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Gou Became a Martial Saint In Another World

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Novel Summary

A strange event happened in Blue Star, a large number of Blue Star people were affected by a mysterious force, and their souls temporarily traveled to another world.

It’s a dark, weird world

Not only are the prices extremely high, but there are also many evil spirits quietly appearing. At the same time, various forces are fighting with each other, and the people of the lower classes are suffering.

Yang Fangben, the attending physician of the mental hospital, also traveled through a strange incident.

Fortunately, he found that he had awakened a proficiency panel.

As long as you keep refreshing your proficiency, you can improve your own realm.

He grew up secretly, with corpses piled up under his feet, and he unknowingly embarked on a path of sagehood.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GBMSIAW
Alternate Title:苟在异界成武圣
Author:re-entering the rivers and lakes
Weekly Rank:#1173
Monthly Rank:#1357
All Time Rank:#2674
Tags:Blacksmith, Cultivation, Demi-Humans, Evil Gods, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Gangs, Gods, Level System, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Multiple Identities, Pharmacist, Poisons, Ruthless Protagonist, Secretive Protagonist, Spirits, System, Time Skip, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, World Hopping,
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26 Comments on “Gou Became a Martial Saint In Another World
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  1. Mc is cautious, low-key and won't butt in into anyone who were fighting especially people who he didn't know. He also only want to live peacefully in the other world except you know enemies will emerge on every chapter. BUT! IT CHANGED! When he was now a Holy spirit realm.. low-key? who dat? cautious weah?

  2. Mcnya tolol terlalu penakut, kemana mana selalu ada masalah , gk berani bikin geng atau kekuatan buat dia sendiri , seenggaknya bikin dia kaya , masak di 2 dunia masih aja miskin gak ada perubahan . kemanapun selalu ada musuh yg lebih kuat , keliatan mcnya lemah bgt pdahal punya cheat , novelnya temanya bagus tpi eksekusinya bad :(

  3. Tipikal protagonis novel lama china kah? Dimana MC itu introvert, lonely wolf, banyak musuh dimana2, pindah tempat engak punya rumah dll

  4. Honestly ITS pretty bad, MC does not even want to help his countryman where literally all his countryman kidnaped and tortures except for him and he came back to earth later on, didnt he know those people can say he the only one who not kidnaped later on? Alas, ITS same other face slapping with young master arrogant novels

  5. Great novel, no chinanumbawan , in fact there are several anti CCP vibes in the novel I'm surprised it was published, great story over all butpower levels get confusing the later part of the story, over all a solid 4 out 5 worth a read

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