at the two peerless female saints facing each other in the Nine Heavens, an old saint of the Holy Abyss could not help but sigh with emotion.

   It is not daring to persuade a fight. When the two peerless female saints really want to fight, they can only mobilize the holy soldiers and imperial soldiers of their respective forces to protect Guangdu Shenzhou as much as possible.

  In the nine heavens, the two peerless female saints were separated by thousands of miles, and their gazes converged.

  Ji Mingyue fluttering in green clothes, peerless, with phoenix eyebrows and star eyes, delicate and undulating body, graceful and upright, like a fairy descending from the world, independent and independent;

  Zi Miaozhen is dressed in white clothes and snow, with fluttering purple hair, bright eyes and white teeth, unparalleled in appearance, immortal muscles and bones, perfect and slender body, holy and noble temperament.

  Ji Mingyue looked at Zi Miaozhen who was not far away unkindly, and said indifferently: "Zi Miaozhen, what are you doing in this area of ​​Qianyuan Shenzhou?"

   Empress Huangyue sent her to explore the thirty-seven Shenzhous on the Qianyuan Shenzhou side, and bring back the soul of Empress Huangyue and that person. Ji Mingyue has been doing this work conscientiously.

She first stood in Yuanming Shenzhou, and it took a month to complete the investigation. She did not find the trace of the female emperor's soul, so she went to other Shenzhous, and explored all the way to Guangdu Shenzhou. Most of the Shenzhous in this area have been investigated. pass.

It's just that Ji Mingyue didn't expect that Zi Miaozhen from Baidi City would also come here, which made Ji Mingyue feel a sense of crisis in her heart. She wanted to find out whether Zi Miao's real purpose was personal or for Baidi. instruction.

  In the first few Shenzhous, Ji Mingyue sensed someone peeping, but just as she was about to check the peeping figure disappeared, it was useless even if she called the Emperor Weapon Spirit, the other party also had Emperor Weapons.

   Until Guangdu Shenzhou, Ji Mingyue used some tricks to force Zi Miaozhen out.

  Zi Miaozhen and she are both celestial fairies on the list of celestial beings. In the past, Zi Miaozhen ranked much lower than her, but recently Zi Miaozhen broke through to the Holy Abyss Realm, and she is almost the same as her, only one rank lower than her.

   "Ji Mingyue, long time no see, I didn't expect to meet you in Guangdu Shenzhou."

  Zi Miaozhen smiled lightly, not at all embarrassed, as if she wasn't the one who followed Ji Mingyue before.

  She came here under Baidi's order, and she knew that Ji Mingyue was looking for the soul of Empress Huangyue. After Zi Miaozhen explored a few Shenzhous, she accidentally ran into Ji Mingyue, hid in advance, and followed her.

  The task entrusted to her by Emperor Bai is to bring back the soul of Empress Huangyue as much as possible. If it is impossible, she must find out the reason for Empress Huangyue's anger.

  Ji Mingyue came under the order of Empress Huangyue, and must have items in her hands to search for the soul of Empress Huangyue, and the probability of finding the soul of Empress Huangyue is very high.

  Zi Miao really felt that it would be easier to follow Ji Mingyue to find the soul of Empress Huangyue, so she was too lazy to search blindly by herself.

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  (end of this chapter)