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Gou Zai Xianwu Marries a Wife and Lives Long

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Traveling through the fantasy world, after hundreds of years of tossing, Han Li, who is of mediocre aptitude, is ruined.

After going down the mountain to marry a wife, he found that the way he opened the fantasy world was wrong.

You can rise from lying down, why should you practice hard, fight and kill?

Many years later, a long-lived family quietly rose up, with tentacles all over the heavens and worlds, and behind the scenes they controlled the various holy lands and immortal mansions.

On this day, Han Li was high in the ninth heaven, looking at the billions of descendants below, telling his glorious history.

A fairy emperor came across the border, intending to destroy the Han family, but was killed by Han Li with a snap of his fingers.

Immediately, the heavens were shocked, that ancestor Han was so strong!

【Longevity Flow + Family Flow + Goudao Flow】

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Short Title:GZXMWLL
Alternate Title:苟在仙武娶妻长生
Author:take advantage of the wind
Weekly Rank:#472
Monthly Rank:#328
All Time Rank:#2308
Tags:Alchemy, Black Belly, chen xi talisman emperor, Clan Building, Cunning Protagonist, Fast Cultivation, First-time Intercourse, Forced into a Relationship, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Low-key Protagonist, Magic Formations, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Polygamy, Pregnancy, R-18, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Ruthless Protagonist, Sex Slaves, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Cultivation Technique, System, System Administrator, Threesome, Time Skip,
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56 Comments on “Gou Zai Xianwu Marries a Wife and Lives Long
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  1. Author weird asf, thinks coercion, rape, and sexual assault are ways into a women heart and after the mc sexually assaults or uses coercion to sleep with girls, somehow the women fall in love with him? And he takes literally anyone to be his wife, even if they murdered entire cities or if they ate people before.

  2. Mc also started putting spiritual marks, which is pretty much a slave mark on girls who he forced to be his wife/concubine and threaten them with the fact that he can destroy their soul. This shit all went downhill by chap 100 when mc started conquering/forcing powerful geniuses to marry him, author got some weird female harem conquering fantasy and he pours it all out in this.

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