Xu Xin did not expect to get married, and Ji Huai did not give up. +++The latest Danmei novel ranking: www.mtlnovel.com

Do you want to marry three times a day, or marry me?

For some things, there will be second, third, fourth, and countless times after the first time. Xu Xin originally suspected that he was not attractive to Ji Huai, or that he was indifferent in some way, and the result was the same as the answer given deep in his heart. It was impossible at all.

Her attraction to him is not so big. She feels more and more that she is really going to slowly become his life, or she can say narcissistically that it is already.

Ji Huai pestered her during the day and at night, as long as he stayed together, he would stick to each other, either hugging or kissing, tired and crooked.

After lingering for a while, I just hugged her, squeezed here, wherever he knead, bowed his head to love and kissed her, tossed her fiercely, hugged her to the living room to pour water, when he brought it over, Xu Xin stubbornly didn’t want to think move.


He made his own mind, took a sip of water and fed her with his mouth.

One mouthful after another, after several mouthfuls, Xu Xin (gan gan)'s dumb voice was relieved, and it became a little moist. Then he hugged people and coaxed, his tone slowly induced, "Baby, do you want to get married?"

Xu Xin pretended to be dead.

I really can't make it before graduation.

Of course, in addition to worrying about not agreeing to it right away, a sense of safety deep down in her heart should be that he will marry her, and she will marry someone if she is willing to marry someone.

"Don't want to end?" His voice fell low, a little hurt, "Do you think you haven't decided to marry me? Don't you want to marry?"

"No, I didn't think about it that way." She denied it immediately, a little anxious.

If she wants to marry him, she can only marry him.

"Although it is said that we only got together after graduating from high school, and we didn’t talk for a long time, but my daughter-in-law, I have always regarded you as a wife. Isn’t it the same whether you end early or late? I think I should be responsible to you. This is me. Responsibilities and obligations." He said seriously, wrapping her around her waist, and hugging her in his arms.

These words stunned Xu Xin. In fact, strictly speaking, they were already together in high school. Although they were not officially together, he and her (Guanguan) department are no longer ordinary friends.

This person has become inseparable in her high school.

Later in college, there will be boys who treat her kindly and confess to her, but they are far behind him. In her heart, he is the best, the best in the world.

The person she married must be him.

"Do you want to get married? Marry me or not?" He immersed himself in acting like a baby again and hugged her. "Will you marry or marry? I will treat you twice as good as you are."

"How good?" she couldn't help asking.

Ji Huai twisted his eyebrows and thought for a long time, and was stunned that he couldn't tell the best way. As she thought, he was a little frustrated, and then seriously said, "It may only be so good. I will try my best to give it. All the reservations are given to you, there is no private possession, nothing at all, it is really all."

Xu Xin's eyes flushed with a smile and her lips tightened.


She knew that it would be better to be as good as this, but she felt that there would be no other him in this world.

"Actually, I know that I'm a little bit forced to lose your freedom prematurely." Ji Huai said truthfully, "Then think about it for a while, haven't you graduated yet? Don't bear it, it seems inappropriate to make impulsive decisions at night. , Think about it, and marry willingly, okay?"

"I bought the ring, don't give it to you." He reached into the bedside table and took out the gift box. The diamond ring for her was not very big, but it was a very rare diamond ring with a small design and very suitable for her.

While wearing it to her, said, "When do you want to marry you to wear it, you can't let me take it too long."

Her neck was cold, and the diamond ring was put in the necklace and worn on her neck. Xu Xin really cried.

The tears couldn't be controlled,   popped down and flowed down, like a pearl that dropped the thread, and couldn't stop it at all. She thought at the time, or just marry?

But he was so good at coaxing her, so good at coaxing her, wiped her tears, whispered softly to let her think about it, she thinks wait a while, find a suitable opportunity.

At this time, she hadn't expected a huge change to be hitting her.

After returning to school, Duan Yi reappeared in front of her. At this time, Su Lin also gave up on him because she couldn't see hope. She didn't care about it at all. In order to support herself, she also interacted with many men, took loans, and completely destroyed herself. , Ligunli, hasn't made it yet and ran away.

