The enemy that Orange is facing is the coalition army deployed by the Holy Order Alliance in Fini. This army began to convene the year before last, and it was only this year that it finally had the ability to send troops to fight.

The Valais Province is the most likely area to be broken through, because the Qiu-Tia Corridor did stop the Shibo counterattack, but it also blocked the way of the Northern Expedition of the Holy Order Alliance, so both sides chose to be in the Valais Province. breakthrough.

Orange has another plan for the war in the province of Valle, and that is to promote peace through war. Because Shibo needs to be restored, there is no need to continue the chaos, so Orange will use this war to annihilate the combined army of the Holy Order Alliance. , to win a safe environment for Shibo.

The commander of the Holy Order Alliance in the Fini Coalition Army is Zaun who made great achievements a few years ago. Now he is 47 years old and is one of the top generals in the Holy Order Alliance.

The war between Shibo and the Alliance of the Holy Order began. This war, which lasted for more than a year from the flower moon (February), was called "a battle" in later generations, because the main battlefield was first in Vale. province, and then moved to a province in Fini.

Orange's military genius was vividly displayed in this battle. The methods of encircling points to help, breaking one by one to avoid encirclement, etc. are all models of later military cases.

The climax of a battle was in the "Battle of Saikudo" in the rainy month (May) of 2933, Orange won a decisive victory. Seven-tenths of the combined army was annihilated by Orange. Ann died on the spot.

This fiasco was almost traumatic for the Holy Order Alliance, causing them to completely lose their power in Fini in a short period of time. Orange took advantage of the situation to go south and soon surrounded the city of two lakes, Melgartut.

Orange did not continue to attack, but began to send envoys to ask for peace talks. He indicated that he was willing to truce, but also warned that if the Holy Order Alliance tried to continue fighting, he would also stay with him to the end.

Fini, who had already occupied half of the country, asked for a compromise first, followed by the Fakyu countries, which have always been the furthest away from Shebo. They have been tired of fighting for several years and are tired of the painful losses caused by the "One Battle".

Although Oretia strongly advocated continuing the war, his will was only a minority in the Holy Order Alliance. After most of the Allied countries decided to truce, Oretia had to change his tone and declare his support for the truce.

Although Orettia knew that this was a danger of raising tigers and giving Xibo a chance to recuperate, it would only make him more terrifying, but why should Orettia dedicate his national strength to fight Xibo alone? Woolen cloth?

So on the Portuguese month (July) 2933, the two sides temporarily ended the 8-year conflict between Shibo and the Holy Order Alliance with the "Twentieth Treaty of Touk".

The most important clause of the Twentieth Tuk Peace Treaty is to stop the conflict between Shibo and the Holy Order Alliance, and prohibit the outbreak of war within ten years, followed by the Holy Order Alliance returning all the Shibo territory, namely Linsha The provinces of these pioneering areas, as well as the recognition of the demise of the Parson Dynasty, finally ceded the Antar Frontier and the New Antara Frontier to Shibo.

This peace treaty has neither the witness of the gods nor the supervision of the devil, and no one can confirm its effectiveness. Ambassador Oretia said angrily that it was just an armistice treaty.

This is indeed the case. For example, the treaty did not mention whether the Alliance of Holy Order would continue to exist. Therefore, the Alliance of Holy Order still existed after the war, indicating that its purpose was to maintain the sacred order of the Southern Border Continent since ancient times.

In the case of, for example, the deprivation of the Xibe people's factories in their country by the Alliance of the Holy Order during the war, should this act be compensated? The peace treaty remains silent.

More importantly, the treaty still did not mention how the status of these people should be dealt with for Lexini III located in Omedo, and Giberon I and Dofan VII located in the eastern part of Sable.

It was clearly stipulated in the peace treaty that all countries should recognize the demise of the Parson dynasty, but King Lexini III was still the guest of honor from all countries, showing openly that he was the president of the United States.

The reason for not mentioning it is that these problems will be solved together in the next war, so Orange has no desire for any long-term peace, it is just a temporary armistice.

