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Novel Summary

Before dying, the blind beauty Xiangnu accidentally entered an infinite escape world.

He thought he had escaped from death, but never thought that because of his blindness, the first world was regarded as a consumable cannon fodder, and was stuffed into the world of the god of death, where the clearance rate was almost zero.

In order to survive and restore the light, Xiangnu decided to sell the color and fight, and entangled the most powerful boss in this game in his intuition.

The boss is also very powerful, and he took the slave god to block the killing of the gods and Buddhas, and cleared the legendary world of death.

After clearing the customs, the first thing Xiangnu did was to change his eyes with rich rewards, so that he could see again.

After that, he opened the task panel and prepared to review the first world to accumulate experience for his future tasks.

but found…

In the task list, he is the only clearer in that world.

And on his task panel, the unspeakable contact named with three red exclamation marks is still sending him messages persistently:

“Baby, I’m right outside your door, open the door for me.”

Slave:  …

If he is the only survivor in the mission, the big guy who took him through the customs and the red exclamation mark waiting for him to open the door outside…what the hell? (

Copy ghosts: π_π he is the god of death! Is the number one male god of our thousands of worlds!
The spicy chicken player is shameless. If you can’t beat the male god, you will be beautiful and seduce. You should return our male god quickly. woo woo woo

Content tags: strong, supernatural, monsters, infinite flow, cool text
Search keywords: Protagonist: Xiangnu, Yu Su ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: The next book “I’m Back to Earth After Becoming a Black Tech Big Boss”
One sentence introduction: How to fall in love with a sickly thriller ghost
Purpose: to control your own destiny, not to be a puppet of others

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Short Title:GLG
Alternate Title:神明的恋爱游戏[无限]
Author:Wooden Fish Song
Weekly Rank:#5392
Monthly Rank:#7775
All Time Rank:#8042
Tags:Clueless Protagonist, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Partner of a God,
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  2. Damn I'm craving for yaoi cultivation where the uke is a sea horse that turned human so the mpreg is still logical😂 Or lobster they live up to 100 yrs so it's logical enough if he transformed into human and integrate into society

  3. If y'all don't like yaoi, Why wasting time commenting here then? We don't need to know your preferences and we don't care. And as for why we like them? IT'S NONE OF YOUR FuCKiNG BUSINESS!

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