Duan Yi himself is a little measured. He didn't have a loan. During the period, he also dated a primary school girl with good family conditions. Unfortunately, he didn't get enough. He was dumped. Rebirth is not a panacea. There is no start-up capital, so he can't tell. No one will believe him.

It is not much different from the previous life.

His last chance was Xu Xin, but the other party crossed the better, and didn't even pay attention to him, which made him feel resentment in his heart, and he must prove his guess.

He was born again, why didn't everything go according to his expectations?

Seeing that Xu Xin was about to turn around, he followed, "The Ji family will be bankrupt for a few months. If you (huai) become pregnant, Ji Huai will not marry you, Xu Xin, stop your losses in time to protect yourself. "

If he is expected to succeed, she will be grateful to him. At this time, he is taking good care of him and staying with her, she will marry him like Ji Huai in her previous life.

"Nonsense." Xu Xin went faster and faster, she would not be pregnant, besides, if she was pregnant, Ji Huai would certainly not bear her being wronged and would marry her immediately.

"He doesn't love you as much as you think. He is using you. Do you think Ji Huai is a good person? He doesn't know how many women are out there. Only I will not harm you. Why don't you believe it?" Duan Yidu Going crazy.

Why don't you believe him?

He is born again!

Xu Xin really felt that he was ill. Seeing that his expression was not right, he hurried away.

This time it was the same as last time, she didn't take it seriously.

But this time is different from the last time.

Late that night.

Ji Huai took over some of the family affairs after graduation, and flew back to deal with it. Before (sleeping Shui), he called her to coax her to sleep (sleep Shui).

"Then I (sleeping in Shui)." Xu Xin was lying on the bed with her eyebrows curled. She doesn't go back to her room anymore. She likes to stay in his room. There is his breath on the bed.

Sleep Shui), I'll be back in a few days, and I will take you to a big meal." He nodded, his tone still gentle.

"I want to eat big crabs," she said.

"Okay, then I'll come back and take you as soon as possible." Ji Huai has always been responsive to her, "cover the quilt, I will be in my dream."

Xu Xin smiled, "Okay."

It is very sweet to have him in the dream.

Hang up the phone, raise the quilt, close my eyes and soon fall asleep.

After Xu Xin (sleeping with Shui) was familiar, he was in his dream.

But Ji Huai standing in front of him was a bit strange. He couldn't tell what was strange, but it was strange, not like him she knew, but like him.

She lowered her head, looked at the pregnancy test stick in her hand, and looked at the two bars above, giving her a sigh of relief.

Why are you pregnant?

They all take safety measures.

"Ji Huai~" She was very scared, a little at a loss, looked at him helplessly, and stretched out her hand to hug.

Being a mother for the first time was in a hurry and couldn't accept this fact.

But he stood still on the spot, his expression even a little cold, and he glanced at her, "Didn't you take safety measures? I'm also convinced."

"How did it happen?"

The tone was a little impatient and impatient, Xu Xin froze in her movements, but she hadn't been sad for too long, maybe he was too worried about her, and slowly stepped forward to hug him.

"No." He said firmly, without hesitation, "You have not graduated, so you can't ask for it. I will give you the money and go and get rid of it."

"I don't want to fight, you said it won't make me feel wronged." She cried out, crying vigorously.

He frowned, "Then I can't take it now!"

"I need to."

"If I say don't do it, don't, you have to face me (gan gan), right?"


"I don't want to argue with you."


He slammed the door out without even looking at her.

After that, he disappeared suddenly, she couldn't find him, she couldn't find him.

If she doesn't answer the phone or send a text message, she seems to disappear into her world.

Searching and searching, crying and crying, (Shui Shui) can't catch, she has thoughts of suicide, she can't control her body, it becomes ugly and ugly.

Every day is hard and difficult, such as walking with corpses.

Suddenly, she felt a warm current in Xia's body. When she looked down, the blood pierced her eyes, her pupils shrank suddenly, and the feeling of falling on her body was extremely intense.