After ending the war with the Holy Order Alliance, Orange did not let the legion rest, but immediately headed north to fight with King Giberon I and others.

Due to the peace with the Holy Order Alliance, the navy on the western front can be transferred to the eastern front. The fully aging navy of King Keberon I could not stop the army of Xibo Haotangtang. Veron I was completely defeated, and in desperation, he chose to commit suicide in the foggy moon (October), at the age of 46.

With the collapse of the power of King Giberon I, Orange saw that the endurance of the army had reached the limit, so he let go of Dofan VII, who was still struggling in Bieber Province, and returned to Batiros with the Great Victory Division to meet Austria. Lange's is a glorious triumph.

Frost Moon (November), a code that affirms the changes and new developments in production relations since the Great Revolution, was finally compiled after more than two years, so it was named the "Orange Code".

Snow Moon (December), Orange announced that all cities with the word "Parson" in Siber were replaced by "Republic", so those who were once called "First Parson" and "Second Parson" were replaced by "Republic". The city of Parsons" and "Rational Parsons" was changed to "First Republic", "Second House Harmony" and "Rational Republic", etc.

For the first time in the National Assembly, Mipoloka proposed that Orange should be granted a lifetime dictatorship in view of Orange's contributions to the country. The title of "The Great".

Therefore, the "Mother Law of the 6th Year of the New Calendar" (Mother Law of 2933) was soon promulgated to replace the "Mother Law of the 4th Year of the New Calendar" (Mother Law of 2931). The biggest change was to announce that the first ruling would not run for election. , while Orange served for life and granted him unlimited dictatorship.

So this year, the Parson dynasty, which lasted for 452 years, can finally come to an end, and the era of Celiti III is also fixed at 16 years - although he has died a lot earlier, next year will usher in the first of the Republican era. year.

After the "Rainy Moon Coup", Orange did not kill or exile Mael, but demoted him as a gravekeeper and asked him to sweep the graves of the victims in the "Snow Moon Uprising" and "Shepherd Moon Uprising".

Mael has been alive, because he feels that Orange's rule will not last long, and he will eventually make a comeback, but watching Orange's rule become more and more stable, he continues to seize all kinds of power, but there is no People came out to accuse him, Mael finally despaired and chose suicide on the last day of the year, at the age of 35.

As a person who offended Orange, Warner was also quickly excluded from the political arena, but he was in good spirits, and he became a rich man with the huge wealth he accumulated over the years. He also organized some clubs, and often talked about what he did in the reform.

Later, Orange also went to see Warner once, and the two had a good talk. In the end, Orange generously forgave Warner for his sins and awarded him the title of head of the writers' association.

Warner spent the second half of his life writing, mainly writing memoirs, recalling all kinds of thrilling stories during the Great Revolution from his own perspective. years) died at the age of 88.

In 2934, three major events happened. Because Leng Yi had long since removed the technology lock, after so many years of research and development, first, the new psionic cannon could also be installed, and second, the railway adapted to the inland was finally paved successfully. This means that what has long been regarded as a frontier of military desperation has also begun to have military strategic significance since then.

The last major event was that the separatist regime of Dorvan VII was finally annihilated by the vacated Orange. Dorvan VII resisted for only 2 months, and was completely defeated in Huoyue (August). Bo regains Feeney.

After the defeat of Dorvan VII, the 53-year-old did not sit still like Balakrano, but took the last loyal person to him, got on a ship and walked away. Orange did not order to pursue him.

As a result, after waiting for decades, Xibo began to explore the last unknown land in the southern border continent, the southern part of Bieber province, and accidentally discovered traces of the descendants of Dofan VII.

It turned out that after Dofan VII retreated, he went to the barbarian land in the south, conquered many barbarians, and established an exile regime here, with the descendants of the exiles as nobles ruling the royal family.

At this time, Xiebo had become the only ruler of the southern border, so not only was he not angry, but also very interesting, so instead of destroying the exile regime established by the descendants of Dofan VII, he made them the only vassal state of Xiebo. Existence, since then the country's largest income comes from tourism.

