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God’s Game I Am the Great Will of the Planet

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Novel Summary

Sheep eat grass, man eat sheep, what does God eat?

eat human?

Not quite.

what is that?

The most basic food intake is life. When a life is born, a mark will be carved on the root; after death, another mark will be carved, and the gap between the two marks is eaten by God.

life? Is it too slow to eat?

Therefore, what God likes to eat most is the rise and fall of the regime. The birth, growth, change, and demise of a regime will also engrave a mark on the root cause, and the energy obtained at this time is far greater than that provided by life. Among them, the energy obtained from demise is the greatest.

Ah, this republic has existed for 600 years, it’s delicious, and now it’s a matter of making it perish, and then mass-producing barbarian kingdoms? Or make him an empire? How should I eat it?

The protagonist who traveled through was selected into the game of God and incarnated into the lofty will of a planet. Therefore, with this planet as the stage, the rise and fall of nations and the struggle for hegemony of various races will become the food of God.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GGIAGWP
Alternate Title:神的游戏之我是星球的远大意志
Author:Void Walker Beiming
Weekly Rank:#4434
Monthly Rank:#6449
All Time Rank:#8591
Tags:Civilization, Creation, God Protagonist, Nationalism,
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