She hurts so much.

The body hurts, and the heart hurts even more, as if something important is flowing away from her, cramping and painful, and the feeling of powerlessness is slowly coming back.

It was like sinking slowly into the water, she struggled desperately, but the strength that pulled her down was too (强qiang) too (强qiang).



"Ji Huai, where are you?"


Xu Xin felt that she had lost a lot of energy when she opened her eyes. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, as if she had been reborn, panting for breath, and wanted to leave the fish on the water.

Very uncomfortable, so uncomfortable, her heart is too uncomfortable.

It took all her strength to breathe.

Not only was her body drenched, but her sweat was all on the sheets.

Her stomach churned, acid water poured up, she threw herself on the bed, vomiting constantly.

Just like a fish on the verge of death, her hands are weak on the ground, and the uncomfortable feeling in the dream is still there. She has been crying all the time, exhausting all the strength in her body.

She is so sad.

I don't know how long she has been crying, her hair is full of sweat, and her eyes are so red and swollen that she can't open her eyes. Only then did she slowly regain her strength, and her tears continued to flow.

When I picked up the phone, the first call was made to Ji Huai.

He didn't answer, and it was turned off.

She continued to cry again, tears kept dripping, her heart was pried open, she was bleeding outside, she seemed to be able to smell the smell of blood.

At this time, the phone rang, she thought it was him, and immediately answered it, but it turned out to be a call from Li Linger.

Li Ling'er originally wanted to make complaints about Fang Rong, who was irritating her. Their confidant couple quarreled twice in three days. Xu Xin had a good temper, so she came to her and chattered.

When Xu Xin's voice was not right, Li Linger quickly said, "Xu Xin, why are you crying?"

The first time I saw him, the other party rarely quarreled with Ji Huai. This was serious.

Xu Xin choked, "Ji Huai doesn't want me anymore."

"Huh?" Li Ling'er opened her mouth so that she could stuff a bowling ball. "No? Ji Huai actually did this kind of thing, right? I was so angry. I called Fang Rong and asked him to beat him up. No, Fang Rong couldn't beat Ji Huai alone, so I asked the deputy squad leader to call Yang Jian and a few more."

"By the way, why doesn't he want you?"

"He disappeared because I was pregnant." Xu Xin was distraught, crying into tears, "I can't find him anymore, he won't let me give birth, oh oh oh..."

She was crying so badly. Li Ling'er was in the dormitory, gnawing on potato chips. She was stunned when she heard it, and she stood up and quickly said, "You, you, don't (gan) stupid things, where are you, I Go to you now, don't (gan gan) foolish things."

"It's okay. (Huaihuai) is pregnant. It's okay. Don't be afraid, Ji Huai, a scumbag. I'll call Fang Rong to see if she knows where Ji Huai is."

Li Ling'er walked outside and said, "When does it matter?"

"I just dreamed." Xu Xin took a breath and said.

Li Linger abruptly stopped her footsteps, gritted her teeth, "Xu Xin, are you something wrong? What do you do when you cry so badly in your dream?"

"I'm so sad, Ling'er, my heart hurts, I can't breathe, I can't control it, what should I do?" Xu Xin didn't want to, but she was so sad, so sad, she felt that she couldn't make it.

Li Ling'er really wanted to scold her at first, it was really scary, but when I heard it, it didn't seem to be a fake, and Xu Xin was not the kind of hypocritical person. She was very understanding, and when she went to the bedroom, she said, " I said, this must be a fake dream, you, you are just used to too much by Ji Huai."

"You want (huai) pregnant, can he not be responsible? Will he disappear? Certainly not, I will be responsible for you to the end, I hope you (huai) pregnant and give him a child."

"You don't have confidence in yourself? You don't know what Ji Huai treats of you? Well, even if you don't marry you, who does he marry? Who deserves him to abandon you and the child? You must be Ji Huai's life after you are pregnant. Oh?"


It's not that she said, every time they get together, Ji Huai will hold Xu Xin tightly. You can tell at a glance whether Ji Huai loves Dao deeply, right? ,,51..net,...:

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