But this is many years later, and back to the time when Orange was still alive, every year, every month, every day, every minute, every second, Shibo spread himself in the pioneering land. of the railway.

This kind of behavior caused panic in the nine countries in the southern border. They knew that one day, the pioneered land would be covered with railways, and Xiebo's army could come to the south through these railways, and Xiebo's goods would flow into the south for the first time. The entire southern Xinjiang continent will be included by Xi Bo without exception.

In the years after the loss of Shibo's control, the local industry in the south has become more and more developed, so the local business group and the new nobles are striving to oppose the future of the industry controlled by Shibo.

This atmosphere gave Oretia the opportunity to successfully bring the countries together, tore up the peace treaty that was not witnessed by the gods in 2942, and launched a final counterattack against Shibo.

At this time, Orange was 43 years old. Facing the challenges of the whole continent, instead of panicking, he felt excited: "From Boligu to Dima, I, Xibo, used one city to fight against one country, and one country to enemy. The two great powers are now going to use one country as an enemy of the entire continent, and I firmly believe that the final victor must be Shibo, and Shibo will be able to dominate this continent during my rule!"

"This is the last war. I promise that the war will be fought in our generation. The war that our generation is fighting is for future generations to never touch war again."

The "final" war has begun. The Southern Border Nine Kingdoms Alliance will face off against the country of Shibo. However, this is no longer the era when the country will decide the outcome, and in the past ten years, the level of psionic cannons has changed rapidly, and it has not been used since its invention. The improved Star Fort finally fell behind the times and became an existence that could be blasted away within a week.

In another ten years, Shib swept the southern border—Fini, Falda, Faandam, Fassa, Dorian, Ortega, Oretia, Omedo and Audi, these countries with a long history, These lands, which the Siberians had never conquered, fell under the banner of the Orange army.

The year 2952 of the Dali calendar is the 25th year of the new calendar, the 884th year of the founding of Xibo, the 20th year of the republic, the 53-year-old Orange received a good news during the Flower Moon (February), and Oretia was on the mainland. The last city in the last city has been breached. At this time, all the civilized cities in the Southern Border Continent are flying the flag of Xibo.

People like Li Xianai III and Butler have long since passed away, but their descendants are still under the banner of the Xibe government in exile, and they have finally been wiped out.

If there is any place that does not belong to Shibo today, it is the island of Simedel in the south of Oretia, where a group of nobles are still stubbornly resisting. It wasn't that they didn't want to surrender, but that Orange refused to accept surrender, and he, who had the upper hand, wanted complete conquest.

At this time, the National Assembly promulgated a new Mother Law, replacing the Mother Law of the 6th Year of the New Calendar (Mother Law of 2933) with the Orange Mother Law.

The "Law of the Mother of Orange" stipulates that In view of the merits Orange has made to Shibo, his family is granted hereditary rights to Shibo.

The ruling is no longer divided into three rulings, but is simplified into the royal ruling and the republican ruling. The royal ruling is replaced by the descendants of Orange, while the republican ruling is indirectly elected by the whole country, and the two rulings are elected in the National Assembly. It is dominated by the decision age, and the winner can govern for 5 years and can only be re-elected 2 times.

The current royal family is naturally the still-living Orange, and the republic is not Mipoloka or Naleta. The elected republic was Puedi, Orange's good comrade-in-arms.

After the mother law was negotiated, Orange and Puedi left Batiros for Tuk, preparing to welcome the end of the southern continental war in Tuk, an ancient city where the entire Frankish history was concentrated.

On the 11th of Thermidor (June), the army of Xiebo broke through Oluz, the southernmost city in Simeder Island. With the breakthrough of Oluz, it meant that the nine countries in the southern border lost their last base of resistance. , only a few unclimate skirmishers roamed the wilderness.

After receiving the news, Orange immediately delivered a speech on the whole continent in Tuke: "From now on, there will be no more wars in the southern border continent, because there will only be one country and one voice in this land. It's Shi Bo! Shi Bo has already ruled the southern border!"


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