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Gorgeously Enchanting Elementalist: Insidious Evil Emperor’s Airheaded Concubine

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She was one of the best assassins of the modern world; a sly, black belly, cutely stupid woman. She passed through into a mysterious world and into the body of a trash young girl that everyone brutally reviled. Idiot and ugly, they don’t know that she was a Seven Element Elementalist with a Dual Cultivation Body. Various Spirit Beasts and Devil Beasts would rush to make a contract with her. See how she plays the world at the ends of her fingertips and exact revenge on the people who made her life a living hell.

Just who is this bewitching villain?

Hey! I’m going to talk to you about something! I am not just a bewitching villain, I am your soon to be husband!

The woman roared: Who wants you to be my husband?

Bewitching Villain: Well, if you don’t want me to become your future husband, then why don’t you become my future wife instead?”

This world is nothing without you. How could you leave me alone? Even if you reincarnate a millennium later, I will still be here waiting for you.

He was a tyrannical emperor born between the heavens and earth thousands of years ago. He did not hesitate to defy the world, to turn the world upside down, to expend his Spiritual Force only for her to reincarnate.

He was the Demon Emperor born between the heavens and earth, Just so she can reincarnate, he fell into a deep, profound slumber, “Little Zi’er, as long as you live, even if it costs my life, I will do it for you. Just to know that you live, would make my wounded heart……whole.”

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:绝色元素师:腹黑邪帝呆萌妃最新章节列表
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All Time Rank:#2384
Tags:Beast Companions, Black Belly, Doctors, Female Protagonist, Magic, Poisons, Reincarnation, Ugly to Beautiful, Weak to Strong,
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  1. Is the next book mentioned in the last chapter is the story of the devil emperor? But why I can't find it, I also click the name of the author but it's nothing. What is the original title? Can anybody please tell and share.

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